Monday, January 31, 2011

january thirty-first

Five for January 31st:

In for nasty weather. We may indeed be on the verge of some. However, as I’ve said, this should really not be a shock to anyone living in the midwest in January. At least this weekend was sunny and in the mid 40’s.

Weekend. Hung out at the Handlebar for the first time on Friday night. Cool place, but I wish they’d just be a bar and not try to be a venue as well. Saturday night was karaoke birthday bash followed by drinks/Sleepy Kitty DJ spin at Royale, and Sunday night was dinner and more drinks at Bottleworks. Good times with good people.

W2s. Today is the federal deadline to get your W2s, and lo and behold, I still don’t have mine. Ask me if I’m shocked.

Toy trading. Finally made it to the dollar store to pick up some Ultraman knockoffs to send to a collector friend in SF. He owns his own toy company and is going to send me some of his stuff, even though his toys are expensive and boutiquey. Sort of an unfair trade, but I’ll take it.

Left at home. Things I forgot to bring with me today: lunch, gym bag, and iPod. Lovely.

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