Friday, March 4, 2011

march fourth

Five for March 4th:

No One Goes Hungry. Jason Potter’s poster art show is tonight at Cranky Yellow. It’ll be cool to see all that awesome work in one place.

Girl Scout cookies. They finally came. However, what’s with the name changes for some of the cookies? Not that it matters. A Samoa by any other name tastes just as sweet.

Band practice. Actually a really good one despite my sore arms. Taking a couple of months off from playing some of those songs really freshened them up. We have a set worked out for Columbia next Thursday, and will be unveiling a brand new song at our show on the 22nd with the Greenhornes.

Album master. The guy that mastered our album is a ninja. He already got us a first pass back and it sounds excellent- I wasn’t expecting anything until maybe next week. Barring any suggestions by Brian, who is much more of an audiophile than me, the album is ready to go off to press as soon as we finish the artwork.

Toy show. Looks like Greg and I will be getting a table for the show on March 13th. Come by and I’ll make you a rad deal.

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