Wednesday, March 16, 2011

march sixteenth

Five for March 16th:

I spoil our dog. It’s true, I can’t go to the pet store without buying him a toy or a dog-sized Aerosmith shirt. Henry is a huge fan of his new giant stuffed donkey.

Rasoi. Everybody likes to talk about the lack of good Indian restaurants in the city, and while this is a true statement, it’s easy to forget about Rasoi in the West End. The food is awesome, the atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is nice, and the price is right.

Tonight. Lisa is out doing stuff all evening. I’ll be heading home, dog-watching, and maybe riding some BMX in the parking lot while there’s still some sunshine.

Cool quotes. “It’s amazing how much Snookie looks like Blackie Lawless dropped into a deep fryer” –Bobby Schneck. “They say that I have no hits and that I’m difficult to work with, and they say that like it’s a bad thing.” –Tom Waits

Bocce. Tuesday night bocce at Milo’s will be starting up again soon. Looking forward to evenings on the patio, drinking cheap beer and eating veggie pizza.

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