Friday, April 29, 2011

april twenty-ninth

Five for April 29th:

KDHX trivia night. We tied for first place, but lost in the tie breaker. Hell, we did a lot better than I was expecting to by a long shot, and we had an awesome time. It was a little strange going to a trivia night that you couldn’t bring food to, though.

Weekend. Very much looking forward to not working the next couple of days. Not exactly sure what’s going on, but the weather should be pretty nice, so I’m sure we’ll be spending as much time outside as possible.

Weak priorities. I have to say, while I guess I understand the appeal of the royal wedding, I find it somewhat disturbing that every major TV news outlet was covering it and nothing else this morning, literally the day after hundreds of Americans lost their lives and cities to tornadoes. Massive fail.

Mini tour. Hitting the road with the band next weekend for a couple of shows in Ohio, then driving back to play with Ted Leo at Off Broadway on Sunday. It’s been a long time since the last band road trip, so needless to say, it should be fun.

Speakers. Finally got some (albeit crappy) speakers hooked up to my PC at work, so I can stream audio and listen to something other than my iPod. It’s like a whole new world.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

april twenty-eighth

Five for April 28th:

Tornadoes. You wouldn’t know it by watching the news, but holy crap, the south got hit badly. I know and work with people in Tuscaloosa and I hope they’re all ok this morning. STL got lucky in comparison. Now, on to the Royal Wedding.

Lunch. It wouldn’t be a complete week without leaving it in the fridge at home at least once. Today is that day.

High Fidelity trivia night. We have a pretty awesome and musically-inclined team assembled and I’m hoping we at least do OK. Whatever the outcome, it’ll be a good time and we’ll get a couple of free drinks out of it.

Song spins. A couple of tracks from the new album have been seeing quite a bit of airplay as of late on KDHX. Big thanks to everyone who has been spinning them! Hope to see you on June 11.

Jay Nixon. You fucking piece of shit. I hope you die painfully and alone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

april twenty-seventh

Five for April 27th:

Skateboard design. The functional superiority of current vs. old style deck designs can’t be overstated. While I’ll always love the decks I grew up with, there is good a reason behind the evolution to what they are today. In case you can’t tell, I skated a lot yesterday.

Obama’s birth certificate. Here it is. Can we move on to some actual issues now? Oh, and to the people that say that a "certificate of live birth" is not the same as a birth certificate: MY birth certificate is a "certificate of live birth", and I was born at Missouri Baptist. So get learned.

Walking the dog. Henry rules. Even as puppy- i.e. a non-stop ball of energy- he’s awesome. I can’t wait till he gets some of that out of his system, but still, it’s so great having him around. He’s my boy.

The Black Keys. I’ve given “Brothers” a ton of spins in the hope that it’d grow on me, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case with this one.

Giant Robot. Looks like their SF location in Haight is closing, which is a major bummer. Glad I got a chance to check it out while we were there. I hate seeing business that I support shutting stuff down.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

april twenty-sixth

Five for April 26th:

Sunshine. Could we finally be getting a break from the seemingly non-stop rain and storms of the past few days? I really hope so. My mood is being affected.

Trucks. Bought some Venture trucks (with wheels and bearings) off a dude on Craigslist yesterday for $30, so my new Santa Cruz is good to go. The bearings have seen better days, but will hopefully be good as new with some cleaning. The wheels will do for now, at least till Future Sk8 gets their roof re-attached.

Poly Styrene. While I never really got super into X-Ray Spex, and I always thought that “Oh Bondage, Up Yours” was one of the worst punk songs ever written, it’s still a huge bummer that Poly Styrene is dead. She was pretty rad and way ahead of her time.

Cool stuff I found online. A video of Rush trying to play “Tom Sawyer” on Rock Band, a photo series depicting San Francisco created out of 100,000 toothpicks, and Dads: The Original Hipsters.

Mi Ranchito. Didn’t have time to make lunch today, so shrimp soup it is. It’s always good to get out of the office.

Monday, April 25, 2011

april twenty-fifth

Five for April 25th:

Weekend. Highlights included the last fish fry of the year plus Bottleworks for drinks with Mary and Keith on Friday, and hitting up Pho Grand and Gelateria Del Leone with Lisa on Saturday for the first time in a long while. Even though the weather was nutty, we managed to have a good time. We also watched a lot of Battlestar Galactica.

Storms. STL got pummelled with some of the worst storms in 40 years. Luckily we didn’t get any real activity in south city, but some neighborhoods in north county got destroyed. The security camera footage from the airport is insane.

Skating with Lisa. Lisa was skating like a pro around the parking lot during a dry spell yesterday. She did great for never having set foot on a skateboard before. She was using my Vallely, and I pulled my ’87 Vision Gonz out of retirement for a bit. Fun.

Facebook spam. If you would like me to re-post something on my wall to try to justify a case for God, the USA, dogs and cats, our troops, or validation of our friendship, you can just go ahead and delete me now, ‘cause it ain’t gonna happen.

This week. Bocce tomorrow night at Milo’s, weather permitting. KDHX trivia night on Thursday with a big group of friends. Hopefully get some riding in if the sun finally comes out of retirement. What else is going on?

Friday, April 22, 2011

april twenty-second

Five for April 22nd:

Dinner and drinks. Good times hanging out with Scott at Royale last night. Their updated menu looks awesome and the veggie burger was the best I’ve had there in a long time.

Shows. There was a lot going on yesterday, and unfortunately I could afford none of it. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the Black Lips at Firebird, but alas. Not enough of an Arcade Fire fan to have gone to that show, and unless you’re the Rolling Stones, the chances of me going to see a gig in a huge and impersonal venue like the Scottrade Center is almost zero.

Fish Fry. The last one of the year is tonight, and I really want to go. Lisa has appointments and stuff after work, and may or may not be able to do it. I’d really love to make it happen.

Money in the bank. Not a ton, but at least enough to make sure I don’t overdraw my checking account. This has been a bad last couple of weeks for Lisa and I both. Understatement of the year: taxes suck.

Weekend. Don’t really know what’s cooking as the weather is supposed to be iffy. Hopefully go to Soulard Market tomorrow, get some riding in, get new pedals put on my road bike, and have some good times on the cheap. Then helping Lisa at the office for a bit on Sunday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

april twenty-first

Five for April 21st:

Modesto. Our friend Herm was in town last night for a conference, and we all went to Modesto for tapas and sangria. So much good food. It the first time I’ve had anything deep-fried in nearly a month.

BMX. I almost got kicked out of a spot yesterday evening. I was jumping a banked driveway behind an apartment building, and a guy was coming down the back stairs to shoo me out. I bailed before he got out the door. Not worth a confrontation. Still, brought back memories.

Payday. Tonight at midnight I can breathe a sigh of relief, although I’m glad to say the financial situation didn’t turn out to be quite as dire as I thought it could have been.

Spring. Where the hell is it? It was freezing-ass cold again this morning. Enough is enough. Let it be warm already. It’d be nice to get some moderate weather before the 100+ degree temperatures take over.

Checking in. Figures. Just as the monunmental annoyance that is Foursquare was starting to die down on Twitter, Facebook check-ins have ramped up 100%.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

april twentieth

Five for April 20th:

4/20. Wow, you smoke pot? Holy shit. That is so awesome. You know that isn’t legal, right? Well, color me impressed.

Storms. I went out and skated in the parking lot for a few minutes before the storms hit last night. It was pretty fun just rolling and getting blown around like a rag doll. The rain was intense, luckily we never lost power.

Facebook failure. A couple of times a year, my notification settings get reset for some reason, and I wake up to an e-mail inbox full of notifications I never asked to receive. Nice one, guys.

Temperature. Enough about the weather, I know- but it’s worth noting that yesterday it went from being so humid I contemplated turning on the AC to so cold I contemplated busting out the space heater in the span of about two hours.

Not spending money. It’s actually easy to get through a week without spending anything when you have no other choice. I should apply this mode of thinking to my normal life, I’d probably save a ton.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

april nineteenth

Five for April 19th:

Battlestar Galactica. Started watching the (newish) Battlestar Galactica series last night and holy wow, it rules. I had heard how good it was, but it was much better than I was expecting. Watching more tonight for sure.

Dog ownership. Well, puppy ownership, in particular, really is a constant learning process. Seems like every day we figure out something we could be doing better that has been staring us right in the face. Luckily we have a pretty smart dog to work with.

Skate jams. My friend Andy and I are plotting to do some skating soon. There might be ramp-building involved, maybe a smaller sized quarter pipe. Should be awesome.

Hailstorms. Apparently there’s a chance we’ll get some pretty gnarly weather today. Hopefully we can remain sans-hail. That said, I wouldn’t be terribly upset if the power at my office went out and we got to go home early. Just sayin’.

Skulls. At some point in my adult life, I’m sure I’ll be able to get through a day without doodling one on something. Today is not that day.

Monday, April 18, 2011

april eighteenth

Five for April 18th:

Record Store Day. This is the coolest event ever and I’m beyond happy that it exists. People were out in droves on Saturday (and Sunday). I saw a ton of cool people, heard some great bands, and we had a good show as well. I wish it happened more often. Too bad I couldn’t afford to buy any records.

New video. There’s some new video from our show at the Firebird last month with the Greenhornes up on Lo-Fi St. Louis. They outdid themselves with this one; it sounds and looks amazing. Video documentation of perhaps our best new song debut ever.

Weekend. Aside from the fact that most of Saturday was cold and miserable, a good time was had. Dinner with Lisa at Dressel’s, Record Store Day stuff, hung out with people at the Deacon, skated a ton, took Henry to the park, and bought a veritable mountain of groceries.

Broke. As a joke. Literally, I cannot spend a dime this week. This past week’s insane expenses has left me completely effed. I’ll be lucky if I don’t overdraw on my checking account, that is how bad it is. Friday cannot get here soon enough.

Annie Z. This past weekend was her last in St. Louis. This town won’t be the same without you! Best of luck in Cleveland, duder.

Friday, April 15, 2011

april fifteenth

Five for April 15th:

Being an adult. Some days I really hate it. Today is one of those days. I just had to spend all morning at city hall dealing with personal property tax reciepts. Give me back the days where my biggest problem was whether to eat Captain Crunch or Apple Jacks for breakfast, or making sure I got home from school in time to watch Rad on TV.

Henry. Progress report: Henry appears to be fully housetrained at this point. He apparently hates the rain, as evidenced by this morning’s attempted walk. And finally, he likes to take cat poop out of the litter box, which is a habit we need to break him of.

Chicory coffee. We thought we’d be all about it at home, but we’re not. It’s too bitter when not served with beignets, as was the case in New Orleans. Back to Kaldi’s.

Weekend. Glad it’s here. Looking forward to sleeping in, hanging out, seeing bands, walking the dog, and playing a rock show on Sunday for Record Store Day. Basically, looking forward to not being at work.

Jumbo Dairugger XV. As a former full-time and sometimes-still Japanese toy collector, this is something I have been waiting for for a long time. You may remember him as "Vehicle Voltron". It’s finally out, and I want one. Unashamedly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

april fourteenth

Five for April 14th:

Skating. Watched a bit of “Future Primitive” last night and this morning. It’s insane how far skating has come. There are 9 year olds doing stuff right now that would make a professional skateboarder from the mid-80’s crap himself. On that note; Mike McGill and I are now Facebook friends.

Taxes. They’re done, with four days to spare. Now where’s my refund? Incidentally, next year I’m getting them done professionally. I always have this feeling that I’m completely doing something wrong when I do it myself, which is quite likely the case.

Sandrina’s. We went there last night. Lisa had to have some grilled cheese, and I went along. Hadn’t been there in forever, but their food is awesome, despite the smoky atmosphere.

Band practice. Tonight. We have a ton of shows and things coming up. This happens every year with the onset of every spring, which is a good thing.

Expenses. Man, there is a lot of stuff to pay for right now. It’s crazy. Seems like this happens once or twice a year, all of a sudden, you’re inundated with costs. Over it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

april thirteenth

Five for April 13th:

Bocce. Hung out at Milo’s with the normal Tuesday night crew last night. We had a good time despite the chilly weather. It was everything I could do not to order a veggie pizza. Don’t know how much longer I’ll last without cheese.

Travel plans. Virgin Islands are a go. Flights booked, rooms reserved. It all totally came together yesterday in the span of about twenty minutes. Keith is the man. Now to start saving money and selling some stuff off.

Record Store Day. It’s really more like Record Store Weekend in this town. Two days of nonstop coolness. We’ll be playing at Euclid on Sunday at 7, but there is a ton of awesome stuff going on. Go support local shops.

Tonight. Plans to go to Future Sk8 after work are on hold due to Lisa working late. May go distribute some CDs with Seth post-Henry walking/feeding, or continue my quest to pull a hang five for more than 3 feet.

Rock tour. Summer shows out of town are coming together. Just nailed down Toledo (Seth’s hometown) and Columbus in May, with more stuff on the horizon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

april twelfth

Five for April 12th:

New Bomb Turks. At one time this was my favorite band on the planet. While I don’t listen to them much anymore, I’m rocking "The Big Combo" this morning. Probably my overall favorite NBT release, even though it might actually be a bootleg. Reminds me of being 24.

Emissions test. My car is due for new plates in May and I have to get an emissions test this week. I’m glad the drive-through places can do them now, because going to those old testing stations was a massive waste of time.

British Virgin Islands. Our summer vacation plans are really coming together nicely. It’s hard to believe this will be my first trip out of the United States. It definitely will not be my last.

KDHX Hi-Fi trivia night. We’ll be playing with a big group of friends on the 28th, with the proceeds benefitting KDHX. I am sort of hit or miss with trivia nights, but they’re always fun. We have a pretty solid team, though, so I’m suspecting we’ll do alright.

Homemade ice cream. Lisa made some sort of concoction last night that consisted solely of frozen bananas, pecans, and almond milk blended together. It ruled.

Monday, April 11, 2011

april eleventh

Five for April 11th:

Spring cookout. Last night was our first real outdoor bbq of the season at Mary and Keith’s, and we had some grilled salmon, asparagus, and tabouli salad. I love the fact that winter is over; I cannot stress this enough.

New deck. Finally got out to the new Future Sk8 skateshop over the weekend and checked it out. What an awesome place. Bought a new (school) Santa Cruz deck which I now need some trucks for, as the ones on my Vallely are too long. I’ll definitely be going back, probably this week.

Weird dream. I had a dream last night that a construction crew was paving a sidewalk with what looked like green concrete, but it turned out to be fresh guacamole. I grabbed a big handful of it as they were smoothing it down and ran off. It was pretty awesome.

Henry. He’s freshly-groomed and looking good. He actually looks like a dog now, and not a giant walking mop. He had a great weekend hanging out with Coal and Marvin and walking the neighborhood. Having a dog rules.

Farmer’s Market. We’re going through fresh produce like it’s going out of style since we started this new diet thing. We spent a fortune on fruits and vegetables last week at the normal grocery store. We won’t get fooled again: this week we’re going to Soulard and stocking up for cheap.

Friday, April 8, 2011

april eighth

Five for April 8th:

Weekend. So much going on. Annie Z’s going away party at Royale, Catherine’s birthday party, awesome local music at Off Broadway, Black Bear brunch, vacation planning, bike riding. Might try to catch the Pruitt-Igoe Myth at the Missouri History Museum if there’s time on Saturday.

Practice. We haven’t practiced in almost a month: we had two Thursday night shows in a row, followed by a no-practice week while I was in NOLA. That said, we actually sounded pretty good last night.

Henry. He’s getting his groom on today at Spotlight, and hanging out with some canine friends. Hopefully he can keep his bladder under control while there. Can’t wait to see him after work. It’ll be like a whole new dog.

Cheeseless. I haven’t had cheese since Sunday. That has to be some kind of record for me. Normally I’d be going to La Pizza today; but this afternoon I’ll be having a bag of carrots, some hummus, and some dates and raisins. Yeah, didn’t really have time to make lunch this morning. I’ll be hangry by 5 for sure. Look out. By the way, no, I'm not going vegan by any stretch of the imagination.

KDHX. Their annual pledge drive is happening now. Go donate some dollars and feel good about yourself. Midwest Mayhem is just around the corner.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

april seventh

Five for April 7th:

Toy trading. Thanks to Mark Nagata for the rad hookup of a Max Toy (his SF-based toy company) kaiju Tripus figure, which came in the mail yesterday. Totally an above-and-beyond trade for what I sent him, which were 2 little $1 Ultraman knockoffs. Super awesome.

Tower Grove Park. Took Henry there for the first time yesterday. You couldn’t really ask for a nicer day for a walk around Tower Grove. He dug it.

Dog grooming. Speaking of Henry, his time as a gigantic furball is quickly coming to an end. He’s getting his first haircut on Friday. He’s in dire need, too. It’ll be cool to see what he actually looks like.

Dinner outside. Eating dinner outside on the balcony is rad. We’ve got to take advantage of those opportunities before the heat and bugs come in full force.

Weekend. Even though it’s supposed to be kinda rainy and gross, it cannot get here soon enough.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

april sixth

Five for April 6th:

Worn out. Yesterday was a long one at work followed by the gym, riding bikes, and dog walking. The plan was to go to bocce, but I just couldn’t make it happen.

Prop E. It passed, and the city can breathe a sigh of relief for the next few years. Good to know people can still make the right choices when necessary.

Flatland. Working on hang fives and funky chickens- two tricks I’ve never even come close to pulling. It’ll take some serious practice before I can get the hang five, but I may be able to have the funky chicken nailed somewhat soon. I can get into it about 1 out of 10 times, but have no idea how to get out of it.

RFT Music Awards. Whoa! We were nominated for "best rock band" this year! Very cool. Thanks to whoever got our name on there.

Staying healthy. I’ve managed to get back to my normal weight of about 172 in 2 days, which is pretty awesome. It’s all about eating the right stuff. I’m aiming to get down to 165 or so- which is what I should weigh at my height- in the next 30 days. At this rate, I don’t see that being a problem.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april fifth

Five for April 5th:

Trigun. I am by no means a fan of anime- in fact, I’d say for the most part I don’t like it at all. However, the only anime series I’ve ever watched to completion, Trigun, just came out on Netflix. Drawbacks? The voice-overs are annoying. If you can find it in Japanese with the subtitles, go that route. Either way, check it out. 26 episodes of awesomeness.

GT Pro Freestyle Tour. Some clueless dad was selling a powder blue ’87-’88 model on Craigslist yesterday for 75 bucks complete. I emailed the guy but of course someone got to it before I did. He could have cleaned that thing up and got 400 bucks for it on eBay easily.

Eating well. Yesterday was day one of Lisa and I trying to eat better in general. I’m glad to say it was a resounding success, but day 1 always is. We’ll see how it goes. I’m optimistic.

Bocce. We’ll be at Milo’s tonight hanging out with people and maybe playing some bocce. Should be a nice evening outside.

Gym. Planning to go after work and run a few miles. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been there, so I may be rusty.

Monday, April 4, 2011

april fourth

Five for April 4th:

New Orleans. Awesome time hanging out with Lisa and family. The weather was amazing, we walked all over the place, ate a ton of awesome food, went on a ghost tour, checked out a bunch of different neighborhoods, bought records at Euclid, and generally had a blast. Check out my FB page for tons of pictures.

Money. It is tight following the trip. Definitely going to have to keep things on the cheap for the next few weeks.

Diet and exercise. Another thing I’m going to have to bulk up on. NOLA was essentially a nonstop food-and-drink fest. I need to get back into the habit of going to the gym, plus Lisa and I have been planning out a diet to start this week.

Henry. The only drawback to leaving town for a few days? We missed our dog. It was awesome seeing him again last night. He had a great time hanging out with Coal and Marvin. Big thanks to Mary and Keith for watching him. Also, to my brother for taking care of Walter and Hazel.

Eleven Magazine. The new issue featuring an interview with the band is out now! Can’t wait to go pick one up and check it out this afternoon.