Wednesday, March 4, 2015

march fourth

Five for March 4th:

Back from the dead. Some unwelcome Monday evening food poisoning followed by a night of absolutely no sleep wrecked me for most of the day yesterday. A good eleven hours of z’s last night has me back in working order, and the appetite is slowly returning.

Voting. I did manage to get out and vote yesterday, which helped in some small way to assist Scott Ogilvie in taking Ward 24 by a 75% landslide over the already recalled Tom Bauer. A solid win for the good guy.

Ferguson. The Department of Justice has issued their findings on patterns of police discrimination in Ferguson, and no punches were pulled.

Cool stuff. Canadians are “Spocking” their currency, 20 years of the vertical vampire, Ramp Riders session coming together, 4 days till DST, lunch with Tom.

Wednesday soundtrack. Archers of Loaf, Sebadoh, Led Zeppelin, Dead Moon, Pentagram, Sonic Youth, Minutemen, Dinosaur Jr.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

march third

Blog has been cancelled today due to a bout of food poisoning. See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2015

march second

Five for March 2nd:

March. Officially eighteen days away from the start of spring, which I am greatly looking forward to after a weekend of shoveling snow and putting down ice melt.

Ogilvie for Alderman. Voting day is tomorrow. If you live in ward 24, you know what to do. Get out there.

Amy’s. I love your stuff, but please cool it on the cilantro. You do know that like, half the population thinks it tastes like filthy dishwater, right?

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, awesome fish fry, bootleg of a bootleg, snowboarding/sledding with Jane at the park, coffee resupply, Raybourn to Roll, homemade taco salad.

Queen of Cartoons. Jane is slowly transitioning to the Little Mermaid after a solid month of Frozen (and nothing but). Truth be told, I like them both.

Friday, February 27, 2015

february twenty-seventh

Five for February 27th:

Fish fry. First one of the season is happening tonight. Thankfully Lisa’s mom and step dad will be coming along to help wrangle Jane.

Net Neutrality. "The action that we take today is an irrefutable reflection of the principle that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.” -FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Rick Moliterno. Awesome series of behind the scenes videos with the BMX legend and owner of Standard are up on ESPN. Apparently Rick was at Ramp Riders a couple of weeks ago and I totally missed it! I must be slipping in my advanced age.

Cool stuff. Lunch with Lisa, popcorn Friday, nine days till DST, buying presents for Jane, homemade soup, Freestlyin’ USA on Youtube, the NHS pile.

Weekendery. Bunch of snow and nastiness in the forecast, so who knows what we’ll end up doing. Potential trips to the Discovery Room, Ramp Riders, and Southwest Diner are certainly possible, but at this point the whole thing is up in the air.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

february twenty-sixth

Five for February 26th:

Snow. Woke up to a nice dusting of powdery snow on the ground this morning. Enough for a post-work sledding session with Jane at the park? We shall see.

The Skateboard Mag. Officially tossed the subscription renewal offer card in the trash. I always figured if I stopped subscribing to one of the big 3 skate magazines, TWS would be the first to get the boot. However, the new art/lifestyle/coffee table book direction of TSM is such a weak travesty that I almost feel like I’m doing them a favor.

Spring. We’re three weeks away from the beginning of spring and ten days out from the start of DST. The goal line is in sight.

Cool stuff. Vintage Vision team rider newsletter, strawberries & cream oatmeal, The Private Photo Shoot that Sparked a War Inside Van Halen, death metal Mary Poppins, Sleepy Kitty at Old Rock House, lollipop toasts with Jane.

All This Mayhem. The Ben and Tas Pappas documentary is now on Netflix instant, and is awesome. Highly recommended viewing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

february twenty-fifth

Five for February 25th:

Tom’s wedding. Stoked to be asked to be part of the official entourage in April. Is "groomsman" still a term people use? Whatever the case, looks like I need to get a new suit.

New addition. Sara and Bob had their kid yesterday, at long last. Congrats, and welcome to parenthood. It’s good stuff.

Afternoon cruise. Found a dry spot of pavement amongst the melting ice in the Loop to roll around for a bit yesterday afternoon. Felt rad, despite the chilly-ish wind.

Cool stuff. Silver Ballroom RFT article, homemade oatmeal, Blockhead Adventures in Cheese video, couch time with Janey, clearing photos, lunch with Tom, Aldibrau.

Toy show. Next weekend. Checking it out with Greg for the first time in at least a year, followed up by some potential flatland riding if the weather cooperates.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

february twenty-fourth

Five for February 24th:

Potluck. Taco Tuesday at work today. Giant simmering crock-pots, bags of chips and other assorted goodies are sitting mere feet from my desk. Resistance is futile.

Bathroom space heater. If you don’t have one at the ready, you’re selling yourself short.

Dumpster rescue. Another BMX score yesterday, this time in the form of a complete 1986 Huffy Freestyle Pro. Aside from this, there’s almost no info online about this bike- looks like it was only around for a year or so before they brought out the much more common Huffy Expert. Should make a fun spring project.

Cool stuff. 40 degree high, It’s Always Sunny cast on Conan, afternoon cruising, melting snow, Revolution season 2, clean laundry.

Tuesday soundtrack. Fugazi, Run DMC, the Cramps, Black Sabbath, Shadows Fall, Motorhead, the Ramones.