Friday, March 27, 2015

march twenty-seventh

Five for March 27th:

Snow. Was not stoked to wake up and see a dusting of snow on the ground this morning. Not that it’s going to last long, but still. It’s the principle of it.

Read/watch. If People Left Parties Like They Leave Facebook, How To Become Gluten Intolerant, Massive Underground City Found in Turkey.

Indiana. Even though the circumstances are obviously shitty, it's always nice when some state other than Missouri is the laughingstock of the entire United States.

Cool stuff. New installation of eBay watch, fruit restock, the Craig Campbell interview, sandwiches with Seth and Tom, lightweight micro-camper you can tow with your bike, Swingin' Utters on Spotify.

Weekend action. Fish fry with Mary and Keith tonight, maybe kicking it with Greg and riding BMX, Clifton Park spring clean-up, skate session at JB, random housework.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

march twenty-sixth

Five for March 26th:

30 day eating challenge. Lisa and I will be embarking on a month-long dietary experiment in April, cutting out refined grains and sweeteners, fried foods, and anything out of a package that has more than five ingredients listed. This isn’t really too far removed from how I’ve been eating anyway. We shall see how it goes.

Lever Factory. The hulking ghost of the old Lever soap factory sits basically just across the street from where my office is. It has always intrigued me, as I pass by it every day, but never thought to do any research on it. Unsurprisingly, there’s a wealth of urban explorer footage and photos online.

Videology. Posted a little video of myself doing a footjam tailwhip in my backyard on Instagram and it ended up on a BMX website. This is actually the second time this has happened, weirdly.

Cool stuff. Ranchito with Aaron and Tom, Mike V. has left the building, good eBay feedback, Decline of Western Civilization deluxe box set, post-work Salt & Smoke for Annie’s birthday, catching up on The Walking Dead.

Kids. Congrats to Jason and Kate on the birth of their daughter yesterday. Welcome to a whole new world of awesomeness and sleeplessness.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

march twenty-fifth

Five for March 25th:

Close call. Heard a weird sizzling sound coming from under my desk yesterday, followed by my computer flickering off and the smell of burning plastic. Turns out a power strip had some sort of electrical surge and literally melted to an extension cord it was plugged into. Luckily my CPU was undamaged, and it happened while I was here and not after everyone left. Definitely could have been much worse.

Lesson learned. Got some Zyrtec and almost immediately started feeling better after days of suffering through allergy stupidness- even sleeping all night with nary a nostril-related wake-up. Why I procrastinated that long is anyone’s guess. Not happening again.

Darren Navarette interview. Some people are like, “Copers? Are you serious?” That's when I just say, “No, you’re serious. We're having fun. Don’t worry about it.”

Cool stuff. Short run return of The X-Files, GT in LA, 6 things you didn’t know about FBM, Mr. Greeley, amazing custom Samhain deck, 365-pill bottle of allergy meds courtesy of Denise, last-minute Indian food lunch date with Lisa.

Salt & Smoke. I’ve heard good things about it, and it certainly smells rad every time I walk past. Hitting it up tonight, hopefully it lives up to the hype.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

march twenty-fourth

Five for March 24th:

Allergies suck. I am having the worst allergy issues in as long as I can remember, and the season has barely started. Itchy eyes, tingling nose, the works. I’m over it.

Justice for Jason. Apparently Lars Ulrich is indeed to blame for the lack of bass on '…And Justice For All'. We’ll always have the fan remix.

Plan Nine revisited. It was announced (somewhat unofficially) yesterday that the old Mills skatepark will be reopening under the Action Sports League (whatever that is), with a skate and BMX shop taking up residency in the retail space. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of that.

Cool stuff. Aaron in STL, new Kink bikes shirt, peppermint and English breakfast tea restock, 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix, oatmeal cookies, Silver Ballroom goes non-smoking in less than a year.

Tuesday soundtrack. Fugazi, Dismemberment Plan, Television, Justice, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Danzig.

Monday, March 23, 2015

march twenty-third

Five for March 23rd:

Friday night. Met up with Lisa and Jane for dinner at Bottleworks, came home and rode bikes in the backyard until the sun went down.

Saturday. Early skate session at JB with Andy and crew, lunch on the back patio, tilled the garden (and introduced Jane to digging for worms), got Kaldis and met Anna, Allison and Henry at Demun park, driveway BMX, grilled steak tacos for dinner.

Sunday. Breakfast pizza at Benton Park Café, picked up plants, seeds, and dirt at the hardware store, planted, napped on the couch, cleaned up the back yard, rode some more BMX, play-date with the next door neighbors.

Cool stuff. Why 40 Doesn't Mean Much in Skateboarding Anymore, free WU bike tune-ups, BSD undercover, Stoked: the Rise and Fall of Gator on Youtube, donuts at work, The 'Netflix for Video Games' Is Coming Soon, Malmo Vert Attack 9.

UHF. We got it all on UHF: An oral history of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s cult classic on the Onion AV club will be the best thing you read all week.

Friday, March 20, 2015

march twentieth

Five for March 20th:

Spring. Officially starts today at 5:45 pm, but the hell with that: it’s spring as of now. I’m calling it. Let the celebration begin.

Fish fries (or lack thereof). A combination of the unseasonably warm weather and some residual leeriness of fried food following my bout with food poisoning has meant a complete failure in the fish fry department, only getting to one so far. I don’t know why, but a fish fry in 65-degree weather just seems weird and wrong.

Bike build. Good time hanging out with Greg and crew last night. The bike is officially put together and I can’t wait to ride it. Checking out Greg’s T1 collection and the progress on his ’88 Haro Master rebuild was especially killer.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, Dan’s Comp calendar & stickers, Dengue Fever on Spotify, John Lucero on the Rise of Small Brands and the Return of Shaped Boards, lunch with Tom, VW transporter camper van.

Weekend action. First weekend of spring is looking to be a good one, with no real plans save for open the windows, be outside, BBQ, hang out with Jane and Lisa, and ride bikes/skateboards.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

march nineteenth

Five for March 19th:

Last day of winter. Hallelujah, for spring starts tomorrow. Looks like we made it.

I’m not a crook. Let me tell you what's awesome: having a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay for literally 15 years via 127 separate transactions, and still having to wait up to two weeks for funds in my PayPal to become available when I sell something.

All hail Cardiel. “New footage of John Cardiel skating a pool emerged via Spitfire’s Instagram overnight that will no doubt warm the hearts of every skateboarder lucky enough to ever step on a board.”

Cool stuff. Ski Patrol on Netflix, burgers and fries with Janey, possible Alzheimer’s breakthrough, Clifton Park spring clean-up.

Tonight. Cruising out west after work to kick it with my old buddy Greg, set up a BMX bike, and eat some pizza. Solid Thursday evening, so far as I'm concerned.