Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november thirtieth

Five for November 30th:

Places to go. We need to get over to World CafĂ© more often. It’s close, it’s a good reason to go walk the neighborhood in the winter, and they have good coffee.

Sandrina’s. We broke down and went there for dinner last night. Best bar food in town with a bullet, plus my old pal Trish owns the place and it’s cool to be supporting friends. I also went to La Pizza for lunch yesterday. So much for trying not to spend money on food this week.

Laptop. I think I officially need a new one. The question is; do I get a new laptop or do I get an iPad? Kinda want the iPad more, truth be told. We’ll see.

Travel. Starting to think about travel in 2011. Planning on at least one big trip to either Europe or Mexico and lots of smaller jaunts including Colorado and Atlanta, plus more.

The Running Man. Watched it last night for the first time in years. Lisa thought it was ridiculous, but I still think that movie is amazing. The apex of Schwarzenegger’s over-acting and absurd one-liners mixed with a genuinely good story and tons of action.

Monday, November 29, 2010

november twenty-ninth

Five for November 29th:

This weekend flew by. Long weekends always do, but it truly felt like this 4-day vacation went by in record time. Still, it was awesome.

Good times. Hanging out with friends and family at Amsterdam, Royale, Mai Lee, Ted Drewes, Tropicana Lanes, and various houses on Thanksgiving. Bummer: mom got sick on Thanksgiving day and couldn't make it to dinner.

Turkey. No, not the food- the score. I bowled two turkeys (three strikes in a row) on Saturday night- one of them being three consecutive strikes in the same (tenth) frame! This is especially cool given I’d never bowled a turkey before outside of Wii bowling.

Media. Picked up DVD copies of The Bourne Ultimatum, Casino Royale, and Wayne’s World for super cheap. We also watched Avatar last night and it was really good, although a little heavy-handed (“Unobtanium”? Give me a break.) Plus new copies of Giant Robot and Wired showed up in the mail.

Leslie Nielsen. I was a huge fan of Police Squad and Naked Gun as a kid, so much so that friends and I made our own episodes with a camcorder. Sad day for the world of comedy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

november twenty-fourth

Five for November 24th:

4-Day weekend. Starts in 8 hours. I’m ready for it, despite the fact that it’s cold and rainy outside. Doesn’t matter to me; I don’t have to worry about getting my junk groped by the TSA until January.

Snacks. Hells yes I bought some double dipped chocolate peanuts from the guy at work selling them for his daughter’s girl scout troop. Best eight bucks I’ve spent today. Plus it’s popcorn Friday (Wednesday) at work.

Labyrinth. Watched it last night with Lisa. She hadn’t seen it before, and of course ¼ of the way in she had already proclaimed it to be the best movie ever. I can’t really disagree.

Early morning. Woke up at 5:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I made some coffee and played Grand Theft Auto IV for an hour or so. Good way to start the day.

Blog. The rest of this week counts as a weekend. Per my strict “no weekends” policy, there shall be no blogging till Monday. Have a lovely thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

november twenty-third

Five for November 23rd:

Uncle Marv. Quite possibly one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing died on Saturday. My (great) Uncle Marvin was truly one of a kind. R.I.P.

Albums. Two unreleased Gentleman Callers (my old band) albums are now available for free download from TIRC records. One is actually just a live session at KDHX, the other is the full-length album that never came out. Thanks to Kopper for all his hard work making this happen.

Most dangerous city. Once again, St. Louis wins this prestigious award. I am not disputing that there are bad neighborhoods here, but if St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the country, then we all live in a pretty safe country.

Yesterday. As you all know, I rarely miss a day of posting unless it’s a total no-can-do. Yesterday was indeed that. Between training a new guy at work and working half a day to attend a funeral, no time to update. It happens. Lisa had a pretty nuts yesterday as well, but we both made it out alright.

Weather. OK, it’s starting to get cool out, but Monday and Tuesday were almost balmy outdoors. It’ll be down into the 30’s by Thanksgiving, which is good, because you can’t really enjoy a Thanksgiving spread when it’s 70 degrees out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

november nineteenth

Five for November 19th:

Today. At long last, it’s payday. It’s also La Pizza Friday, even though I’ve already been there once this week. We’re trying to make it a thing.

Tonight. Dinner with Lisa (Sandrina’s? Royale?) followed by the Beth Bombara record release show at Off Broadway. Should be an awesome time, plus Seth will be sitting in on a couple of songs. Be there or you’re a dork.

Saturday. A quick stop at Trader Joe’s for salad stuff and then picking Lisa up for a drive westward to Columbia for Fakesgiving 2010. Crashing at Rob & Stefanie’s afterward. Hopefully they don’t mind us borrowing their air mattress.

Sunday. We’ll be hanging out in Columbia for awhile, then visiting Lisa’s dad’s farm before heading back to STL. Looking forward to checking out some cows.

Bikes. There are some awesome vintage Haros on ebay right now, but they’re so damn expensive, and many of them are “local pickup only”. I’m holding out hope I’ll just find one at a garage sale for fifty bucks.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

november eighteenth

Five for November 18th:

Practice. Our first official Thursday night practice is tonight. I’m not really sure what we’re going to work on, but playing drums is fun, so it’s hard to complain.

Next show. December 9th at Cicero’s with a lineup of bands that will make your jaw drop. Seriously. More info coming soon. Then, December 10th at Mojo’s in Columbia.

Hoodies. Finally got around to replacing my threadbare hoodies from the last few years with new ones. This is the first time in my adult life that I haven’t owned a solid black hoodie. It’s a weird feeling.

Batman. The scene in the first Tim Burton Batman movie where the Joker dispenses money to Gotham City on the back of a float while Prince blares in the background is almost enough to save it from the fact that Michael Keaton is Batman. But not quite.

Los Angeles. Looks like I’ll be going to LA for a week or so in January for the winter NAMM show. I’m not the hugest fan of working these trade shows, but an all-expense paid trip to California in the middle of January is hard to turn down.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

november seventeenth

Five for November 17th:

New contacts. This morning, the contacts I’ve been wearing the last month or so basically told me they were dead. They did this by making my eyes incredibly uncomfortable until I finally relented and threw them out. It’s amazing how great a new pair feels.

Radness. If you don’t think that this is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, then I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Laptop. My ancient laptop is really starting to act like an ancient laptop. I’m going to see if it’s something that can be fixed, but it looks like it may be time to pop for a new one. It’s always something.

December. It’s a great month if only because it contains two 3-day weekends in succession. Plus, a 4-day weekend coming up in November. I dig.

Post office. OK. Today is the day. No more postponing. I’m going during lunch. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

november sixteenth

Five for November 16th:

Weird dreams. I had a bunch of them last night, but I can’t remember what any of them consisted of. Guess that’s what I get for eating a bunch of peanut butter cereal before going to bed.

Craigslist. Every day, I view listings for BMX/freestyle bikes, skateboards, musical instruments, dogs, and campers/RVs. I never actually buy anything, but then again, I don’t often see much that interests me or is in my price range.

Money. It’s somewhat refreshing to know that, for the first time in my life, the reason I’m pretty much broke all the time is because I’m saving/investing so much per month.

Fakesgiving. T-minus 4 days until Fakesgiving, our annual vegetarian-friendly, pre-Thanksgiving feast with friends in Columbia. This will be year 3 (at least for me). Rebecca makes the greatest Tofurky of all time.

Mick on Keith. Apparently, Mick Jagger wrote a letter to Bill Wyman expressing his thoughts on Keith Richards’ new book. Except, it went to Bill Wyman: rock journalist as opposed to Bill Wyman: bassist. Read it here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

november fifteenth

Five for November 15th:

Rock. Our second Firebrand showcase was a fun, sweaty, epic, dance-filled night of awesomeness (read a review from the KDHX blog). Thank you for coming out and having a good time. Congrats to Nate, who won the guitar (on his birthday)! Photos and video coming soon. Seeya next time!

Friday night. Good times hanging out with Rob and Stefanie. Food at Bottleworks followed by drinks at Lemp and the Stable. Our attempts to sneak into the second floor of the mansion were thwarted, but we did get to see the basement which was very cool.

Groceries. We might have gone a little overboard on groceries yesterday, but only because we cleaned our fridge in the morning. After tossing out about 75% of the contents that had gone bad, it was time to re-stock. Not sure if we needed the gorditas, fish sticks, and black licorice scottie dogs, but what’re you gonna do.

Netflix. There is finally a dedicated Wii Netflix channel which is far superior in every way to the Netflix disc we’ve been using. You can now browse titles by name on-screen and have subtitle options. Plus, now we can keep Mariokart at the ready. Everyone wins.

Veronica Mars. On a somewhat related note, after much hype from friends, we started watching this series last night. I have to admit, it’s good so far.

Friday, November 12, 2010

november twelfth

Five for November 12th:

Jamming. Great time at Firebrand last night. Our secret rock cover came together epically. Can’t wait to bust it out for the show. Tentative plans laid out for New Year’s as well, which should be super fun.

Screwed. This week has had the nicest November weather I’ve ever experienced, but due to working all day, I’ve been able to take advantage of maybe an hour and a half of it. Of course, rain and a cool front is coming in tonight, right in time for the weekend. Lame.

Firebrand Showcase. Last you’ll hear of it from me, I promise. It would be really awesome to see you all at Off Broadway on Saturday. We all busted ass on getting it together and your presence there would be uber-appreciated. I can promise you a good time. Also: thanks to Speakers in Code for a great write-up!

Today. It’s Friday, and that can mean only one thing: La Pizza. I love that place. Also, Lisa is going to be on the news this morning, but I won't get to see it as I'm at work. Bum deal.

Tonight. Rob and Stef in town. Getting some food, followed by drinks at Lemp Mansion Bar. Then Cassie at the Gramophone? So much to do, so little time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

november eleventh

Five for November 11th:

Sushi. Fact: Clayton Schnucks has good sushi. Lisa picked some up (along with some edamame) last night on her way home, and it was great. We also ate at the kitchen table for the second time in the entire time we’ve lived in our apartment.

Psychic Kids. Good show, but it’s not the same without Chip Coffey. Later episodes in season 2 appear to be Chip-less. It’s really all about Chip.

Long day. We’re doing a supergroup jam out at Firebrand tonight starting at 9. Should be fun, but this day is going to be a long one. Might have to caffeine up on the way out to the studio.

Freestyle bike. I really want a vintage Haro FST or Sport. It’s my goal to have one by spring 2011. The parking lot across the street is begging me to go do rollback sliders and tailwhips in it.

Walter. Who ever knew our cat would become an internet sensation? Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But he’s a weird cat, and our friends on Facebook appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

november tenth

Five for November 10th:

Unseasonably awesome. The last few days have been amazing: sunny and in the mid-70’s. It’s hard to believe we’re just a few weeks from Thanksgiving. No complaints from me (except that I can’t be outside all day to enjoy it).

Firebrand article. Check out this great interview with Brian in this week’s RFT. Very cool write-up to promote the showcase and one of my favorite pictures of my band ever. Should be in the print edition, too, so pick one up.

Last night. Got some food and drinks with Lisa at Sandrina’s before meeting up with the normal Tuesday crew at Milo’s for bocce-watching and cat hunting. It’s a bit odd not practicing on Tuesday anymore, but I think the switch to Thursdays will be a good change of pace, plus a bit more fun going into Friday.

Lemp Mansion. Rob and Stefanie are in town on Friday, and we’ll be taking them out for drinks at the Lemp Mansion. We’re all a bit obsessed with hanging out there. What can I say? It’s a cool place.

Post Office. I’ve been needing to go mail a package out for the last five days, but the thought of actually having to deal with a trip to the post office makes me want to stab myself in the neck.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

november ninth

Five for November 9th:

New channels. I did a scan for new channels on TV this morning and it picked up like 14 channels I didn’t know we could get. We can now watch Andy Griffith on channel 11 and Mike & the Mechanics videos on “CoolTV”.

Charity. Gave a homeless guy in the Loop a dollar last night and he said “that’s all?” I told him that last time I checked I didn’t owe him anything and he should be happy that I gave him the little bit of cash I had on me. He managed to grumble a “thank you” and shuffled away.

Press. There should be some cool stuff coming out this week promoting the Firebrand Showcase on Saturday. I’ll post links when they go up.

Supergroup jam. Getting together on Thursday night to have a rock jam with members of all the bands playing the showcase. But what song will we be doing? You’ll have to be there to find out. Warning: there might be three drummers involved. Things could get out of hand.

Uploading pics. Finally figured out how to upload pictures online via my phone. As it turns out, my phone takes really good pictures. Don't believe me? Check out my pics from the Botanical Gardens. Award winning.

Monday, November 8, 2010

november eighth

Five for November 8th:

Repairs. Finally got my front tired patched (there was indeed a nail in it) and the wireless internet in our apartment back up and running over the weekend. Thanks to Tom for coming over on short notice and helping out a noob.

Kickstarter party at the Mud House. Lisa and I hung out with all sorts of STL musician-types and others at Beth’s shindig over the weekend. The new record looks great and I can’t wait to give it a spin.

St. Louis Rams. They’re in first? Wow. And the Blues are off to their best start in like, ever. Good to see the home teams back on top.

Beautiful weekend. The weather was amazing this weekend. Went to the Botanical Garden on Saturday, and it was so nice out yesterday that we actually opened the windows back up. It almost made up for the fact that it was totally pitch-black outside at 6 pm. Have I mentioned how much I hate the end of Daylight Savings?

Food. Ate at Gokul for the first time on Friday. It was an unmitigated disaster. The buffet had lukewarm food, no rice for 15+ minutes, no naan for 10 minutes, and plenty of chutney (but nothing to put it on). They did, however, have freshly-buttered Wonder Bread white hot dog buns in the buffet (for real). What a joke. That place sucks. Go anywhere else. On a better note, we also went to Sweet Art for the first time over the weekend and I had the best veggie burger I’ve ever had in my life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

november fifth

Five for November 5th:

Last night. Really good practice at Kevin’s followed by Blues-game watching at Friendly’s with a bunch people, including Matt Kubiak and the inimitable Zimmdogg. Unfortunately, had to miss the RFT best-of party at City Museum, which is always a good time.

Tonight. Going to Nobu tonight for sushi with Lisa. I owe her dinner after losing a bet. I don’t like to talk about it. Then hitting South Grand and Off Broadway to hang posters for next weekend’s show.

Weekend. Not sure what else is happening this weekend, but the weather is supposed to be nice. Probably going to Beth’s party at Mud House, hanging more posters around town, and getting my tire repaired. Past that is anyone’s guess. What’s happening?

Payday. And not a moment too soon. I’m really looking forward to the day when my car and credit card is paid off.

Peacoat. Anyone know where I can get a good quality, relatively cheap navy peacoat? I had one forever that finally became so threadbare and buttonless I had to get rid of it. Still, there is no coat as stylish as a peacoat.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

november fourth

Five for November 4th:

Concert posters. Getting some posters for the Firebrand showcase printed up during lunch and they’ll start surfacing around town as of tonight. Big thanks to Nate Jones for pulling it off on such short notice!

Practice. Happening after work. I look forward to the two hours a week I actually get to practice playing drums. Also: two practices next week. One normal practice, and one supergroup jam.

Bottleworks. Lisa and I went there yesterday for a drink. We were all excited to get the coffee stout on tap, but for some reason they don’t have it. What gives? Arsenal Schnucks has it, but not the brewery itself? Make it happen, dudes.

Thanksgiving. Looking forward to a 4-day weekend. Also really excited for Fakesgiving 2010 with the Columbia crew on the 20th.

Daylight Savings. It ends this Sunday. We’re entering my least-favorite part of the year. Pretty soon, it will basically be cold and dark at all times. I will wake up to cold and dark. I will leave work to cold and dark. I hate it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

november third

Five for November 3rd:

Voting. Did my part yesterday, for all the good it did. Good to see the polling place full and get my sticker that lets everyone know how great I am.

Prob B. I’m really glad this passed, albeit narrowly. I don’t understand how anyone who voted no on this proposition can sleep at night. Go die.

Dream. I had a very vivid “can’t run because my legs are too heavy” dream last night. I was in the middle of a field and there was a huge twister coming right for me. I tried to run for this farmhouse but could hardly move. I never have dreams like that.

Bad mood. I’m in a sort of pissy mood today. Can you tell? Not enough coffee yet and work is already getting on my nerves. I’ll snap out of it when I get some actual food for lunch.

Dinner. Lisa made an awesome dinner last night. Mahi mahi over quinoa with a homemade avocado/tomato/pepper salsa. Totally insane how good it was. I returned the favor by renting “the Informant” and bringing her ice cream. That’s how we roll.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

november second

Five for November 2nd:

Voting day. Only you can help dumb defeat dumber. Even if you think Washington politics are hopelessly fucked, you can at least still help get puppy mills in Missouri shut down. I’m going after work. Wish me luck.

Power outage. I rolled over to find my alarm clock flashing nonsense at some ungodly hour. Apparently we had some sort of late-night power surge. Luckily I had the mental fortitude to set the alarm on my cell phone.

Hot Tub Time Machine. Rented it last night. I loved it, but I wish the DVD had special features on it. However, one minor gripe: Rob Corddry is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt with a design that did not exist in 1986. Weirdly, this inaccuracy is not listed on IMDB.

Internet. We need a new wireless router. After months of sketchiness, the one we had finally just crapped out. It’s always something.

Tonight. No practice till Thursday. Cooking up some mahi mahi and probably going to Milo’s for some cold outdoor hanging-out and bocce watching.

Monday, November 1, 2010

november first

Five for November 1st:

Lemp mansion. Had just about the best time ever hanging out at the Lemp mansion bar with Lisa, Mary and Keith. We had some drinks and heard some amazing and hilarious stories about the place courtesy of the proprietor, Dick.

Weekend breakfast fail. Walked down to Uncle Bills for greasy breakfast on Saturday morning only to find a line out the door, so we turned around and went home. Then on Sunday, we went to Rooster and it, too, was packed to the gills. We ended up going to Lola, which, unsurprisingly, sucked.

Pre-halloween party. Party at Seth’s on Saturday night with a bunch of people followed by a trip to the Royale. Lots of cool costumes and a bonfire. Fun was had. Lisa ended up going as Daria, and I threw together a costume out of some of my original skater rags from the 80s. I was a lot fatter back then.

Halloween. Went to Lisa’s mom’s for dinner and hanging out. Had some great vegetarian lasagna. Also, got some awesomely weird Chinese knockoffs of Japanese Ultraman toys from the dollar store at the Mills. Went home, lit the pumpkins, and finished up season 5 of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Second Annual Firebrand Recording Showcase. It’s right around the corner! November 13th at Off Broadway. Be there!