Wednesday, July 20, 2016

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Busy season. Work is getting crazy, right on schedule. Good for the wallet, bad for the sanity.

Stranger Things. Everyone I know that has good taste in stuff is raving about this series, so I’ll be checking it out tonight.

Dan Savage on Jill Stein. "If you're interested in building a third party, a viable third party, you don't start by running someone for fucking president. Where are the Green Party candidates for city councils? For county councils? For state legislatures? For state assessor? For state insurance commissioner? For governor? For fucking dogcatcher? I would be SO willing to vote for Green Party candidates who are starting at the bottom, grassroots, bottom up, building a third party, a viable third party. You don't do that by trotting out the reanimated corpse of Ralph Nader every four fucking years."

Cool stuff. Morning curb skates, pop-tarts, got the lawn mowed before last night’s storm, Prevent This Tragedy 7”, burgers and beers with Tom and Brian.

Seeya next week. Taking some time off from the grind (and hence, posting here) to hang out with the family and swim in a lake for a few days. Recap to follow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

july nineteenth

Five for July 19th:

Nature’s blast furnace. Heat index of one hundred and six degrees means any outdoor activities have to happen in the morning. Rolled around Webster for about 15 minutes this morning and it was already a scorcher, but it’s better than nothing.

Vacation checklist. With two kids in tow, it’s crucial that all things be remembered before hitting the road. The list is being honed as we speak.

GT Bikes. Cool to see them giving a nod to the old school with their 2017 Performer (scroll down a few). No curved bottom tube, but I can get behind that pink frame/fork and throwback decal design. I’d totally ride that thing.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp and Summer Skateone catalogs, Lost in Transition: The Search for the Death Bowl, Stephen Colbert crashed the RNC, insulted Trump, and got escorted offstage, lunch with Tom and Brian, George’s Ninja Turtles shirt, van headphones for Jane, 141 reasons Trump is unfit to be president.

Tuesday soundtrack. Dozer, Zero Boys, Triptykon, Gorilla Biscuits, Monolord, Mastodaon, Baroness, Tokyo Blade, Dead Man, Skeletonwitch, Rush, Electric Wizard, Nasum, Celtic Frost.

Monday, July 18, 2016

july eighteenth

Five for July 18th:

Reunion. Had an awesome time catching up with the 2008-era Columbia crew in Jeff City on Saturday. Props to Rebecca and Nate for inviting the chaos of ten or so infants/toddlers/kids into their home, cooking, and putting everyone up.

Comic relief. While driving home this weekend we were talking about how great it was to have the Honda Odyssey for road trips, and I said "you Odyssey deez nutz" and Lisa didn't laugh for some reason. Maybe she didn’t hear me.

Upcoming shows. Middle Class Fashion and Culture Club at Family Arena, D.R.I. at Ready Room, Dandy Warhols at Delmar Hall, Made Up and Joan of Dark at Foam, Guitar Wolf at Firebird, Swingin’ Utters at Blueberry Hill.

Cool stuff. Homemade popsicles, hitting the pool, new issue of Decibel, vacation starts this week, Hi-Pointe Drive In coming to old Del Taco spot, Frannie and Georgie, Conservative Clown Car on FB, backyard barbecuing, haircut.

Four more months of this shit. In case you had any doubts about the tone this election season is going to take, I just saw in the span of one commercial break an ad where a guy accused his opponent of working for the Taliban and another where the guy's opponent superimposed the first guy over a picture of Chairman Mao.

Friday, July 15, 2016

july fifteenth

Five for July 15th:

Rained out (again). Another out-of-nowhere downpour threw a wrench into Jane and I’s plans to go big-wheeling at the park last night. Over it.

Five years. A half-decade ago yesterday, I proposed to Lisa at sunset on a private beach in the British Virgin Islands, after smuggling the engagement ring into the country unnoticed inside a container of dental floss. Two kids and one house later, we’re still going strong, and definitely need to get back to Virgin Gorda soon.

Grosso’s Loveletters. Stumbling downstairs in the morning and turning on Youtube to find a new episode of the Letters waiting for you is always a good start to the day. Behold Truck Wars: Part 1.

Cool stuff. Morning roll, new watch, finding four Modelos hiding in the back of the fridge, A Giant Billboard of Trump and Cruz Kissing Just Went Up Outside the Republican Convention, new lightning/USB cable, lunch 3 Kings with Tom.

Weekend action. Hanging with old friends and old friends’ children in Jeff City, going to the pool, mowing lawns, possible early morning skate session, barbecuing.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

Yesterday. Took over an hour to get home after picking up the kids due to the thunderstorm, with the flashing traffic signals at every major intersection compounded by Joe Edwards’ insipid trolley construction closing down a major portion of Forest Park Parkway. At least we were lucky and didn’t lose power.

Violent Femmes at Pageant. Tonight. To go or not to go? Never seen them, and likely won't have a chance again.

Mini NES. Seems like all anyone is talking today is this pre-loaded, $60 Nintendo 8-bit system coming out later this year. Good lineup of games for the most part, but a few definite head-scratchers. Who decided on Super C over the original Contra?

Cool stuff. New Magnatone notebook, Omar Hassan State of Skate, Witch on Spotify, Rad celebrates 30 years, ukulele man, LOTR revisited, morning railslides.

Spot-on. The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence is the one thing you need to read today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

july thirteenth

Five for July 13th:

Full day of action. Yesterday consisted of two six-mile bike rides and an afternoon skateboarding session at White Birch Park. Somewhere in there I worked. Sweat overload.

Bummers. The AC in the van is out, Jane spilled milk in my car and it now stinks in there despite my attempts to clean it, battery on my watch died.

Hard drivin’. Lisa’s mom found an abandoned Power Wheels jeep in the trash. A new battery later, and Jane is out cruising around grandma’s backyard like a pro. Side note- finding a Power Wheels jeep in the trash would have been my childhood dream come true.

Cool stuff. New Motorhead shirt, The Fantastic Folding Mini-Motel Caravan, Jordan Hoffart house tour, work snack re-up, hitting Ranchito, good blood pressure, Thrasher subscription renewal.

Theory: disproven. “In Dallas last week, Micah Johnson offered a real-world example of a law-abiding citizen taking up arms to fight what he perceived to be a government that was trampling the rights of its citizens. In reality, it looked like a bloody mass murder of a bunch of cops who were just doing their jobs. But make no mistake: Johnson was acting on one of the central beliefs that animates the gun rights movement. It’s been called the “insurgency theory” of the Second Amendment, and it holds that Americans must have the right to own military-style weapons because a heavily armed populace is the last bulwark against a tyrannical government running amok."

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

july twelfth

Five for July 12th:

Near miss. When I left to ride my bike in this morning it was sunny with nary a cloud in the sky. Fifteen minutes later and a few miles north it looked like I was riding into Mordor. Black skies, heavy wind, and general ominousness. I got through it unscathed, and I’m still not sure if it actually ever rained, but still pretty gnarly.

Dentistry. Made an appointment for August to finally get my upper wisdom teeth yanked after putting it off for about fifteen years.

Sad but true. People wandering into oncoming traffic staring at their iPhones looking for cartoon monsters may as well be a deleted scene from Idiocracy.

Cool stuff. House Blend K-cups at the office, Picturebooks "The Rabbit and the Wolf" video, St. Louis Used to Have an Amazing Amusement Park in Dogtown, new Descendents track, evening drinks on the back patio.

Tuesday soundtrack. Kreator, Orchid, Masters of Reality, Heartburns, Bad Brains, Windhand, Elder, Steely Dan, Queen, Distillers, Vektor.