Tuesday, February 8, 2011

february eighth

Five for February 8th:

Mechanical pencils. I forgot how awesome they are. I will never sharpen again.

Post office. I don’t like going there, and I especially don’t like the U-City branch, but I’m making the trek there during lunch nonetheless. If I drag my feet on mailing these crappy Ultraman knockoffs to SF anymore, I will lose what little “friend” status I have.

This weekend. According to Weatherbug, it’s supposed to get up into the 50’s this weekend. I really hope this is the case, because I’m getting a little tired of sliding around on ice every time I walk out of my apartment.

Airborne. Getting together with Tom sometime this week for a viewing, long in the making. We could possibly be two of very few people on Earth who care enough about this movie to actually go out of our way to watch it.

California Pizza Kitchen. It’s a guilty pleasure. What can I say? The pear and gorgonzola pizza is awesome. Went there for dinner with mom and Lisa last night. Good stuff.

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