Friday, November 6, 2009

november sixth

If you were ever wondering what it's like to drive on a bland, walled-in, gray, hopelessly depressing expressway in Siberia in the middle of winter, December 7th is your chance! St. Louis' newest monstrosity- the "improved" Highway 40 is about to reopen!

See the endless miles of retaining walls obstructing the treeline (and shielding Ladue residents from the awful, awful city folk)! Bask in the gaudy, military-style overpass signs! And above all: enjoy that extra traffic lane as it whisks you back out to your cozy bungalow in Winghaven or New Town!

Monday, November 2, 2009

november second

So, I just cancelled my Friendster account. Yes, unbelievably I still had one. It had been so long since I logged in, I had to have my password emailed to me as I'd completley forgotten it.

It's weird. Friendster was really my first foray into social networking, and I totally remember when it was the place to be. "Friendster" was a total buzz word in the bars and on the news. Going into my account for the last time was looking into a time capsule. All the remaining dormant profiles of my friends that remain online look exactly as they did the last time I looked at them. Same pics, same wall posts. Nothing has changed. It's almost like the Pompeii of social network sites: frozen in time, untouched for years. Strange. As I commented just a couple of posts ago, it's not hard to see how quickly Myspace is falling into this same rut.

Still, nostalgia aside, Friendster is a complete ghost town and there is absolutely zero reason to keep an active account. Plus, my inbox had over 180 porn spam emails. Gimme a break.