Thursday, October 30, 2014

october thirtieth

Five for October 30th:

Trops in Soulard. Because what Soulard needs more than anything is a place for its already-drunk patronage to get stratospherically drunker.

Perched. Tony Hawk continues to bathe in the fountain of youth and churn out mind-blowing vert parts despite nearing fifty years old. This one is a must-watch.

Fun fact. You can purchase the entire series run of Tommy Lee Goes To College on DVD on Amazon for one cent. Which seems a little steep.

Cool stuff. Early Man t-shirt, Dave Mirra warehouse session 1996 footage, Tom Mabe Halloween prank, Snakebite BMX, dance parties with Jane.

Daylight savings. It ends Sunday, officially signaling the headfirst plunge we are about to take into the depressing abyss of early darkness, frozen pipes and iced-over car windows. Fuck winter.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

october twenty-ninth

Five for October 29th:

Coffee clutch. Went to Starbucks this morning to pick up a slice of banana bread and ended up with a handful of 13 free Italian Roast Vias, compliments of the barista. Wednesday morning is off to a good start.

Sore throat. Started feeling a little gnarly yesterday. Hopefully some peppermint tea, numbing lozenges and extra strength gel caps will do the trick.

Rent is too damn high. You can officially buy an entire town in Connecticut for less than the cost of an apartment in Brooklyn. And it’s charming.

Cool stuff. New wristwatch, Early Man on Spotify, Santa Cruz Claus Grabke “exploding clock” reissue, inside Tony Hawk’s Perched video part, my little fashionista, Resurrection in Ramona.

Unbelievable Compton Heights mansion. If I were a rich man I would buy this place, fix it up, hire an actual live-in butler, die there, and then haunt it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

october twenty-eighth

Five for October 28th:

Skating. Super fun Ramp Riders session last night with my brother and crew, despite a sore left ankle. Branching out from the mini-ramp and hitting a few other parts of the park when the bike traffic is low has opened up new worlds.

Fugazi Merchandise demo. “We'll never hear a new Fugazi record, so the best that we'll have is a series of live recordings, overanalyzed bullshit on the importance of this record or that, and this, the first demo that eventually became 13 Songs. Check out the first track to be released, "Merchandise," and lament the days gone by.”

Seoul Taco. Their move to a new and bigger location cannot come soon enough. Tried again yesterday to find yet another line out the door and no seats anywhere, which was a massive burrito-themed bummer.

Cool stuff. Fresh box of Sumatra K-cups, $5 skate bag, more leaf-pile action, praying mantis in the backyard, the case for drinking as much coffee as you want, free Powell-Peralta stickers in the mail.

Tuesday soundtrack. Distillers, Public Enemy, Husker Du, Splatcats, Minutemen, Unwound, JFA, Sparta, Rival Schools.

Monday, October 27, 2014

october twenty-seventh

Five for October 27th:

Josh and Jane. Despite not having seen each other in over a year, by the end of the day yesterday the two of them were pretty much inseparable- the highlight being Jane making Josh dance with her for thirty minutes straight at Kevin and Kimi’s wedding with nary a break.

Unseasonable. Sunny and mid 70’s to low 80’s all weekend, almost hitting 90 today, and I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. It feels weird to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt with Halloween five days away, but you won’t hear me complaining.

Skate shite. Get Rad for Ray, Rumble in Ramona and Thrasher Halloween Hellride footage, McGill and Hawk OG reissues nearly out, Berrics buys The Skateboard Mag, Ramp Riders session tonight with Josh and Andy.

Cool stuff. Coffee in the park/Brightside STL plant planting, Peanut butter Puffins, the guy from Staind fucks up the national anthem, pumpkin carving and leaf-pile jumping, Seoul Taco, Sons of Anarchy season 6 on Netflix.

R.I.P. Jack Bruce. I don’t often (ever) quote Flea, but “one of a kind greatness” definitely says it all about Jack Bruce. All Cream on Spotify today.

Friday, October 24, 2014

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

The 90's. I feel sort of sad that my daughter will never get to experience ending up at some weird Goth party at the Argyle Apartments in the Central West End, standing around while a bunch of dudes dressed like the Crow sit there listening to Sisters of Mercy by the glow of a single red light bulb, and leaving after about 30 minutes to go do something marginally cool.

Josh in STL. Haven’t seen my brother in well over a year, and it will be awesome to hang out with him for a bit this weekend and upcoming week. Jane has announced plans for a “big hug”, so she appears to be excited for the visit as well.

Running man. Made it to the gym, but due to some weird stiffness I only did about 2.75 miles of my planned 3.1. Can’t win ‘em all.

Cool stuff. History of Video Games documentary on Netflix, Golden Grahams, Calgary’s Mental Block skate house for sale, peak backyard fall colors, bribing Jane into good behavior, amazing vintage Schmitt Stix ad.

Weekend action. Kevin’s wedding at Hi-Pointe, Ramp Riders session with Andy, scattered houseguests, pumpkin carving, paint stripping, coffee consumption.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

october twenty-third

Five for October 23rd:

Gym night. Been putting it off all week, but a 5K is happening tonight. Rain, sleet, or snow.

Walking Dead. This has to be the most nightmarish, cringe-inducing season yet, and we’re only on episode 2. Definitely not for the weak of stomach.

Guilty pleasure. As much as I hate to admit it, the only thing keeping me from getting an Egg McMuffin every day is the pure shame that would come with it.

Cool stuff. Awesome sunrise, much-needed haircut, listing more stuff on eBay, donuts at work, back deck officially paid off, lunch with Seth and Tom, Jane's spooky shirt, carrot fries, Marlins Man.

Darkness falls. Only ten precious days of daylight savings left, but it’s already getting dark so early there’s barely time to get Jane to the park after work anymore. I dread this time of the year, every year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

october twenty-second

Five for October 22nd:

Bike score. Rescued a dumpstered 1993 Diamondback BMX on the way home yesterday. Wasn’t sure what it was initially, and had to scrape some of the shitty white spraypaint off to uncover the decal. Structurally, it’s all there: good tires, chain, even the brake works. A little tuneup and some cleanup and it’ll be ready to hit the track. A fun winter project, if nothing else.

Rachel Maddow listens to Bad Brains. Would you expect anything less?

A lament for dead bars. Some of these were a bit before my time, but I spent more awesome and formative late-teen and twenty-something evenings at the Side Door, Tangerine, Other World, Mississippi Nights, Hi-Pointe, and Frederick's than I can possibly recall (notably absent are the Rocket Bar and the original Cicero's basement bar, IMHO). Great article.

Cool stuff. Janey makes a masterpiece, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, RIP Google Glass, iced coffee, the Cramps on Spotify, Schlafly Oktoberfest, the origins of Devo’s theory of de-evolution.

Morning drums. Every Wednesday I can squeeze in ten minutes or so of bashing around before leaving the house. This morning’s jam consisted of Two Minutes to Midnight and Powerslave before the sticks were holstered.