Monday, April 18, 2011

april eighteenth

Five for April 18th:

Record Store Day. This is the coolest event ever and I’m beyond happy that it exists. People were out in droves on Saturday (and Sunday). I saw a ton of cool people, heard some great bands, and we had a good show as well. I wish it happened more often. Too bad I couldn’t afford to buy any records.

New video. There’s some new video from our show at the Firebird last month with the Greenhornes up on Lo-Fi St. Louis. They outdid themselves with this one; it sounds and looks amazing. Video documentation of perhaps our best new song debut ever.

Weekend. Aside from the fact that most of Saturday was cold and miserable, a good time was had. Dinner with Lisa at Dressel’s, Record Store Day stuff, hung out with people at the Deacon, skated a ton, took Henry to the park, and bought a veritable mountain of groceries.

Broke. As a joke. Literally, I cannot spend a dime this week. This past week’s insane expenses has left me completely effed. I’ll be lucky if I don’t overdraw on my checking account, that is how bad it is. Friday cannot get here soon enough.

Annie Z. This past weekend was her last in St. Louis. This town won’t be the same without you! Best of luck in Cleveland, duder.

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