Monday, February 28, 2011

february twenty-eighth

Five for February 28th:

Henry. We got a dog yesterday, a schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle mix) named Henry. He’s basically still a puppy, and needs another immunization shot before we can start taking him outside regularly. Training a dog is hard but will be worth it.

Columbia. It’s a shame we had to go under sad circumstances, but nonetheless, it was good to see friends and hang out on Saturday night.

Tornado alley. We had some bad weather last night, and parts of the city got hit pretty hard. Luckily we didn’t lose power at home, but there were some big branches down outside our house this morning. I would’ve been ok with losing power at work, though.

In the news. Some things I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks: There are approximately one hundred thousand different ways of spelling Muammar Gaddafi's name, people still actually care (not ironically) about what Charlie Sheen is doing, and apparently James Franco is a cute furry kitten now or something.

Daylight savings. Just around the corner. All the signs of spring are starting to pop up.

Friday, February 25, 2011

february twenty-fifth

Five for February 25th:

Dog. We got the OK from our landlord to get a dog, so looks like we’ll probably be staying in our pad for another year. This is good news, as we want a dog, and don’t necessarily want to move all our stuff.

Blind Eyes practice. Pretty good one last night, but I was really tired for some reason and not playing as well as I should’ve been. Chalk it up to a week off and too much Mi Ranchito yesterday. Excited to start playing shows again in March.

Hell yeah it's Friday. In addition to today being payday, it’s also the day of our weekly trip to La Pizza. Tonight is the gym, followed by kicking it with Mary and Keith, making sushi and watcing the finale of “Gods of the Arena”.

6 Feet Under. Started watching it last night. I’ve heard a lot about this show being awesome, so we’ll see. I’m liking it so far, but it’s weird seeing Michael C. Hall not playing Dexter Morgan.

Passport. Got to find some time next week to go to the post office and get my passport papers turned in. We finally have our photos, now I just need to fill out the forms and turn in the dollars.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

february twenty-fourth

Five for February 24th:

Cool stuff. I scored big yesterday: Scott hooked me up with a prototype Paiste cymbal that I’d had my eye on for a long time, and my mom got me an amazing book about Gaslight Square that is apparently out of print. Thanks to both!

Practice. It’ll be good to get back behind the drums tonight after a sort-of day off last week to finish mixing the album.

Hanging out. Good times kicking it with both my mom and Scott/Laurel last night. Laurel’s custom shop telecaster is insane and Scott’s red Vistalites- the first set I’ve ever really played- sound killer. Also, Scott turned me on to some new music that I’m really digging.

Dog parade. The only reason to venture into Soulard anytime around Mardi Gras is the yearly dog parade, which is fun and awesome. Hopefully we’ll make it down there on Sunday to check it out. Next year, we’ll have a dog to bring along.

Freestyle bike. I saw a vintage Haro on Craigslist the other day that I really want. The seller hasn’t gotten back to me, but the posting is still up. I did low-ball a bit, admittedly, but it’s not worth what he’s asking. Guess we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

february twenty-third

Five for February 23rd:

Ice. It’s all gone now, but some overnight freezing rain left St. Louis a mess this morning, complete with a 26-car pileup on highway 40. A couple of coworkers that live in Illinois had 2-hour commutes this morning.

Elicia’s Pizza. We don’t get it much anymore, mostly due to the fact that getting pizzas delivered to our apartment is somewhat of a hassle. But man, that stuff is awesome.

Mom. We’re getting dinner tonight after work. Always a good time, although I’m totally pizza-d out. Trying to get a location change from Dewey’s.

Pete Thomas. Such an amazing drummer. People should be talking about him in the same way they talk about Keith Moon or Jon Bonham, in my humble opinion. Seriously, listen to “This Year’s Model”. I can’t even decipher what he’s doing half the time.

Books. Currently going back and forth between Keith Richards' new bio and Lester Bangs' "Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste". This is really an unmatchable literary combination.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

february twenty-second

Five for February 22nd:

Busy week. Stuff going on every night this week with nary a break. This evening is the gym, where hopefully it’ll be slow and I can get in and out relatively quickly.

Toy swap. The Ultraman knockoffs I sent to SF made it in one piece, and there should be some stuff coming my way soon. Excited to see what I get, even though I maintain that I don’t really deserve anything in return.

Schlafly Vanilla Milk Stout. They should make this year-round. We dropped by Royale last night to get some before it’s gone. You should do the same.

iPhone. Well, looks like I won’t be getting one anytime soon. Unless I call Verizon and pitch a fit, I’m not eligible for an upgrade for 14 months, and I’m not dropping $700 on the damn thing, that’s for sure.

Spring. The official start of spring is less than a month away. These last few days have made me realize how much I need nice weather to get here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

february twenty-first

Five for February 21st:

Dogs. Lisa and I are getting serious about a dog. Trying to work out the situation with our landlord, who surprisingly seems into the idea. We looked at a few on Saturday. It’s in the cards.

Cats. We bought a laser pointer, which provides endless hours of feline entertainment. Hazel can’t get enough of it. Walter doesn’t seem to care too much, but every once in awhile he’ll go nuts and pounce on it. Total fun.

Yesterday. Perhaps the most relaxing day I’ve had in awhile. Bought a couple of books at Subterranean (Keith Richards’ new book and a bio on David Bowie) and spent the majority of the day reading on the balcony, digging the mid-70 degree weather. Also took a walk around the neighborhood, snapped some pics, and got some coffee.

Saturday. We finally got our passport photos taken after months of procrastination. Good times hanging with friends in the evening at Blueberry Hill and more friends at Royale afterwards for Christian’s record spin. That guy has one of the best record collections of all time; everything he plays is great.

Records. Speaking of records, I listened to a bunch of old 7-inches I forgot I had yesterday, including some somewhat rare Greenhornes stuff and a couple of Mushuganas singles that are jaw-droppingly awesome. That said, I have a ton of them wasting space that I need to get rid of.

Friday, February 18, 2011

february eighteenth

Five for February 18th:

Done deal. Mixes on the album are finished. Song order has been established. Everything sounds great and there’s nothing we can do to make it any better. I’m feeling really good about it, and can’t wait to get it out.

BBQ. Lisa and I will be hanging out with Mary and Keith tonight after work, grilling some salmon, and drinking some beer. If there is a better way to cap off the week, I’m not sure what it is. Would like to try to catch UTR at the Sheldon as well, time permitting.

Car wash. Hopefully I can squeeze one in over the weekend, as my car is looking pretty ragged. Also, it’s almost time for an oil change.

True/False film festival. So, it looks like we’ll only be able to go up for one day instead of the whole weekend, but it’ll still be a good time. Looking forward to hanging out with friends and seeing the Pruitt-Igoe documentary.

Independent Bookstore Alliance. This is an awesome thing happening in St. Louis and you should support it. To top it all off, I Went To A Show will send you a free local music mix if you take part! I will be visiting Subterranean this weekend and I suggest you do the same.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Jonathan Richman. I’ve missed him the last two times he played at Off Broadway, but didn’t make that mistake again. His show last night was awesome and fun, and apparently it was the biggest crowd he has had in St. Louis yet.

Sunshine. It was a balmy 56 degrees and sunny this morning when I rolled out of bed. Being able to open the balcony doors and feel the a.m. breeze does wonders for your mood. It’s unbelievable that this weather is happening in February. Also, going hoodie-less in the office for the first time in months.

Spartacus. “Gods of the Arena” is awesome. In fact, I think I like it better than “Blood and Sand”. I love that Netflix is updating the shows in real-time as they come out. It’s almost like having cable. There’s really nothing not to like about that show.

Firebrand. Tonight is it: the last night of working on the album. We’ll be heading to the studio this evening for a final listen-through, and it will be sent off to mastering in Chicago this weekend. Glad this road is coming to an end.

Iron Maiden. Just heard they won a grammy for “best metal performance”. Somehow, this news was overshadowed by Lady Gaga and such (who would’ve thought?). This is pretty cool, even though I think “Final Frontier” is their weakest album ever.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

february sixteenth

Five for February 16th:

Albert Pujols. Sorry, I just have a hard time sympathizing with someone who believes thirty million dollars a year is not enough money, regardless of what others are getting paid. Defend it all you want, but I know plenty of people (myself included) that would love to make even 1/10th of that kind of money for playing a game for a career.

Album mixes. Brian sent over mixes of all 12 songs last night and I’m checking them out now. Sounds awesome. Just a few minor tweaks and we’ll be there.

The gym. I’ve gone the last two nights, and it was pretty dead both times. Valentine’s day and the warm weather no doubt had something to do with it. It was nice to be able to get right on the treadmill without having to wait ten minutes.

Audio action. Finally, I have an iPod charger and a radio that actually picks up signals at work. I feel like a new man.

New Orleans. Really looking forward to seeing it for the first time. Also excited about seafood, potentially good live music, and staying in a purportedly haunted hotel.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

february fifteenth

Five for February 15th:

Grocery store sushi. Clayton Schnucks has surprisingly good sushi, of which we partook for a last-minute, post-gym/yoga Valentine’s day dinner. Also had some cheap champagne and chocoloate covered strawberries from Merb’s. Win.

ASCAP. I started a publishing company with ASCAP this morning for the band. We’re officially a business now, or something. And for only $35!

Netflix. Lisa and I watched The Departed last night. I hadn’t seen it before, and thought it was pretty awesome, especially Jack Nicholson’s creepy performance. Up next in the queue are the Desperate Man Blues and Winnebago Man documentaries, respectively. Yes, I have officially hijacked Netflix.

Jonathan Richman at Off Broadway. It’s happening tomorrow, and I totally forgot about it. If tickets are still available, maybe we’ll head down there. Who else is going?

Red light cameras. Got a ticket in the mail yesterday. Fuck that. Does anyone know if I actually have to pay this stupid thing? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Monday, February 14, 2011

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Amazing weather. This weekend’s sunny, 60-degree days renewed my will to live. Seriously, it is truly astounding how much weather affects my mood. This whole week is supposed to be just as nice.

New album. Last day of working on the album is Thursday with a final listen-through and mix down at Firebrand, and it goes off to Mastering on March 4th. Record release show date will be announced this week. Very exciting stuff.

Concert poster. Jason Potter’s new poster for our show with the Greenhornes is amazing. Can’t wait to get a copy and frame it.

Facebook. I really try not to complain about changes made to Facebook, but their new photo-viewer thing is really terrible and annoying. What were they thinking?

Valentine’s day. Yes, it’s a lame commercial holiday invented by a greeting card company, but at the end of the day, all holidays are lame and over-commercialized. So happy valentine’s day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

february eleventh

Five for February 11th:

Rock practice. Man, we are on fire with the new songs right now. We knocked out a new one last night, and now have three new ones in the bag for the next album/EP or whatever. I really enjoy these rare productive streaks.

La Pizza Friday. Happening like 2 hours from now. The best way to end a week.

Weather. Next week is supposed to be sunny and in the 50’s. This will be awesome. I am sick and tired of looking at ice and snow.

This weekend. No major concrete plans, although hopefully the promise of nice weather will get us out of the house and into the world.

Work video. Here is a YouTube video of our booth at the NAMM show. I’m in it for like 2 seconds. It looks fun, except keep in mind that me and two other guys had to set that whole booth up, work in it for 4 days, and tear the whole thing down.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

february tenth

Five for February 10th:

Movie night. Movie nights are underrated and need to happen more often. Last night Tom came by and we watched Airborne, which is a terrible movie. Next up is going to be Ski Patrol, another awful movie which we both really like for some reason.

Working on the album. Stuff really started moving as of yesterday. The ball is rolling on everything from final mixes to mastering to artwork to scheduling a release show. Now it’s just a matter of trying to make everything work on schedule.

Food. Somebody brought banana bread into the office today, which is ruling me. Also, I have a Subway gift card burning a hole in my pocket that I’m planning to use today, even though my hatred for Subway runs deep. Hey, a free sandwich is a free sandwich.

Band practice. Tonight. Looking forward to hitting drums. Hanging out with Seth afterward to tie up some loose ends on the album.

The Clash. Today is a “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” sort of day, as are most days. Too bad my iPod’s battery is on it’s last leg.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

february ninth

Five for February 9th:

Gym. I dig going after work, but there are a ton of broken machines there now and it’s sort of a bummer. I don’t know how long they’re going to just let that stuff sit there unrepaired, but they need to get on it. I'm talking to you, Club Fitness in the Loop.

Shows. Working on a ton of out of town stuff and starting to nail down details on the record release show. A lot of work left to do, but it’s coming together.

The beard. I can’t make up my mind: should it stay or should it go? I think I just need to trim it down. I kinda like having it when it’s cold outside, which it very much is.

Update your blog. If you have one, write something! I’m tired of clicking on links to friends’ blogs only to find the same post that was there when I checked it two weeks ago. I’m interested, people. Gimme something to read.

Taxes. I need to get them out of the way. Considering going to H&R Block or something this year. I feel like every time I do them myself, there is a high likelihood that I’m doing something wrong.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

february eighth

Five for February 8th:

Mechanical pencils. I forgot how awesome they are. I will never sharpen again.

Post office. I don’t like going there, and I especially don’t like the U-City branch, but I’m making the trek there during lunch nonetheless. If I drag my feet on mailing these crappy Ultraman knockoffs to SF anymore, I will lose what little “friend” status I have.

This weekend. According to Weatherbug, it’s supposed to get up into the 50’s this weekend. I really hope this is the case, because I’m getting a little tired of sliding around on ice every time I walk out of my apartment.

Airborne. Getting together with Tom sometime this week for a viewing, long in the making. We could possibly be two of very few people on Earth who care enough about this movie to actually go out of our way to watch it.

California Pizza Kitchen. It’s a guilty pleasure. What can I say? The pear and gorgonzola pizza is awesome. Went there for dinner with mom and Lisa last night. Good stuff.

Monday, February 7, 2011

february seventh

Five for February 7th:

Super Bowl party. Good times hanging out with friends, eating food, drinking beer, and mocking shitty music. Oh yeah, there was a football game somewhere in there, too. Thanks to Katie and Matt for hosting!

Snow out of nowhere. Once again, St. Louis weather forecasters prove their worthlessness when we got 3 unexpected inches of snow Saturday morning. Nice job there, fellas.

Knife Fight at Off Broadway. Great show on Saturday night. Might have been the tightest I’ve seen them play, no doubt due to the 9 days they just spent on the road.

On the horizon. Lots of cool stuff, including the True/False film festival in Columbia, a first-time trip to New Orleans, and a bunch of out-of-town stuff with the band in the works. Excited for spring.

Beard. I have one. I usually grow one about once a year, and as of right now, I’m officially bearded. However, while I like the way it looks, they sort of drive me crazy. Probably getting hacked off soon, but it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, February 4, 2011

february fourth

Five for February 4th:

Practice. Damn man, I’ve got to say, we’re sounding good lately. I was kinda down on things there for awhile, but we’ve really pulled it together, especially on the new stuff. Excited to get the album out and start revising our live set.

Weekend. This week kinda blew by. No solid plans for the weekend, with the exception of the Super Bowl party on Sunday. What’s happening?

Laptop. OK, I officially need a new one. Mine is still surviving, but age is catching up to it, and simple tasks are becoming harded and harder for it to accomplish. Couple that with the fact that it may hold a half hour of charge on the battery on a good day.

Melting ice. A huge slab of ice capable of decapitating someone slid off the top of my car and shattered against the street in the Loop yesterday. Seeing it through my rearview mirror, for a second I thought I had shattered my back window. It was pretty cool.

Pigs. Do the world a favor and go kill yourselves.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

february third

Five for February 3rd:

Grocery shopping. If you’re planning on doing it today, go do it at Whole Foods, where 5% of the proceeds from your purchase go to College Bound, Lisa’s organization that helps kids get into college. A tasty way to help some kids get an education.

Rocking. Tonight is band practice, which I’m looking forward to if only because the last few nights have been painfully bland.

Tattoos. I’ve been wanting to get more lately and watching a ton of Miami Ink on Netflix isn’t helping. That said, I think I have a pretty good idea for something on my left arm. We’ll see.

Snow days. So many schools in the metro area are still off as of today, and the roads are totally passable. Meanwhile, Chicago has called school off this week for the first time in 12 years. St. Louisans are a bunch of wusses.

Chipotle Tabasco sauce. I think this would definitely have to be my desert-island condiment. Seriously, it makes everything better. I’m contemplating putting it in my cereal.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february second

Five for February 2nd:

No post yesterday. I actually meant to post something all day, but I was sort of working from home and it just kinda slipped through the cracks. Sorry about that. To be fair, there really wasn’t much to report.

Cry wolf. It wouldn’t be a winter without some good ol’ fashioned "this is the end of the world" talk by St. Louis newscasters freaking everybody out over what turned out to be a little ice and about an inch and a half of snow in the metro area. Don’t get me wrong, the ice and sleet was shitty, but the “Blizzard of 2011” never really materialized.

Code Monkeys. I never really got into this show until last night, when I sat down and actually watched a few episodes. It’s totally awesome.

Food. Lisa made some awesome stuff yesterday, including a totally insane curry lentil stew and huge batch of chocolate chip cookies, many of which were brought into the office and subsequently devoured by vulturous co-workers.

Gym. Going tonight- rain, sleet, or flurries. Gotta work off 3 days of sitting on my ass.