Wednesday, April 20, 2011

april twentieth

Five for April 20th:

4/20. Wow, you smoke pot? Holy shit. That is so awesome. You know that isn’t legal, right? Well, color me impressed.

Storms. I went out and skated in the parking lot for a few minutes before the storms hit last night. It was pretty fun just rolling and getting blown around like a rag doll. The rain was intense, luckily we never lost power.

Facebook failure. A couple of times a year, my notification settings get reset for some reason, and I wake up to an e-mail inbox full of notifications I never asked to receive. Nice one, guys.

Temperature. Enough about the weather, I know- but it’s worth noting that yesterday it went from being so humid I contemplated turning on the AC to so cold I contemplated busting out the space heater in the span of about two hours.

Not spending money. It’s actually easy to get through a week without spending anything when you have no other choice. I should apply this mode of thinking to my normal life, I’d probably save a ton.

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