Monday, April 4, 2011

april fourth

Five for April 4th:

New Orleans. Awesome time hanging out with Lisa and family. The weather was amazing, we walked all over the place, ate a ton of awesome food, went on a ghost tour, checked out a bunch of different neighborhoods, bought records at Euclid, and generally had a blast. Check out my FB page for tons of pictures.

Money. It is tight following the trip. Definitely going to have to keep things on the cheap for the next few weeks.

Diet and exercise. Another thing I’m going to have to bulk up on. NOLA was essentially a nonstop food-and-drink fest. I need to get back into the habit of going to the gym, plus Lisa and I have been planning out a diet to start this week.

Henry. The only drawback to leaving town for a few days? We missed our dog. It was awesome seeing him again last night. He had a great time hanging out with Coal and Marvin. Big thanks to Mary and Keith for watching him. Also, to my brother for taking care of Walter and Hazel.

Eleven Magazine. The new issue featuring an interview with the band is out now! Can’t wait to go pick one up and check it out this afternoon.

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