Friday, October 24, 2014

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

The 90's. I feel sort of sad that my daughter will never get to experience ending up at some weird Goth party at the Argyle Apartments in the Central West End, standing around while a bunch of dudes dressed like the Crow sit there listening to Sisters of Mercy by the glow of a single red light bulb, and leaving after about 30 minutes to go do something marginally cool.

Josh in STL. Haven’t seen my brother in well over a year, and it will be awesome to hang out with him for a bit this weekend and upcoming week. Jane has announced plans for a “big hug”, so she appears to be excited for the visit as well.

Running man. Made it to the gym, but due to some weird stiffness I only did about 2.75 miles of my planned 3.1. Can’t win ‘em all.

Cool stuff. History of Video Games documentary on Netflix, Golden Grahams, Calgary’s Mental Block skate house for sale, peak backyard fall colors, bribing Jane into good behavior, amazing vintage Schmitt Stix ad.

Weekend action. Kevin’s wedding at Hi-Pointe, Ramp Riders session with Andy, scattered houseguests, pumpkin carving, paint stripping, coffee consumption.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

october twenty-third

Five for October 23rd:

Gym night. Been putting it off all week, but a 5K is happening tonight. Rain, sleet, or snow.

Walking Dead. This has to be the most nightmarish, cringe-inducing season yet, and we’re only on episode 2. Definitely not for the weak of stomach.

Guilty pleasure. As much as I hate to admit it, the only thing keeping me from getting an Egg McMuffin every day is the pure shame that would come with it.

Cool stuff. Awesome sunrise, much-needed haircut, listing more stuff on eBay, donuts at work, back deck officially paid off, lunch with Seth and Tom, Jane's spooky shirt, carrot fries, Marlins Man.

Darkness falls. Only ten precious days of daylight savings left, but it’s already getting dark so early there’s barely time to get Jane to the park after work anymore. I dread this time of the year, every year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

october twenty-second

Five for October 22nd:

Bike score. Rescued a dumpstered 1993 Diamondback BMX on the way home yesterday. Wasn’t sure what it was initially, and had to scrape some of the shitty white spraypaint off to uncover the decal. Structurally, it’s all there: good tires, chain, even the brake works. A little tuneup and some cleanup and it’ll be ready to hit the track. A fun winter project, if nothing else.

Rachel Maddow listens to Bad Brains. Would you expect anything less?

A lament for dead bars. Some of these were a bit before my time, but I spent more awesome and formative late-teen and twenty-something evenings at the Side Door, Tangerine, Other World, Mississippi Nights, Hi-Pointe, and Frederick's than I can possibly recall (notably absent are the Rocket Bar and the original Cicero's basement bar, IMHO). Great article.

Cool stuff. Janey makes a masterpiece, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, RIP Google Glass, iced coffee, the Cramps on Spotify, Schlafly Oktoberfest, the origins of Devo’s theory of de-evolution.

Morning drums. Every Wednesday I can squeeze in ten minutes or so of bashing around before leaving the house. This morning’s jam consisted of Two Minutes to Midnight and Powerslave before the sticks were holstered.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

october twenty-first

Five for October 21st:

Monday night. Rad: played in the backyard with Jane and had awesome homemade tikka masala. Sad: didn’t get to watch our normal new episode of The Walking Dead on Amazon. Rad: got in an awesome skate session at Ramp Riders with Kenny, Andy, Brian and Chris. Sad: our wifi at the house was down, anyway.

Mega hookup. Lisa and I recently got a brand new four-burner, stainless steel gas grill, complete with temperature gauge and stovetop, free from a friend. We’ve basically used it every night since we got it. It’s definitely next level.

Stark realization. It just dawned on me that the number of times I've had to use algebra in my life and the number of times I've had to use that "MRC" key on a calculator in my life are exactly the same (spoiler alert: zero times).

Cool stuff. Morning coffee cruise, Sleater-Kinney No Cities to Love, satellite photos of Earth in the 1960s, new framed Janey pictures, 3 Kings, most offensive skateboard graphics collection, cheap gas, Florida Georgia Line's new album decimated.

Tuesday soundtrack. Balzac, Jawbreaker, John Coltrane, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Twisted Sister, ALL, Exodus, Thee Shams.

Monday, October 20, 2014

october twentieth

Five for October 20th:

Orbit. Finally got a chance to really hang out in there for a bit on Friday for Kevin’s bachelor party hangout. Cheap drinks and some good pinball machines, including the jaw-dropping Last Action Hero.

Adventures abound. Yesterday, Jane road-tripped to Illinois, saw the Piasa bird, rode a camel, played in a bounce house, went on a hayride, picked some apples, saw her first caterpillar, and danced to some live music- all before her first nap.

Strange Donuts. Their maple bacon donut is the best donut I have ever had in my entire life. Just thinking about it right now is making me drool.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Skateboarding, Des Peres Aldi, 70-degree weather, surprise check in the mail, Gevalia on autobrew, worm glue, cooking on the new grill.

Getting rad. Aside from a quick PVC slider dork-around on Saturday morning, this weekend was totally devoid of skating. Making up for it with a session at Ramp Riders tonight with the usual suspects and possibly some lunchtime rolling in the Loop.

Friday, October 17, 2014

october seventeenth

Five for October 17th:

Baseballin’. Good run for the Cardinals, but alas- it was not meant to be. That said, having another home-state team in the World Series seems to be good enough consolation prize for most.

The Loop. To walk down Delmar these days is to engage in an almost unwinnable game of human Frogger- avoiding shitty street musicians, clipboard-wielding activists, homeless beggars, and the clinically insane. However, yesterday I was stopped by a guy who was handing out free vintage comic books, no strings attached. Silver Surfer from ’89? I’ll take it.

Why we need to fix St. Louis County. “When a local government’s very existence depends on its citizens breaking the law - when fines from ordinance violations are written into city budgets for the upcoming year as a primary or even the main expected source of revenue - the relationship between the government and the governed is not one of public officials serving their constituents, but of preying off of them.”

Cool stuff. Star Wars in real world snapshots, new (free) stainless steel barbecue grill, blueberry muffins, good Janey drop-off, popcorn Friday, getting paid, clearing out the last of the residual backyard junk.

Weekend action. Kevin’s bachelor party, taking Jane apple picking, Shonen Knife at Firebird, Clifton Park, running, skating, and probably the last lawn-mow of the season.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

october sixteenth

Five for October 16th:

Big girl. Jane started full-time in her new (2+) class at school today. Not the easiest drop-off ever, but she’s a trooper, and will undoubtedly be running that classroom in no time.

Shit show. I lost my dad to Fox News is a must-read and an unfortunately close-to-home description of how my own grandfather spent his latter years. Only you can help break the cycle of ignorance.

Freedom from religion. An atheist who was jailed for refusing to go along with the “higher power” portion of his state-mandated drug rehab just won two million bucks. A small victory for sanity.

Cool stuff. Morning waterfall visit, new issue of Eleven, sunshine after four days of gray mist, 5K run tonight, strawberry Pop Tarts.

Ramp riding. Awesome session at Ramp Riders last night with Andy and Jimmy. That place has been ruling lately. Good temperatures, mellow crowds, and just a general comfort level on the mini-ramp that I didn’t really have last fall/winter.