Thursday, July 31, 2014

july thirty-first

Five for July 31st:

So long, best July ever. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would witness a STL July like the one that is ending today. The mild/cool days outnumbered the hot/humid days seemingly ten to one. Can August be as amazing?

One-dog house. Nine days of dog sitting for Mary and Keith ended last night. Henry got some good quality time with his best pal, and let loose at least a year’s worth of pent-up energy. I’m expecting him to sleep for a solid week at this point.

Tree trimming. Ameren finally came and cut down a bunch of tangled, gnarly trees and brush on the perimeter of our lawn yesterday, revealing a space we didn’t really know we had. Lisa followed it up by trimming back another tree to make way for the new deck. It’s weird to see our backyard looking so well-groomed.

Cool stuff. Leftover pizza, Hallraker Live, lunch skating, Forest Park waterfall with Jane before school, a few new Everyday Tyson posts, Sumatra coffee on autobrew, new pair of cheap skate shoes.

Comeuppance. The pathetic mayor of Sunset Hills spent all of yesterday morning deleting people's posts from his Facebook page, so I spent the morning emailing every news organization and reporter I could with the victim's story, letting them know the mayor of Sunset Hills was involved in a drunken hit and run with a cyclist and the story hadn't been broken yet. It was the least I could do.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

july thirtieth

Five for July 30th:

Old bones. After two days and 25-odd miles on the bike, topped off by a two-hour ramp session at Ramp Riders last night, I had to pass on riding today. Much as I wanted to, I just need to give my legs a day off.

Street Justice. Spent the better part of the morning contacting various news organizations about this story. This piece of shit needs to be taken to task immediately. I suggest you follow suit.

Ranchito. T-minus 1 hour till endless chips and enchiladas a’plenty.

Cool stuff. Real “Watermelon Stinger” and Assault “Smelly Curb” decks in an upcoming Josh order, Skeletor billboard, Public Domain, grande coffee, morning drums, giant pan of corn bread.

Janezilla. You haven’t seen cranky until you’ve seen my kid at 6:30 pm after only napping for an hour that day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

july twenty-ninth

Five for July 29th:

Grapefruit beer. There is such a thing, and it is amazing. If there’s a better beverage with which to enjoy a breezy, windows-open, 72-degree July evening, I know not what it is.

Bikes revisited. Mellow traffic and zero headwinds got me from my front door to our back dock in 23 minutes. Haven’t been in my car since Sunday afternoon. Hoping for day three tomorrow.

The beard. Getting a little rough but still looking good. Trim it or just shave it off? That is the question. Leaning toward the trim. I’m liking it more than usual this time around.

Cool stuff. Possible Ramp Riders session tonight, morning toast with Jane, new posts on Everyday Tyson, the rise and fall of Pacific Ocean Park, Walking Dead season 5 trailer.

Tuesday tuneage. Miles Davis, Yardbirds, 7 Seconds, Iron Maiden, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Gorilla Biscuits, Adolescents.

Monday, July 28, 2014

july twenty-eighth

Five for July 28th:

Saddle up. A palpable 72 degrees outside this morning meant one thing: bike commuting. Great ride in, with a nice breeze and low traffic. 78 for the ride home. How is this July?

Park Avenue Coffee. Finally got a chance to check it out over the weekend. Was nice to see it packed and doing well. Stylishly repurposed building, and some of the best iced coffee I’ve had in a while. The downside was the single communal table. I don’t know how any place ever thinks that is a good idea (it’s not).

Skating. Sweltering session on Saturday morning at JB. I love that place, but the lack of shade can be a real bummer when the sun is blazing and the humidity is high. Fun time, but pretty short and sweet. Possible Tuesday night mini ramp jam in the works.

Cool stuff. New pair of Bones sunglasses, new (much-needed) pair of shorts, pancakes at Chris’, new Vision reissues with concave, rad homemade veggie sandwiches, my favorite books from childhood are also Jane's favorite books.

Make do. Lost my trusty red Hub riding bottle somewhere, so I had to improvise with some leftover party favors from Jane’s first birthday. Hey, whatever works.

Friday, July 25, 2014

july twenty-fifth

Five for July 25th:

Best summer ever. Never has there been a better July in recorded history. I think the mild to outright cool days this month have beaten out the stuffy and hot ones five to one at least. The best part? Nothing happening on the seasonal-allergy front. Not even a sniffle.

Dusk patrol. Hit JB for a sundown skate session last night with Andy and Josh. Pretty much closed the place down. No better way to ring in a Friday.

Sick baby. Janey is home with a fever today, although some baby Motrin and juice seemed to boost her spirits pretty quickly this morning- enough so that we headed outside to collaborate on some artwork and goof around before I had to leave.

Cool stuff. Payday, kebabs on the grill, new box of Gevalia K-Cups, good things happening on Delmar, sad Jack White.

Friday. This week blasted by, and weekend plans are pretty much nonexistent. Skating, hanging out with Lisa and Jane, and working on the house and yard will all be happening. Other possibilities include parks, farmer’s markets, garage sales, BMX, and whatever else.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

july twenty-fourth

Five for July 24th:

Beautiful weather. Had a bit of a return to summer this week, but this morning was mid-60’s and amazing. Passed on riding in so I could spend some time with my kid, who I feel like I’ve barely seen the last few days. Riding trikes and picking baby tomatoes is much better than biking in anyway.

Mini-rampage. Been jonesing to do some ramp skating lately. Need to get a session at Ramp Riders or Arnold park in the works, and with Geoff’s ramp almost done, some good old-fashioned backyard shredding is hopefully just around the corner.

Patio project 2014. Got a bunch of work done last night. Took a bunch of excess stuff down to the basement, started tearing apart some of the deck pieces that were ripped out, and just generally tried to get it a bit organized. It’s getting there.

Cool stuff. Homemade kettle corn, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, old Iron Maiden xmas cards, Game of Thrones bad lip reading, lunch with Tom, Vimeo revisited, Schmitt Stix team video.

Bumper sticker quote. "Obama is not the brown-skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare. You're thinking of Jesus."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

july twenty-third

Five for July 23rd:

Congrats all around. To our good friends Mary and Keith, who yesterday got engaged on a beach somewhere in Bermuda, and to Lindsay and Seth who are closing on their house today. Cheers, and welcome to the fold.

Good mail day. New issue of Skidmark zine- stuffed with a bunch of stickers- and a new copy of The Skateboard Mag showed up in the mailbox. Looks like I’ve got some reading to do.

Three-wheelin’. Barely a day since our new back parking pad was poured, and I couldn’t help but stop by the store and pick up a new tricycle for Jane on the way home for her to ride on it. She doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet, but she’ll get there.

Cool stuff. Asiago bagel from Bread Co, Miles Davis on Spotify, fresh salmon, constructing bristle-block buses for Jane, free branch saw.

GTAV. After many months of on and off playing, I finally finished all the main missions and heists in GTAV last night. However, the game is hardly over- there are plenty of side missions left, to say nothing of going back and re-playing the heists from different approaches. That game rules.