Tuesday, February 15, 2011

february fifteenth

Five for February 15th:

Grocery store sushi. Clayton Schnucks has surprisingly good sushi, of which we partook for a last-minute, post-gym/yoga Valentine’s day dinner. Also had some cheap champagne and chocoloate covered strawberries from Merb’s. Win.

ASCAP. I started a publishing company with ASCAP this morning for the band. We’re officially a business now, or something. And for only $35!

Netflix. Lisa and I watched The Departed last night. I hadn’t seen it before, and thought it was pretty awesome, especially Jack Nicholson’s creepy performance. Up next in the queue are the Desperate Man Blues and Winnebago Man documentaries, respectively. Yes, I have officially hijacked Netflix.

Jonathan Richman at Off Broadway. It’s happening tomorrow, and I totally forgot about it. If tickets are still available, maybe we’ll head down there. Who else is going?

Red light cameras. Got a ticket in the mail yesterday. Fuck that. Does anyone know if I actually have to pay this stupid thing? I’ve heard conflicting reports.

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