Monday, February 14, 2011

february fourteenth

Five for February 14th:

Amazing weather. This weekend’s sunny, 60-degree days renewed my will to live. Seriously, it is truly astounding how much weather affects my mood. This whole week is supposed to be just as nice.

New album. Last day of working on the album is Thursday with a final listen-through and mix down at Firebrand, and it goes off to Mastering on March 4th. Record release show date will be announced this week. Very exciting stuff.

Concert poster. Jason Potter’s new poster for our show with the Greenhornes is amazing. Can’t wait to get a copy and frame it.

Facebook. I really try not to complain about changes made to Facebook, but their new photo-viewer thing is really terrible and annoying. What were they thinking?

Valentine’s day. Yes, it’s a lame commercial holiday invented by a greeting card company, but at the end of the day, all holidays are lame and over-commercialized. So happy valentine’s day.

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