Friday, January 28, 2011

january twenty-eighth

Five for January 28th:

Last night. Good practice, and good times hanging out at the Bleeding Deacon afterward. Side effects of pint-cans of Red Stripe include potentially forgetting to set your alarm when you get home.

Snow. I’m sick of seeing it and I’m sick of thinking about it- and compared much of the rest of the country, we’ve gotten off easy. This spring can’t get here quickly enough. Basically, I just want to break out my green Chucks.

Riots in Egypt. The developing situation there is really amazing to basically watch in real-time. It’ll be interesting to see where all this leads.

Friday. This week dragged on forever, but it’s Friday, and that means popcorn at work and La Pizza for lunch. Not sure what we’re doing tonight, but given I slept like crap last night, it may be nothing.

World domination. The Blind Eyes are in the process of planning it. Or, I should say, in the process of planning to plan for it.

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