Monday, May 4, 2015

may fourth

Five for May 4th:

Decked out. Spent the better part of the weekend cleaning and weatherproofing the deck, only to wake up this morning to rain. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Weather app. Fingers severely crossed that it got dry enough overnight not to do any damage.

Quality viewing. A Visibly Drunk Sarah Palin’s Incoherent Respose to Elizabeth Warren, Floyd Mayweather Punch-Out!, Twitter Reveals Inequity of Baltimore’s Curfew Enforcement.

Jane. Rediscovered the wonders of the wading pool this weekend, hit the swings at the playground like a pro, and had her first trip down the driveway to pick out some wares from the ice cream man.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, Assault Skateboards 2015 video, Nick Bruce flair windshield wiper, new pair of Vans, short and sweet sesh at JB, Notorious Cyril Killa, summer omelette.

Hell Night/Cathedral Fever split release. Saturday’s crushing show at Firebird left a trail of bloody eardrums and whiplashed necks strewn across the greater St. Louis area.

Friday, May 1, 2015

may first

Five for May 1st:

Into the breach. By the end of this month, my life will be completely different than it is right now- in ways I certainly can’t yet even conceptualize. I am looking forward to all of it.

Mousetrap. Some weird gnaw marks on a cashew bag and a few little brown specks on the floor of the pantry that looked like mouse turds made me suspicious that we perhaps had a rodent living in our house. Set a trap with no results for a week, but checked it this morning to find the little bastard officially nabbed.

Rad neighbors. Having awesome and trustworthy neighbors we can call on in a pinch to help us out is one of the best things about where we live, and something I try not to ever take for granted.

Cool stuff. Freddie Gray case ruled a homicide, officers will face murder charges, getting paid, blueberry oatmeal, (another) morning curb session, The Daily Show bids farewell to Samantha Bee, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Two days of beautiful weather means hanging out with my girls, staining the back deck, skateboarding with the old man crew, Hell Night split release show at Firebird, a possible trip to Cherokee Cinco de Mayo, and whatever else comes along.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

april thirtieth

Five for April 30th:

April. Blasted by. Our last full month of familial normalcy before our son is born officially ends today. May should be an interesting and awesome month, to say the least.

Change of surroundings. A little office rearranging yesterday is putting me in a good mood. Tossed some stuff out, hung some new pictures, and just changed things up a bit. I’m in here right hours a day, might as well keep things fresh.

Serving and protecting you to death. The real “thugs” of Baltimore: 5 things everyone needs to know about the city’s police. Since 2010, Baltimore police have killed 109 people. Nearly half were unarmed and 70 percent were black.

Cool stuff. Super fun night with Janey, Lecherous Gaze Zeta Reticuli Blues, Dogtown pizza, No Way Back video, Vision street ghost reissues.

Morning skate spot. The newly rebuilt parking lot down in the Loop is just awesome. Mega-smooth blacktop mixed with brick, and a whole slew of pristine, buttery white curbs to slide on. Got to get it in early though, because by midday it’s too crowded to do anything on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

aprill twenty-ninth

Five for April 29th:

Friends of Clifton Park. Spring membership drive is happening. Donate some dough and help support one of the most beautiful parks in the city (and Lisa’s amazing nonprofit).

Two-dollar Tuesdays. Hit up SoHa last night with my two favorite girls for some cheap burgers and drinks, plus it was a good excuse to take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the killer weather.

Henry. Got a much-needed haircut/deep clean/ beard trim/socialization session in yesterday.

Cool stuff. Tip to Tail: Episode 4, lost buildings of St. Louis, chori pollo, Psycho Sticks in new colors (and modern concaves), lost bowl jam, Forest Park in full bloom, selling stuff on eBay.

Wednesday soundtrack. Hell Night, Black Lips, Neko Case, Paxidils, the Sword, Mercyful Fate.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

april twenty-eighth

Five for April 28th:

Iron Maiden. Brave New World, Dance of Death, and Rock in Rio- long absent from Spotify for some unknown reason- are now available for streaming. A Matter of Life and Death is still, conspicuously, nowhere to be found.

Finances. I’m terrible with them. Luckily, Lisa is not. Case in point: yesterday, when we cut the life of our home loan in half and saved a mountain in interest.

Baltimore must-reads. Cops are the terrorists in our neighborhood: On Freddie Gray, another victim of police brutality, Orioles Executive On Baltimore Unrest: It's Inequality, Stupid, Police Watch as Baltimore Burns.

Cool stuff. Jane back to 100%, morning curb session, Three Day Metro Pass- Barcelona, bubble tea, Ranchito with Tom.

Bones Brigade reissues. Another new run of colorways are coming in mid-June. Not really crazy about any of these, with the exception of the hot pink Tony Hawk which is pretty awesome. They’re really milking this thing for all it’s worth.

Monday, April 27, 2015

april twenty-seventh

Five for April 27th:

Sick baby blues. Spent most of the weekend tending to a fever-ridden daughter, which basically means sitting on the couch watching Frozen and eating popsicles. Thankfully, it looks like she’s starting to feel better this morning.

Around the house. Donated three boxes of old books, threw/gave away a ton of random crap, trimmed the bushes and trees, mowed and edged, planted the tomato and basil plants.

Freddie Gray. You'd hardly know it from watching the news, but there are actually massive protests over the latest violent, unwarranted police death going on in Baltimore right now.

Cool stuff. Ham, block of wax from Ride magazine in the mail (still waiting on that latest issue, though), Sunday morning donuts, Henry grooming appointment, gripping the Jinx, rad leftovers.

BMX. Went to check out the dirt jumps off of Grant’s Trail yesterday, but following a full day of rain on Saturday, it was a bit too muddy to ride. Definitely looking forward to going back once it dries up a bit.

Friday, April 24, 2015

april twenty-fourth

Five for April 24th:

Trifling weather. What the hell happened to Spring? This cloudy, 50’s and 60’s stuff is sort of bumming me out. Bring on the heat.

Dad and Janey date. Grilled cheese sandwiches at Bread Company followed by ice cream at Mr. Wizards (which shall henceforth be called Mr. Lizard’s, per Jane). Gets no better than that.

Texas requiring cops to learn how to not shoot dogs. It's interesting, because, you know, I already know how to not shoot dogs. It's actually a relatively simple two-step process. Step one: don't pull out a gun and point it at a dog. Step two: don't pull the trigger. 37 years and not a single dog dead. I don't consider myself an anomaly.

Cool stuff. GTV on Youtube, bro lunch, yesterday afternoon boardslide session, Flight of the Conchords revisited, Ricky Gervais.

Weekend action. Possibly watching the Blues game somewhere tonight, BMX trails tomorrow morning, hanging out with family in town, playing with Jane, potential skate sesh at Ramp Riders, random house projects.