Friday, January 29, 2010

january twenty-ninth

Five for January 29th:

Recording the new Blind Eyes album. We’re starting it tonight, but the real stuff happens tomorrow and Sunday. Long weekends in the studio can be really fun and really brutal. Good thing we like each other.

Looking at new apartments. Lisa and I are looking at a new place tomorrow morning. Hopefully the pad will be as cool as the pictures let on. Free internet and cable might seal the deal.

Anvil. Met the dudes from Anvil last night at Vintage Vinyl for an in-store. They were super cool despite the low attendance. I got a poster autographed, which, after a night on the fridge, is now hanging by my desk. Wish I could see the show tonight.

Trader Joes. We have devised the ultimate quick, fancy-sounding meal: Gnocchi gorgonzola, raspberry/walnut/spinach salad, and a loaf of rosemary cheese focaccia. Top it off with a bottle of 3-Buck Chuck and you have the best dinner you can possibly put together in under ten minutes for super cheap.

Payday. About time. This new every-two-weeks schedule is sort of a bummer, but at least we’re getting direct deposit.