Thursday, May 5, 2011

may fifth

Five for May 5th:

Cinco de Mayo. Or, as I like to call it, “the day to avoid any and all Mexican restaurants like the plague”. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good margarita as much as the next guy. Just not while surrounded by overly-intoxicated Claytonians.

Today. It’s going to be nuts after work. I’ll be attempting to make it out to Chesterfield, swap cars with my mom, and make it back to Kevin’s place in south city by 6 or so for practice. Not holding my breath on that whole “6” thing.

Band stuff. 1) Tomorrow starts the first few Blind Eyes out of town shows of the year, which I’m very excited about. Hopefully we can keep it on the cheap and at least break even. 2) Heard one of our new songs on the radio last night and it sounded good, which is encouraging. 3) Did a short interview via e-mail this morning that’ll be online next week. There’s probably more I’m forgetting.

Henry. We’re seriously considering getting him a dog park membership, to let him get some energy out more often. Walks in the neighborhood and playing fetch in the apartment can only take care of so much.

Food. There was no choice last night but to go to Sandrina’s for some greasy bar food. It just had to happen. Then we went to Schnuck’s and bought a bunch of healthy stuff to make ourselves feel better.

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