Friday, July 28, 2017

july twenty-eighth

Five for July 28th:

Good to the last drop. Who needs coffee when you can get the day started with a nice hot cup of republican tears?

Pedal power. Nice sunny 75-degree ride in this morning. Glad I got more bike commuting in than not this week.

John McCain. I guess for some people, all it takes to do the right thing is be faced with the quickly-impending specter of your own mortality and the knowledge that you will ultimately be remembered in the annals of history as a coward whose final act was stripping healthcare away from millions of people. Others can just do it all the time.

Cool stuff. Sneak peek at the 2018 GT Pro Performer, 60 Seconds with Grosso: Favorite Skate Pic, two La Croix party packs, afternoon ditch sesh, fresh Steve Steadham setup, Antihero’s “Reality Breakdown” article, Per Welinder Nordic Skull t-shirt reissues.

Weekend action. Great weather and no plans. Likely taking the kids to some playgrounds, getting in morning skate or BMX dirt jump sesh, potential trip to some sort of body of water, Maplewood pool, and whatever else comes along.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

july twenty-seventh

Five for July 27th:

Too close for discomfort. I came home last night to find the AC upstairs hadn’t been running all day. Finally figured out the thermostat had crapped out at some point and was totally dead. Luckily, Lisa was at a late meeting and was able to pick a replacement up on the way home. I switched it out and the air kicked on just in time for bedtimes.

Rainy day. Wet roads and persistent drizzle put a damper on my planned ride today, but hey. My grass is green again, our garden is blooming like crazy and we got another break in the heat, so I can’t complain.

Higher ed. Jane is starting to figure out basic addition and subtraction, which means that mathematically speaking, she and I are pretty much on the same level now.

Cool stuff. Pertzborn’s People- Skate Camp News 1987, Ranchito coffee, drumless tracks, Curb Dogs 1 and 2 online, busy season at work, free Powell Peralta stickers.

Quote of the day. “Sorry, I was led to believe that transgender people were so skilled in combat that I should fear being alone in the bathroom with them.” -Mark Agee

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

july twenty-sixth

Five for July 26th:

Shredding. We found a new slappy curb at lunch yesterday, in the same lot we usually skate. A little higher than the other spot with a good coat of fresh paint, a bend, and a section you can boardslide in and out of. Super fun.

Allroy Saves. A sick VHS transfer of ALL at Bernard Pub with Dave Smalley on vocals circa ’88 just surfaced on YouTube, along with a ton of other great stuff by the same user. Required viewing.

Sweet tooth. Lisa’s banana ice cream (blended frozen bananas and almond milk) with date sauce is so delicious it’s hard to believe that it’s actually good for you. Relatively speaking.

Cool stuff. Ranchito with Tom and Brian, In Defense of Janick Gers, post-bedtime backyard flatland, work fruit restock, iPhone photo dump.

Quote of the day. "Thank you LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs." -Donald Trump, a year and some change before announcing a ban on transgender people in the military

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

july twenty-fifth

Five for July 25th:

Good ride. The combination of super mild weather, repaved and reopened roads through forest Park, raising my seat about an inch, and tightening up my front wheel made for a quick and comfortable ride in this morning. No beating it.

Slappy hour. Hitting up some yellow curbs with Brian this afternoon for a 30-minute lunch session. We’ll get back to hitting the ditch once the back-to-school season subsides a bit.

ICYMI. Dax Shepard is absolutely wearing a Shelter "Quest for Certainty" shirt in the opening credits of Parenthood.

Cool stuff. Team Pain Lost in Transition series, new Antihero video drops today, espresso roast, Beat It/Trooper mashup, evening at the playground.

Tuesday soundtrack. Minutemen, Pallbearer, Hermano, Revocation, Dio, The Wipers, Speedwolf, Fugazi, McRad, Hellacopters, Earth Crisis, Ministry.

Monday, July 24, 2017

july twenty-fourth

Five for July 24th:

Cycling. A much-needed break in the heat means riding as much as possible this week. Going for four out of five days, assuming the “spot shower” chances on Thursday and Friday remain spotty. Quick and cool ride in this morning. The freshly-repaved road that goes past the zoo shaves a good minute or more off the ride time and allows me to avoid the most grueling part of the ride in.

Rigs of Dad. If you only follow one account on Instagram, it should be this one.

MS Paint. Looks like my go-to program for graphic design wizardry is finally getting the axe. I don’t usually brag about myself, but you’ll find no one on earth better at using windows paint than me. So long, old friend.

Cool stuff. Revocation’s cover of Dyers Eve, finally got the front lawn mowed, Sunday skate sessions at JB and Webster, breakfast at Chris’ with the crew, evening swimming, watermelon water restock, Pool Nation miniseries on YouTube, Lisa's Mediterranean bowls.

Quote of the day. “When ideology rules all, acknowledging dissonant facts is treason. Reality, in that way of thinking, is a mere construct owned by history’s winners. This brand of cult reasoning explains why Republicans despise journalism, deride universities, and disregard the advice of scientists. Within the walls of the GOP cult, those who concern themselves with accuracy, who allow themselves to be constrained by empirical measures, are seen as history’s losers.” -Chris Ladd

Friday, July 21, 2017

july twenty-first

Five for July 21st:

3/5 for the week. The ride home yesterday was good, but more or less put me on my ass for the rest of the night. I’ll pick it up again once the triple-digit temperatures break. I love riding, but I don’t necessarily love it enough to risk a heat stroke.

Pest control. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but we’ve had to deal with more insects and mice getting in the house this summer than ever. The bin of traps, bait, and other implements of doom overfloweth.

Skateboarder magazine. Every issue of Skateboarder from ’74-’79, plus some earlier stuff and feature issues, has been archived, scanned, and is online for the world to enjoy.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, morning drums, cantaloupe cup, Iron Maiden Dance of Death on vinyl, George trying out big-boy underwear.

Weekend action. Going to try to pull double duty and catch the Jag-Wires show at Tap Room and the Essential Knots/MCF show at Off Broadway Saturday night. Beyond that, no plans except probably hit the pool and try not to melt.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Day 3. Glad I got motivated to ride the bike in this morning, because I wasn’t feeling it at all when I woke up. Had a great, smooth ride and totally crushed it, time-wise. Good to get the blood flowing, even though the ride home today will be like pedaling through a blast furnace.

Reality bites. I’m seeing way too many obituaries on the Facebook page for my high school graduating class lately.

Swag. Getting in to the office early for vendor meetings can sometimes be a bummer, but when you get a free coozie, bottle opener keychain and C Blues Band harmonica out of the deal, it’s worth it. Thanks, Hohner guys.

Cool stuff. World BMX day is today, Grosso’s Loveletters: Old Skate Mags, Part 2, Steve Steadham blem decks, New York Dolls, Pavement, and Shonen Knife concert posters, Assault Friends Of No One promo video.

America 2017. Has the President called John McCain a loser for getting a brain tumor yet?