Tuesday, January 27, 2015

january twenty-seventh

Five for January 27th:

Morning roll. Ackert Walkway in the Loop is my default spot for AM skating these days due to the smooth concrete, low pedestrian traffic, lack of tree debris littering the ground, and proximity to Starbucks. Quick ten minutes or so this morning to get the blood flowing.

Sidelined. Plans to go to the gym last night came to a crashing halt with the unwelcome arrival of some sort of stomach bug that rendered me incapacitated for the entirety of the evening. Feeling much better today, thankfully.

Life imitates art. I’m not kidding; when I first saw this I honestly thought it was a new Tina Fey SNL sketch. Unfortunately it was the real deal (or fortunately, for fans of Jon Stewart).

Cool stuff. Sixteen weeks till baby number two, Creature rails on the Caballero, more mild weather, Vallely Barnyard reissue from Street Plant Brand, animal crackers, now is the best time to be a skateboarder.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Creation, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Torche, Sly and the Family Stone, Bad Religion, MC5.

Monday, January 26, 2015

january twenty-sixth

Five for January 26th:

My girl. Her reign as the most photogenic kid ever continues unabated. Hey, I warned the world when Jane was born that if you don’t like pictures of kids to just go ahead and unfollow me on social media.

“We literally hate you”. Dropkick Murphys lay another smack down on a horrifically (although unsurprisingly) clueless Scott Walker.

Grooming is looming. An appointment with the clippers is in the cards for the ol’ schnoodle this week, and not a moment too soon- it’s getting difficult to tell which end is up.

Cool stuff. New issue of The Skateboard Mag, morning coffee cruise, found art now adorns our living room, homemade red curry with tofu, Tony Hawk who you callin’ a sellout?

Weekend wrap-up. Got pizza at Pizza Story, built a new shelf, snuck in a sunny skate session at JB, crawled around in some plastic tunnels with Jane, hung out at my mom’s, got donuts, drank coffee, fell asleep on the couch.

Friday, January 23, 2015

january twenty-third

Five for January 23rd:

Hit the slopes. Loose plans to potentially go snowboarding at Hidden Valley with Tom in the sorta-works (in that we’ve been IM’ing about it). I’ve still never been there- or even legitimately gone snowboarding outside of the hills of my neighborhood on my cheap toy-store snowboard.

Stretching. Been trying to remember to limber up a bit in the mornings, and before skating/running/riding. I am always forgetting to stretch, which is likely the number one thing I should be doing before any of that stuff, especially at my old age.

Read it and weep. Six weeks’ paid leave opposed by people with thirty-six weeks’ paid leave, 62-year-old black grandfather choked and held down by three white men who see his legal firearm, Doomsday Clock moves two minutes closer to midnight.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, near-impossible Super Mario World glitch done for the first time on SNES, Q’doba gift card, Psycho Skate on Youtube, Thrasher King of the Road issue, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Middle Class Fashion tonight at Off Broadway, hanging out with Jane and Lisa, going skating, getting some crap done around the house and enjoy the continuing spell of mild weather.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

january twenty-second

Five for January 22nd:

NAMM. The annual winter music industry tradeshow is happening now. Staying back at the office to hold down the fort while Seth and a few others jet off to sunny southern California for a few days- which is fine by me. I’ve done enough NAMM shows, and the weather here has been amazing anyway.

Maximum brainpower. I may not remember all of my multiplication tables, but I bet I could still walk you through the final labyrinth in Legend of Zelda from memory.

Sonics Bad Betty. For a bunch of dudes in their seventies, this new track is pretty damn scorching. Still sounds like the Sonics.

Cool stuff. Morning Janeyisms, Old Ghosts sticker pack in the mail, egg tacos, one last trip to Star Clipper, killer skate session at Ramp Riders last night, Ben Raybourn Skate Free.

Jonathan Richman. Back at Off Broadway on March 5th with Tommy Larkins on drums. Will be my third or fourth time seeing him there- always a good time. You should go.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

january twenty-first

Five for January 21st:

Good mail day. Came home to a stack of goods including new issues of Pure Fun (with free sheet of Rip Grip!) and TransWorld Skateboarding, as well as a much needed three-pack of USB to lightning cables. Thanks, Mr. Postman.

State of the Union. Biden arrives early to set up State of the Union fog machine, Obama is officially out of fucks to give.

Oh, so you wanna go skating? Fun lunchtime roll-around yesterday in the Loop, mini ramp jam at Ramp Riders coming together for tonight with the old man crew.

Cool stuff. Cracking Jane up, January photo dump, cabbage rolls, Meet St. Louis article, Starbucks homebrew, play-doh pancakes.

Setting goals. I want to get through one week this year without spilling something on myself. So far, it’s not looking too good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

january twentieth

Five for January 20th:

Broke down. After taking it apart and duct/electrical taping parts back together at least five times, the crash cymbal of my electronic drum kit has finally had it. A replacement costs almost as much as I paid for the kit (which is to say, not much), but as much as I play it, it’s a worthy investment.

Required reading. Beyond the war on science: Why the right embraces ignorance as a virtue, Dear Obama Hater - You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life, Why Van Halen Rejected Their First Album Cover, “Man Caves” of the 60’s and 70’s, The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of jaywalking.

Lunch skating. To not be taking as much advantage of this springlike weather as possible would be borderline criminal. Jetted down to the loop for a quick twenty-minute solo sesh yesterday in the warm sun, hopefully get one in today as well.

Cool stuff. Fresh pair of skate shoes, bagel & lox with dark roast coffee, new lamp for the living room (almost), tofu stir-fry, Revolution on Netflix, Janey night.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Replacements, Jay Reatard, Black Lips, Exploding Hearts, Redd Kross, Thee Oh Sees, Eraser.

Monday, January 19, 2015

january nineteenth

Five for January 19th:

Weekend weather. Sunshine and mid-50’s temperatures all weekend for the win. If you’d told me a week or so ago when we were in the middle of a deep freeze that the next weekend I’d be sitting on the back porch in the sunshine wearing a t-shirt, I’d have called you nuts.

Skating. Outdoor ripping at JB went down this weekend, with everyone who wasn’t injured (or road-tripping to Springfield) in attendance. Snuck in a parking lot dork-around at Deer Creek on Sunday as well as a little solo slider sesh.

Going out. Tapas and drinks at Modesto with Lisa and Herm, metal brunch at Crow’s Nest with Andy and Jason, Donut Drive-in with the family, Clifton Park playground with the entire neighborhood. It’s amazing what happens when you’re not trapped indoors.

Cool stuff. MLK Day, Old Ghosts sticker pack, bringing the grill out of hibernation, Picturebooks on Spotify, PPS Mattson/Natas devil worship tribute deck, UHF on channel 11 this morning, shooting hoops, backyard BMX.

Vacation planning. In the works for summer. Should be interesting with a two-year old and few-month-old in tow, but we’ll need it.