Wednesday, March 21, 2018

march twenty-first

Five for March 21st:

Duality. Had a short, sweet, and ultimately too-cold lunch break slappy session with Brian followed by an evening rager at Ramp Riders with Andy, where we closed the place down and met a cool BMX/roller skate couple who had just moved to town.

Hypocrisy. Can you imagine the right-wing meltdown that would have occurred had Barack Obama been simultaneously sued by an ex-porn starlet and ex-playboy model during his presidency for attempting to bury stories of extramarital affairs? Conservative/religious heads would have literally exploded.

Fear of the dark. Something Jane saw in the Hercules cartoon scared her pretty good last night, and it took Lisa awhile to get her to sleep. She handled it like a champ, though, unlike when I saw Poltergeist at age 6 and spent the following three months sleeping on my parents’ floor.

Cool stuff. Club Homeboy t-shirt, backup gray trucker hat, work coffee restock, The Calm Before the Stormy, backyard bikes with the kids,

Quote of the day. “In my view, Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration.” -Ralph Peters

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

march twentieth

Five for March 20th:

Looks like we made it. Sure doesn’t feel like it right now, but spring equinox officially starts today. Bring on the warm days and high pollen counts.

Office quote of the day. “Koreans weave the best hail-resistant blankets.” -Brian

Tonight. Tentative mini-ramp skate jam at Ramp Riders coming together. It’s been a minute since I’ve been there. Should be a good time if it actually happens. If not, may hit the lot for some flatland riding after the kids go to bed, and if it’s not too cold.

Cool stuff. New episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender, shave and a haircut, slept till 7 am, reissue GT mallet stems, selling stuff, basement spring cleaning, homemade tuna cakes, step-up Klarbrunn.

Tuesday soundtrack. Dwarves, The Well, Weedeater, Minor Threat, Void, Red Fang, Early Man, Fight, Monolord, Supersuckers, Agent Orange, Dr. Know, Radio Moscow.

Monday, March 19, 2018

march nineteenth

Five for March 19th:

Clifton Heights invasion. The whole neighborhood crew walked over to Dogtown for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, where our children collected hundreds of beaded necklaces and ate their weight in street candy. In all the time I’ve lived in South City, that’s the first time I’ve ever been to one of those.

Happy hour. Had a great time at UC/BC on Friday night bidding farewell to Katie. It’s weird that after-work drinks like that don’t happen more often, given the camaraderie around this place.

Toys 'R' Us kid. Had to take George (and buy him a new toy) at least once before they close forever. He was completely mesmerized by the Thomas the Train section. Crazy to think he’ll grow up basically not knowing about toy stores, at least of the big-box variety.

Cool stuff. 2-Hip KOV 1990 footage, set up the Kele deck, paleo coconut clusters, thumb is healed, WG BMX session, Jane’s new bangs, good leftovers, Mob Grip Garbage Pail Kids series.

eBay app. I may have commented on this before, but it’s absolutely astonishing how much easier and less confusing the eBay app is vs. the website itself- especially as a seller. One of the most functional and useful apps I have by far.

Friday, March 16, 2018

march sixteenth

Five for March 16th:

Last night. Great ride back to the south side in 71-degree weather to meet Lisa and the kids for dinner on the patio at Bottleworks, followed by a trip to the playground and some backyard freestylin’ on the kicker ramp.

Quote of the day. “If we are going to cloister ourselves in the alternative truth of an erratic leader, if we are going to refuse to live in the world that everyone else lives in and reckon with the daily reality that they face, including the very real anxiety that they feel, then my party might not deserve to lead.” –GOP senator Jeff Flake

So long, Pants. Katie’s last day at work is today, before heading to the greener pastures of NPR. The obligatory office smorgasbord includes breakfast pizza, donuts, pastry rings, a Bloody Mary bar, and tons of other snacks. Of course, I’m eating bananas.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, Go Ahead, Millenials, Destroy Us, raging session at the ditch, box of fresh grip tape, SkateHoarders: Steve Caballero, Ranchito with Tom and Brian.

Weekend action. Fish Fry postponed till 2019 for drinks at Urban Chestnut with coworkers tonight, possible ramp riders skate session, hanging out with the kids, Sunday ride at the lot with George, whatever else comes along.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

march fifteenth

Five for March 15th:

Riding season. First bike commute to work of 2018 happened today. Felt great, even though I’m out of shape (at least compared to how I was riding in November). I’ll be back up to full speed in no time.

Youth of today. The future looks bright indeed. Kudos to every kid who risked detention, suspension, derision from adults who should know better, or whatever else to march yesterday and make their voices heard. This generation is taking matters into their own hands, and it should have every corrupt, bought and sold politician shaking in their boots.

Fun facts. There are at least three re-purposed Hollywood Video "Hollywood" signs in use along St. Charles Rock Road for various businesses with "Hollywood" in their names.

Cool stuff. E-drum repairs, playground with the kids, interview with Heath in the RFT, Conor Lamb wins Pennsylvania special election, Judas Priest Firepower.

Ditch warfare. Hitting up 170 with Brian today for an afternoon skate session. Need to get a new set of Powell Bombers for the summer, as those are the only wheels that work for that place, and my last set has been totally ravaged.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

march fourteenth

Five for March 14th:

Urban wildlife. Took a walk through Laurel Hill Cemetery at lunch yesterday, where I got into a stare-off with a giant groundhog and encountered a braided tumbleweave that I legitimately thought was a severed possum tail.

Hypothetical. Space Force vs. Marine Core. Who wins?

Fish fry. For a variety of reasons we haven’t been able to make one this season, which is pretty unthinkable given we used to go every weekend. However, that’s changing this coming Friday. Joan of Arc or Epiphany? Gotta make this one count.

Cool stuff. Stephen Hawking extended interview with John Oliver, Elevation Bar resupply, lunch slappy session, STL NYT article.

Quote of the day. “Any minute now high school students in Missouri and across the Central time zone are going to start walking out of class to protest our insane gun policies. Some of them will be disciplined for this with detention and even possibly suspension. I want each student to know that I completely, 100% support their efforts, and I thank them for what they are doing to change the culture in a way that adults are incapable of.” -Evan

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

march thirteenth

Five for March 13th:

Daylight savings. It’s so great to leave work to a fully sunny sky and come home to happy kids playing in the backyard and not cooped up in the house losing their minds.

Thumbs down. Took a spill onto some rough concrete riding with Janey over the weekend and tore a giant piece of skin off my thumb. Luckily I had the first-aid kit in the van and was able to get it bandaged quickly. Healing fast, but still a bummer.

First rides. Planning on Thursday and/or Friday this week for the first bike commutes of 2018. Mornings may be on the chilly side, but the afternoons will be in the high 60’s and sunny. Super excited to get back on the saddle.

Cool stuff. Vacation iPhoto dump, Ranchito coffee, evening soccer with the kids, 2-Hip King of Undervert Indianapolis 1990, Bones Brigade Ban This Caballero shipping Thursday.

Tuesday soundtrack. Windhand, Graveyard, Brant Bjork, Iron Maiden, Acid King, Monolord, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pallbearer, The Sword, Torche, Corrosion of Conformity.