Thursday, April 7, 2011

april seventh

Five for April 7th:

Toy trading. Thanks to Mark Nagata for the rad hookup of a Max Toy (his SF-based toy company) kaiju Tripus figure, which came in the mail yesterday. Totally an above-and-beyond trade for what I sent him, which were 2 little $1 Ultraman knockoffs. Super awesome.

Tower Grove Park. Took Henry there for the first time yesterday. You couldn’t really ask for a nicer day for a walk around Tower Grove. He dug it.

Dog grooming. Speaking of Henry, his time as a gigantic furball is quickly coming to an end. He’s getting his first haircut on Friday. He’s in dire need, too. It’ll be cool to see what he actually looks like.

Dinner outside. Eating dinner outside on the balcony is rad. We’ve got to take advantage of those opportunities before the heat and bugs come in full force.

Weekend. Even though it’s supposed to be kinda rainy and gross, it cannot get here soon enough.

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