Monday, March 7, 2011

march seventh

Five for March 7th:

Art show. No One Goes Hungry was a great time. Good art, good friends, good music. Picked up a couple of prints that I now need to find frames and wallspace for. Plus, it was the first time I’d been in Cranky Yellow, which is an awesome little shop with an amazing gallery space in the basement.

El Gordo’s Revenge. Finally started re-mixing the EGR “Action Packed” record with Steve on Saturday night. Hopefully we’ll be re-releasing it digitally with at least one added bonus track sometime this year.

Album art. Productive meeting/lunch with Seth and Doug yesterday. We’re on the same page about the album cover and it should be pretty quick to get the art done.

BMX bike. Found a decent one on Craigslist for super cheap and I might pick it up today or tomorrow. Hopefully it’s in as good a condition as it looks to be.

Henry. I love the little guy. He has a long way to go, but he’s really doing well. The most important thing is that he’s good in his crate, and really, as long as we can count on that, the rest of the stuff we can work with at an even pace.

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