Monday, February 21, 2011

february twenty-first

Five for February 21st:

Dogs. Lisa and I are getting serious about a dog. Trying to work out the situation with our landlord, who surprisingly seems into the idea. We looked at a few on Saturday. It’s in the cards.

Cats. We bought a laser pointer, which provides endless hours of feline entertainment. Hazel can’t get enough of it. Walter doesn’t seem to care too much, but every once in awhile he’ll go nuts and pounce on it. Total fun.

Yesterday. Perhaps the most relaxing day I’ve had in awhile. Bought a couple of books at Subterranean (Keith Richards’ new book and a bio on David Bowie) and spent the majority of the day reading on the balcony, digging the mid-70 degree weather. Also took a walk around the neighborhood, snapped some pics, and got some coffee.

Saturday. We finally got our passport photos taken after months of procrastination. Good times hanging with friends in the evening at Blueberry Hill and more friends at Royale afterwards for Christian’s record spin. That guy has one of the best record collections of all time; everything he plays is great.

Records. Speaking of records, I listened to a bunch of old 7-inches I forgot I had yesterday, including some somewhat rare Greenhornes stuff and a couple of Mushuganas singles that are jaw-droppingly awesome. That said, I have a ton of them wasting space that I need to get rid of.

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