Tuesday, August 30, 2016

august thirtieth

Five for August 30th:

Guitar Wolf. Tonight at Firebird. I’ve not missed them in STL since I saw them for the first time opening for the Cramps at Mississippi Nights probably fifteen years ago- and I don’t plan to start now.

Gene Wilder. The emotional impact of celebrity deaths is lessened considerably when it's more of a shock to learn that person was still alive to begin with. That said, if you don’t like Gene Wilder, you don’t have a soul. One of the all-time greats.

Summer shorts redux. Sewed up the crotch-hole, popped on a new button, and cut the legs down a bit shorter. Seems dumb to spend money on a new pair with fall just around the corner.

Cool stuff. Pumpkin bread, fresh bag of Boyd’s Original Roast for my office coffee maker, Jerry Gurney’s Blood Wizard “Destroyer” part, The Real Bob Ross, Clifton Park with Jane (pre-bee sting).

Tuesday soundtrack. Enforcer, Fang, Negative Approach, Rainbow, Dwarves, Off!, Acid Witch, Thou, Overkill.

Monday, August 29, 2016

august twenty-ninth

Five for August 29th:

Crazy from the heat. Went skating for a couple of hours with Andy on Saturday and overdid it a bit- to the tune of battling a pretty severe case of heat exhaustion for most of the rest of the weekend. I don’t usually say this, but I’m definitely ready for the fall.

Colin Kaepernick. He’s righter than you know: the national anthem is a celebration of slavery. To quote a friend, “mic dropped so hard the damn thing is in pieces”.

Back in action. I’m happy for Lisa- she’s starting back up with yoga a couple of mornings a week, and I got her road bike cleaned, oiled and aired up over the weekend. All we need now is a Burley and some decent weather and we can get back to riding some trails with the kids in tow (literally).

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher (with free stickers), breakfast pizza at work, fresh pair of contacts, newly-discovered drumless tracks on YouTube, bunch of free samples at Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, mouth is healed, my little cornball.

Things I didn’t do over the weekend that I intended to. Mow and weedwhack the lawn, swim at Maplewood, go see Sloppy Seconds at Fubar.

Friday, August 26, 2016

august twenty-sixth

Five for August 26th:

Office helper. Jane came in to work with me for a bit this morning. She met some coworkers, had a slice of lemon poppyseed bread, and played with my Greedo Star Wars figure and the fingerboard bowl. Basically what I do on any given day.

Car woes. Literally the minute I got off the phone with the auto place where I learned I was going to have to drop a grand on car repairs this afternoon, "Trust Your Mechanic" by the Dead Kennedys came on Spotify. If that's not an omen, I don't know what is.

Kids are afraid of Donald Trump. Ahh, just the kind of inspiration I know we’re all looking for in a United States president.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, morning roll in the Dobbs parking lot, homemade burritos, George a year ago today, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, Blockhead Splendid Eye Torture on YouTube.

Weekend action. The good news: no major oral surgeries happening this weekend. The bad news: no real plans either, save for maybe going to see Sloppy Seconds at Fubar on Sunday. Hopefully the weather is good for some park action, skating, and pool-going.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

august twenty-fifth

Five for August 25th:

This morning. Up at 5 am for some reason. Watched some Duel at Diablo on Youtube, drank a pot of coffee, set up a board, hung out with the kids, scarfed down a fiery scramble at Southwest Diner, and came to work. In that order.

Summer shorts. At the beginning of summer I buy a new pair of shorts and basically wear them to death. By the end of the season they’re faded, threadbare, and essentially destroyed from 3 months of bike riding, skating, sweating, and chasing kids around. With September just around the corner I noticed the tear in the crotch forming yesterday, and sure enough the button popped off last night. Like clockwork.

There’s always something. The brakes on my car are starting to grind, which is never a good thing. Taking it in early tomorrow- here’s hoping for a quick and cheap turnaround.

Cool stuff. Tony Hawk “Claw” deck, every Gamespot Game of the Year ever, meet the Iran BMX locals, Consolidated/Infinity sticker, backyard tomato haul.

Thursday soundtrack. Suicide, Buzzcocks, Gun Club, The Stooges, The Sword, Run DMC, Lungfish, Helmet, Danava, Diablo Blvd, Venom.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

august twenty-fourth

Five for August 24th:

Enter sandman. Fell out at 8:30 last night following a sleep-free two day span. Feels nice to have the batteries recharged, as I was starting to feel like a dead man walking.

Deep cleaning. We got the house power-washed last week. The dude was out there working on it for the entire day, blasting off years of grass stains, mildew, dead insects, and whatever else. Looks like new.

Lifers. Completely forgot about this Vimeo series centered on old(er) dudes who still ride BMX. This one is my personal favorite, but they’re all worth a watch.

Cool stuff. Smoked almonds, Rad on DVD, afternoon White Birch session with Brian, bagworm eradication, leftover pesto pasta.

Goldeneye. This footage of the unreleased Xbox version of N64's Goldeneye surfaced recently and is fucking unreal, even if the upgraded graphics now look super primitive by today’s standards.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

august twenty-third

Five for August 23rd:

Sleepless night. Don’t know if it was the exhilaration of bike riding, the late afternoon latte, or the fact that I had to let Henry out twice to relieve himself in the middle of the night, but I didn’t fall asleep till sometime after 3 am. All said, somehow not feeling terrible.

Park action. Pretty much every parent/child combo in Clifton Heights was at the playground last night taking advantage of the unseasonably mild weather. A good reminder of how awesome our neighbors and neighborhood are.

The more you know. Until a few months ago, I would have assumed Reince Priebus was some second-tier character from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Turns out he's a real guy!

Cool stuff. Free D’Addario coffee mug, new Independent hoodie coming today, remembering to bring lunch, morning roll, Sega Smash Pack revisited, link-free blog post.

Tuesday soundtrack. Lard, Ministry, Nine Pound Hammer, Shrinebuilder, Motorhead, Murphy’s Law, Napalm Death, Black Moth, Deicide.

Monday, August 22, 2016

august twenty-second

Five for August 22nd.

Bike commuting. Nice, cool, hint-of-fall-ish ride in to work this morning. Been a bit since I rode in, mostly due to the insufferable heat of the last few weeks. Hopeful I can continue this as much as possible well into the early winter.

Dental work. Got my last two wisdom teeth yanked Saturday morning. They were both out in less than two minutes and I didn’t feel a thing. Popping some Penicillin per doctor’s orders, but I haven’t even had to mess with the pain pills they gave me. I’m just glad to finally have it over with.

Bowie. Jane pretty much only wants to listen to (and dance to) “Magic Dance” from the Labyrinth soundtrack these days.

Cool stuff. Root beers and Depot dogs with Jane, short skate session at JB, checking out the mini ramp at the World’s Fare at Forest Park, fried egg and avocado on toast, I Scream ice cream kebabs, my little dude, new toolbox.

Quote of the day. "The singer sounds like a death metal chihuahua attacking your fucking ankle". –Brian commenting on this song/video.