Wednesday, April 13, 2011

april thirteenth

Five for April 13th:

Bocce. Hung out at Milo’s with the normal Tuesday night crew last night. We had a good time despite the chilly weather. It was everything I could do not to order a veggie pizza. Don’t know how much longer I’ll last without cheese.

Travel plans. Virgin Islands are a go. Flights booked, rooms reserved. It all totally came together yesterday in the span of about twenty minutes. Keith is the man. Now to start saving money and selling some stuff off.

Record Store Day. It’s really more like Record Store Weekend in this town. Two days of nonstop coolness. We’ll be playing at Euclid on Sunday at 7, but there is a ton of awesome stuff going on. Go support local shops.

Tonight. Plans to go to Future Sk8 after work are on hold due to Lisa working late. May go distribute some CDs with Seth post-Henry walking/feeding, or continue my quest to pull a hang five for more than 3 feet.

Rock tour. Summer shows out of town are coming together. Just nailed down Toledo (Seth’s hometown) and Columbus in May, with more stuff on the horizon.

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