Monday, May 2, 2011

may second

Five for May 2nd:

Bin Laden. The news about Osama getting killed was released sometime last night while I was probably watching “Battlestar Galactica” or something. I did a double take when checking Facebook before I went to bed. Very awesome news and a huge boost for the administration. The images of people partying in the streets was amazing. Good riddance.

Rad weekend. Tower Grove Park with Lisa, Tom, Henry and Gus, Olympia and Bottleworks with Mary and Keith, south side garden shops, Bunnygrunt at the Tap Room with Pat, Seth, and Lindsay, Pi and vintage vinyl with Rob and Stefanie. Skating, sleeping late.

My girlfriend rules. Came in from walking Henry and Lisa is on the balcony, planting flowers while blasting side 2 of Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” on the record player. I mean, come on.

Cash money. Unexpectedly had $41 in cash thrown on my desk today- spiff money for selling a bunch of a particular tuner at work. Not a bad way to kick off a Monday, especially given I’m essentially broke again until Friday.

Tonight. Thinking about going to the gym after work, but if the weather is nice, I’ll probably opt for something more fun than running on a treadmill and watching “How I Met Your Mother” re-runs at Club Fitness. We shall see.

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