Tuesday, February 21, 2017

february twenty-first

Five for February 21st:

Right place, right time. Somehow, the planets aligned and my friend Paul snapped one of the best photographs ever taken yesterday. I cried with laughter. Fucking magical.

Bummers. Everyone in the family is sick/having allergy issues, broke a wine glass in the sink this morning, rainy day, got 3.5 hours of sleep last night, Donald Trump is still in office.

Upcoming shows. Hot on the heels of Redd Kross and the Descendents are Doyle at Firebird and Jonathan Richman at Off Broadway. An embarrassment of riches.

Cool stuff. Steve Caballero: A Tale of the Half Cab, two tubs of fresh-ground almond butter, hitting CoMo for True/False, free Starbucks at work.

Making lemonade. The skatepark was locked and the office closed at White Birch yesterday, so Brian and I just sessioned the bank and curb in the parking lot for a half hour. Equally fun!

Monday, February 20, 2017

february twentieth

Five for February 20th:

President’s day. Have a great one!

Getting radical. Awesome, sweaty-ass skate session at JB Sunday afternoon, got in a bunch of driveway flatland on the ’87 FST, and hitting White Birch today with Brian for some lunch shreds if the rain holds out.

Things I got for free yesterday. Bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, single old school Haro kneepad, bottle of Cosmic Ristretto espresso-brau.

Cool stuff. Skateone spring catalog, Snakebite BMX Mat Hoffman interview, cheap Powell Bombers, Turtle Park with the family, new hoop house for the backyard garden, cauliflower popcorn, Ultrahive.

Redd Kross at Firebird. I haven’t been this excited about a show in longer than I can even recall. Bummer: same night as The Damned.

Friday, February 17, 2017

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Bike commute. Mid-February is perhaps the earliest in the year I’ve ever rode in, but when it’s 71 degrees out, I’m taking advantage.

169. I’m at my lowest weight in years, all thanks to less than two months of eating whole foods and cutting all crap out of my diet. I was probably hovering around the 180 mark at the end of 2016. My weight hasn’t dipped below the 170’s in as long as I can remember.

Have you seen him? Chris Russell, Cody Lockwood, Kevin Kowalski, Ben Raybourn, Alan Young, and Jimmy Wilkins pay tribute to 30 Years of Animal Chin, shot-for-shot with proper soundtrack and all.

Cool stuff. Descendents tickets purchased, payday, Boomerang U-brake adapter plate for the Blyther FST, new issue of Decibel, zucchini noodles, Shopkinville with Jane, daily Keith Olbermann footage.

Weekend action. The good: the weather will be nothing short of amazing all weekend. The bad: George is getting sick again. So, we’ll have to play this one by ear. Helping mom get settled at the rehab place, taking Jane to the park, hanging out in the backyard, hopefully skating or riding in there somewhere.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

february sixteenth

Five for February 16th:

Springtime in February. Sunshine and 70’s all the way through the weekend? Count me in.

Mom. Second knee replacement happened yesterday, and thankfully went about as well as knee surgery can go. A bit of recovery time and physical rehab and she’ll be good to go, Six Million Dollar Man-style.

Good question. Mr. President: just who the hell do you think you are?

Cool stuff. Accidental Courtesy full film, new auxiliary cable, revisiting the worst music video ever, Ford Cobra jacket, Clifton Park playground with the kids, work snack restock.

Drums. I’ve decided to sell my one of a kind Fibes marine pearl kit, which I’ve had for the better part of a decade. Much as I love them, after three years of it sitting in my basement unused and unloved it’s time for it to go to someone who can appreciate it. I’ll be picking up a new kit from work to use on occasional gigs or future projects- one that I don’t necessarily mind collecting a little dust.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

february fifteenth

Five for February 15th:

Today. Splitting early to pick up Jane at school and hopefully take the kids to the park if the sun is out and it’s not too chilly. Hilarious that the coldest day this week is still up near 50 degrees.

Sleep deprivation. Between George waking up at 2:30 in the morning and Jane falling out of bed a couple hours later, I didn’t get much last night. Hopefully a steady stream of caffeine can keep me conscious.

Enough is enough. Four weeks in, and there is apparently no depth to which this turd of an administration cannot sink. Time to impeach/imprison this entire corrupt cabinet and start over. Heads need to start rolling.

Cool stuff. White Birch lunch sesh, nearing fish fry season, Jane’s valentine stash, ants on a log, new notebook.

Office quote of the day. "Are you talking about the drummer for Coverdale-Page? 'Cause I don't know who the fuck else you could be talking about."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Valentine’s day. Got to spend the morning with my three favorites, which is pretty much all I could really want. Jane of course had a whole outfit picked out for her party at school, and scored a huge set of colored pencils with animal erasers.

Descendents. The band that couldn’t sell out a telephone booth is playing the Pageant in Early October. Tix on sale this Friday. Pretty sure this is their first STL show since Mississippi Nights way back in 96 or 97, something like that. Snagging a couple for Lisa and myself.

Quote of the day. “THREE Trump advisers (Manafort, Page, Flynn) have left after ties to Russia were revealed. But there’s probably nothing more to this story.” -Donald Orwell

Cool stuff. White Birch lunch skate sesh with Brian, relearning tunes for the March 24 rock show, more springlike weather (planning on a Friday ride-in), another good night of sleep for George, Some Kind of Monster on Netflix, Trump should be arrested, k-cup restock.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pelican, DRI, White Wizzard, Explosions in the Sky, Red Fang, Riddle of Steel, Mogwai.

Monday, February 13, 2017

february thirteenth

Five for February 13th:

Outdoorsmanship. 74 degrees on Saturday and a 55-degree Sunday meant being outside as much as possible. Plenty of backyard hangs, a couple of trips to Clifton Park and the little library, and hiking the Powder Valley trails.

Team One Way lives on. Some things will just never stop being awesome, and riding BMX bikes with Greg and co. at Shenandoah is one of them.

Sleep training. I’m taking over George’s bedtime duty for the twin-bed transition, and the first couple of nights have been as successful as you could hope for. Knock on wood.

Cool stuff. Gregg Bissonette clinic jam at Focal Point, one-dollar sunglasses, morning boardslides, classic Perry Mervar Bully flatland footage, iPhone photo dump, the advent of SCROTUS, cabinet hinges.

Gumball machine toys. Jane was so ecstatic about being surprised with a $0.50 toy octopus that she slept with it on her nightstand. Being a dad rules.