Thursday, April 14, 2011

april fourteenth

Five for April 14th:

Skating. Watched a bit of “Future Primitive” last night and this morning. It’s insane how far skating has come. There are 9 year olds doing stuff right now that would make a professional skateboarder from the mid-80’s crap himself. On that note; Mike McGill and I are now Facebook friends.

Taxes. They’re done, with four days to spare. Now where’s my refund? Incidentally, next year I’m getting them done professionally. I always have this feeling that I’m completely doing something wrong when I do it myself, which is quite likely the case.

Sandrina’s. We went there last night. Lisa had to have some grilled cheese, and I went along. Hadn’t been there in forever, but their food is awesome, despite the smoky atmosphere.

Band practice. Tonight. We have a ton of shows and things coming up. This happens every year with the onset of every spring, which is a good thing.

Expenses. Man, there is a lot of stuff to pay for right now. It’s crazy. Seems like this happens once or twice a year, all of a sudden, you’re inundated with costs. Over it.

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