Monday, September 29, 2014

september twenty-ninth

Five for September 29th:

Decked out. Six truckloads of lumber, three boxes of deck screws, and two (nearly) full days of labor later and we have made some massive progress on the back deck. The expansion and extension are framed and the majority of the floor is down. It’s almost like having a whole new room on the house. Can’t wait to get it done.

Ello. I am not going to beg for an invite, but I will take one if anyone has one available. Related: what does ethical social networking software look like? Hopefully we are all about to find out.

Yard sale scores. 2004 GT Performer BMX, mid-90’s Powell-Peralta Lance Conklin with Indys and Bones wheels, MIB Vision high-tops.

Cool stuff. Jon Hardy record release show, seeing old friends, veggie breakfast tacos, Sunday solo sesh at JB, Jon Stewart decimates Fox News, free clip-on tuner.

Party in the Park. I was so wiped out on Saturday from a day of hard labor that I barely got to enjoy it before I gave up and retreated to the couch, but if nothing else, Jane had a great time.

Friday, September 26, 2014

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

Photo dumping. I don’t know how it didn’t dawn on me sooner to just keep a thumb drive at my desk at work and offload new photos to it every couple of days. It takes all of two minutes and keeps my iPhone clutter-free and full of storage space.

You must grip it. Gripping decks used to be the thing I hated most about setting up a new boards and I would always just have the shop do it because I was so terrible at it. Now, however, I’ve gotten rather good at it and it has become my favorite part. The secret is all in having a decent, sharp blade. If it’s dull, it’s a dud.

Bill and Ted in their forties. Who on the planet earth wants this? That said, I’ll probably go see it.

Cool stuff. 2003 GT Performer, French Press revisited, new SD/1 Studio Dome portable speaker, South Bank saved, Curious George with Jane, Honey Nut Cheerios, fresh-groomed Schnoodle, CSFU.

Weekend action. Mega busy weekend coming up. Jon Hardy’s album release tonight at Off Broadway (Seth is sitting in on the whole set), back-deck work and Clifton Heights party in the park with Jane and Lisa tomorrow, toy show with Greg on Sunday and a possible trip to my mom’s. Skating and other distractions in there wherever I can find room.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

september twenty-fifth

Five for September 25th:

Posthumous recognition. Yesterday the Blind Eyes were named “Best Band to Die in the Last 12 Months” in the RFT “Best of St. Louis” awards. Pretty cool to know people are still thinking about us.

Audio gear. My company is distributing a new line of Bluetooth-equipped mixing speakers starting today, and of course we all got free samples. Listening to music at my desk is now a wholly different experience, especially compared to the speakers I had been using, which were literally purchased for $4.99 in the checkout line at TJ Maxx.

What goes around. Homeless woman gets beaten mercilessly by a pig for walking in the street, incident gets filmed by passerby, woman gets awarded 1.5 million dollars, pig is out of a job. There is some justice in this world.

Cool stuff. Taking Jane to the park, cheesy bread, decorative gourd season, the current setup, Saturday back-deck work.

Henry. General shagginess combined with the stank accumulated over nine solid days of playing with three other dogs has made tomorrow’s long-overdue grooming appointment a top priority.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

september twenty-fourth

Five for September 24th:

Riding part deux. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing better than sandwiching a workday between two bike rides in awesome weather through cool neighborhoods. It’s like you’re getting one over on the daily grind.

JB. Super fun and much-needed skate session with Andy last night. The sun is starting to set super early, so we really only had about an hour or so before it was too dark to keep going. Felt rad nonetheless.

Iron Maiden vinyl reissues. Coming next month. Some of these are definitely worth picking up for the artwork and b-sides alone. I’d probably buy all of it if I didn’t already have all this stuff on some format or another.

Cool stuff. Black Label Vulture Curb Club deck, $5 soup from Mi Ranchito, CBI Phil Shao article, Alvvays, HIMYM season nine on Netflix instant, the history of World Industries.

Jane’s second birthday. Can’t believe my little girl is turning two in a few weeks. Initial plans for a Curious George-themed party were abandoned due to her recently developed obsession with Mickey Mouse and crew.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

september twenty-third

Five for September 23rd:

Endless bummer. What shall go down in history as the mildest, awesomest summer in history came to an end yesterday. The end of summer is one of the things I look forward to least by a long shot. The good news? It looks like we might actually get a nice autumn.

True story. Before I left work yesterday, I asked a coworker how he felt about the movie Brubaker, then lost interest in his answer and walked out of the room mid-sentence.

Shredding. A quick and dirty solo boardslidin’ sesh in the Loop this morning and a sundown trip to JB with Andy in the works for this evening. After almost two weeks of not skating, I’m ready to get some.

Cool stuff. The Rad cave, Beyond Angkor, free tomatoes at work, The Assault Video on Vimeo, South Park trolls the Washington Redskins, stuffed squash from the backyard garden.

Tuesday soundtrack. Bedouin Soundclash, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Rainbow, SNFU, Fugazi, Sham 69.

Monday, September 22, 2014

september twenty-second

Five for September 22nd:

Back from the beach. Spent the last ten days on the sun-drenched white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, AL with Lisa, Jane and family. Good food, good drinks, good times. Jane had a blast swimming and playing in the sand, and I only lost one pair of sunglasses to the ocean, which is a victory unto itself.

Bikes and more bikes. Short and sweet solo flatland sesh last night and a beautiful last-day-of-summer commute to work this morning. Came out of my month-long bike hibernation to find the bike trail along Skinker freshly, smoothly re-paved- a nice surprise.

Playing catch-up. Today will be a nightmarish slog through a week’s worth of emails, orders, and other assorted workplace stuff. Such is the first day back from any vacation.

Cool stuff. New issues of Transworld Skateboarding and The Skateboard Mag, Clifton Heights Party in the Park this weekend, John Oliver nails it, low country boils, STL police continue their crusade of cluelessness, Mike Vallely Dew Tour run.

Thirty-seven. Officially entered my late thirties last week. Rang it in with a totally sweet ice cream cake that Lisa made, and Jane helped me blow out the candles. Hence, best birthday ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

september eleventh

Five for September 11th:

Interesting evening. Spent last night alternately hanging out with legendary Santa Cruz pro skater Claus Grabke (on tour with the Picturebooks, who absolutely killed it) at Halo Bar and trying to organize a last-minute rehearsal spot for a friend of mine who is currently playing drums for the Afghan Whigs.

9/11. Hard to believe September eleventh is a teenager today. The fact that 9/11 happened thirteen years ago is unreal. Everything seems like it was yesterday, but that more than probably anything else.

Road ready. Expensive? Yes. But new tires (and AWD) are the best things ever, especially heading into the fall and winter in the midwest.

Cool stuff. Picturebooks t-shirt and stickers, Ballwin resident fights the good fight, Jenkem Mag Andrew Reynolds interview, Cape Cod sea salt & vinegar chips, getting to spend ten days with my kid.

Checking out. Vacation starts tomorrow (although mentally, I’m pretty much already there). No blog for a week or so, as is customary when I’m not working. Have fun.