Monday, February 7, 2011

february seventh

Five for February 7th:

Super Bowl party. Good times hanging out with friends, eating food, drinking beer, and mocking shitty music. Oh yeah, there was a football game somewhere in there, too. Thanks to Katie and Matt for hosting!

Snow out of nowhere. Once again, St. Louis weather forecasters prove their worthlessness when we got 3 unexpected inches of snow Saturday morning. Nice job there, fellas.

Knife Fight at Off Broadway. Great show on Saturday night. Might have been the tightest I’ve seen them play, no doubt due to the 9 days they just spent on the road.

On the horizon. Lots of cool stuff, including the True/False film festival in Columbia, a first-time trip to New Orleans, and a bunch of out-of-town stuff with the band in the works. Excited for spring.

Beard. I have one. I usually grow one about once a year, and as of right now, I’m officially bearded. However, while I like the way it looks, they sort of drive me crazy. Probably getting hacked off soon, but it was fun while it lasted.

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