Wednesday, March 9, 2011

march ninth

Five for March 9th:

Tonight. Driving out to Chesterfield to swap cars with mom for a couple of days. The Scion is our default, short-trip tour van. Possibly buying a freestyle bike, then meeting Lisa, Mary and Keith for a drink at Bottleworks later.

Press. There will be a few new band interviews coming out pretty soon in print and online form. I’ll make sure to link them when they’re out!

Breakfast. I don’t usually eat it during the week, but I got so hungry en route to the office this morning that I was shaking. Had to stop for a bagel in the loop. Eh. It’s food.

Old friends. Touched base with a couple of people I hadn’t talked to in many years out of the blue yesterday: My friend Jenn in Chicago (we used to actually send each other postcards to keep in touch) and my pal Danny who used to work with Speedwagon (for real). The magic of Facebook.

Album masters. Just signed off on them. It is now officially just a matter of getting it manufactured. Whew.

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