Tuesday, September 27, 2016

september twenty-seventh

Five for September 27th:

Get it over with. I possess neither the cringe-capacity nor level of masochism required to watch any of these presidential debates. The depressingly dismal reality of it all cannot be softened by drinking games or memes. This is the most soul-crushing shit I've ever lived through. Glad to see some of you are willing to give this farce of the electoral process a fair shake, but how you're putting yourselves through willful viewings of this clown show is beyond me.

Rock n’ roll. Tonight I get to play music with actual people for the first time since the last Blind Eyes show, in the form of the first and only practice for the show on Thursday with Kevin’s band. Looking forward to bashing some real drums for a change.

Lunch shreds. Afternoon session at White Birch is in the works for today. Got to take advantage of as much of this sunny, mid-70’s weather as possible.

Cool stuff. Evening at the playground, the joy of Bob Ross, Schlafly pumpkin ale, new episodes of Family Guy on Netflix, $25 gift card, Iron Maiden Halloween masks.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mammoth Storm, Ringworm, Valis, Brant Bjork, Planet of Zeus, Led Zeppelin, Black Pyramid, Redd Kross.

Monday, September 26, 2016

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

Feng shui. The gross great-granny table darkening our home for the last half-decade has been bequeathed to a new family and replaced by a modern, stylish farm table, complete with long bench. Chairs are on order. The new vibes in the dining room are a mood-changer.

YMCA. We’re officially re-enrolled for the fall/winter. The lure of built-in child care, classes for Lisa, and giant indoor hot tub, sauna, and swimming pool with lazy river was too strong to resist.

September toy show. Picked up a South Park Stan figure and vintage Dungeons & Dragons Warduke all for three bucks, and Jane snagged a stuffed turtle and met her first real-life Stormtrooper. Success.

Cool stuff. Party in the Park, $20 McGill (with rib bones), office k-cup resupply, hoodie weather, awesome JB skate session, Haro at Interbike 2016, Metallica Moth Into Flame, mint oreo shakes.

Eyes on the prize. Jane waited in line by herself for over an hour on Saturday to get her face painted. I didn’t know she had that level of patience, but she knew what she wanted and got it.

Friday, September 23, 2016

september twenty-third

Five for September 23rd:

Call me crazy. I'm going to go out on a limb and say if the situation were reversed and Terence Crutcher was caught on camera executing an unarmed police officer slowly retreating from him with her hands in the air he would not be receiving a manslaughter charge.

Last day of the table. While our inherited dining room table and chairs served us well since we first moved into our house, it was never our style (to say the least), and we kept it around a lot longer than we’d ever planned. Tonight, it goes to a new home.

Abandoned. The long-awaited Abandoned episode about St. Louis schools is online now, although it delves into several other areas of interest besides just schools. Equal parts heartbreaking and inspiring. Of course I enjoyed Rick McCrank’s skateboarding subplot.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You, Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall windbreakers, Pooling Around- ‘Sac of Dreams, work snack re-up, getting channel 9 again, Iron Maiden Red N’ Black beer.

Weekend action. Fun one coming up: Clifton Heights party in the park, Trip Daddys at Bottleworks, taking Jane to the toy show, putting together a table, weed-whacking, skating.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

september twenty-second

Five for September 22nd:

Another summer in the books. Capped off the last day with an afternoon mini-ramp session at White Birch, mowed the lawn, played a few songs on drums, and scarfed down some grocery store sushi.

3 Fictional Characters. That’s quite enough, everyone.

Today/Tonight. Work, coffee brewing, lunch at 3 Kings with Brian and Jon from Anthrax, taking Jane to the park, White Mystery at Bootleg.

Cool stuff. This guy, 2017 Haro Lineage Team Sport, Jeremy McNamara's "Basement Dust" Video, $80 cash spiff, free Dixon shirt, new digital antenna, If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You.

Go USA. We live in a country where in the span of one day the lives of refugees are compared to a bowl of fruit-flavored candy by the idiot man-child son of a white supremacist presidential candidate, six more civilians were killed by police, one (that we know of) for the unforgivable crime of being a black man with car trouble, and yet another corrupt wall street goon is getting off the hook with his job and millions in bonus money after being caught red-handed scamming his clientele. Forgive me for not flying the flag on the front porch.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

september twenty-first

Five for September 21st:

Elizabeth Warren. Watching her eviscerate hapless corporate CEOs on the senate floor like a lion taunting her prey before ripping its throat out is one of life’s great joys.

Haro. The 2017 Team Sport and Team Master completes are being announced today via live stream from Interbike, 9 am PST. Going to try hard to watch and try harder not to preorder.

Wednesday morning early viewing. Erick Winkowski 12 Pack, Inside Dan’s Comp, Video Days.

Cool stuff. George audibly and discernibly said “grandma” this morning, donuts at the office, new Jane school art, two-dollar Tuesday, New Girl season five on Netflix, another lunch skate session today.

Quote of the day. “For the dozenth time, 'just do what they say and you won’t get hurt' is what we tell hostages, not free citizens interacting with police.” –Patrick Tomlinson

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

september twentieth

Five for September 20th:

Dear Police of America. Sometimes there are going to be people you encounter who are bigger than you and also black. If you can't deal with that reality without resorting to deadly violence, you should have picked a different career.

Skating. A few quick curbslides on the way in and a lunch session at White Birch coming up in a few hours. Also watched half of “Radical Moves” this morning for some reason.

Behold the future. St. Louis newspapers should just copy this article to reprint a month after the Loop trolley opens. It’ll save them the trouble of writing the same exact thing.

Cool stuff. Home-grown butternut squash, free coffee pods in the mail, nice sunrise, learned the opening guitar riff to “Dance the Night Away”, evening at the park with Jane.

Tuesday soundtrack. Pallbearer, Brutal Truth, ACBs, Exodus, Desmond Dekker, Karma to Burn, Red Fang, MC5, Nailbomb, Rival Sons, Metallica, ALL.

Monday, September 19, 2016

september nineteenth

Five for September 19th:

Celebration days. A happy belated birthday to my little brother Josh, who is now like 36 or something crazy, and congrats to Andy and Kelli, who got engaged over the weekend. High fives all around.

Bike commuting. These are the best mornings for riding in- late summer/early fall, when the air is cool, crisp and super comfortable for a six-mile bike trek. No headwind, low traffic and getting lucky with stoplights got me in super quick today.

Party central. Jane had the house decked out on Friday when I got home: balloons hanging, homemade cake, and a special chair decorated with streamers. Then we went to Happy Joe’s for pizza, because that's just what you do when your party is planned by a three year old.

Cool stuff. Rad skate session at JB, duck feeding at Clifton Park, Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall from Lisa and a pair of Black Market shop decks from Josh, new issue of STL magazine, TWS Aggro Zone shirts, Keith Morris Rolling Stone interview.

Illinois. We took a trip up the river road yesterday to see the Piasa bird, pick some apples, ride rides and get dinner on the water at Loading Dock, which through a series of escalating employee blunders ended up being free. Great way to cap off the weekend.