Thursday, June 30, 2011

june thirtieth

Five for June 30th:

Last day of June. What? That sucks. June is my favorite month. It’s cool, though. It was a good one, and July is going to be more awesome by a very wide margin.

Hanging out. Dinner at Royale last night with Lisa, Eve, and Steve. Food was consumed, beers were drank, metal was discussed, and my cymbal was sold.

Album spins. When looking at this list, it’s important to keep in mind that our album has been out for exactly 19 days as of today. Thank you, KDHX.

Merchandising. I’ve combined my love of rocking with my love of skateboards. Special order only, we’re never going to have these for sale at shows or anything. We make nothing from them, at least at the moment. But they’re pretty cool, so represent.

Yesterday morning. Things I didn't mean to do (that I did): Sit on (and break) the pen that was in my back pocket, spill coffee all over my desk, and refrigerate a banana. This morning is already shaping up to be significantly better.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

june twenty-ninth

Five for June 29th:

Last night. The weather has absolutely ruled the last couple of days. Post-work laziness (plus no clean gym clothes) on the part of both Lisa and I cancelled working out. Took Henry for a walk in Francis Park, skated for awhile, and met Mary and Keith for some late drinks.

Thrasher archives. Thrasher Magazine has all their old issues up to 1989 (past that, covers only) archived in full on their site. Just found it yesterday, and it was everything I could do not to waste the whole day looking at it. I totally remember most of the 87-88 issues, as that’s right around the time I started getting them.

Three weeks. “With A Bang” is number one on the CMJ chart for the third week straight, as of yesterday. To me, this is like the biggest compliment I could receive. Makes the year of work seem worthwhile.

The best part of waking up. I’ve rediscovered the joy of setting the auto-brew on our coffee maker at home. For some reason I got lazy about it, but those days are over. Rolling out of bed to a fresh pot of coffee is awesome and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Hypocrisy. Here is your dictionary definition, courtesy of- you guessed it- Michele Bachmann. How do people take this woman seriously?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

june twenty-eighth

Five for June 28th:

Last night. Long walk around Tower Grove Park with Henry and Lisa. Homemade pizza for dinner while watching Mad Men. Gelato at Gelateria Del Leone. Trip to the bookstore. As far as Monday nights go, that was a pretty decent one.

Powell rules. I have to send a public thank-you to the guys at Powell-Peralta for hooking me up with a free Steve Caballero deck! They chose lil’ old me from hundreds of people to win it, and I really can’t express how rad that is. Now when are you going to get those winged ripper jackets in stock?

Bachmann sucks. Win: the Today Show mentioning Michelle Bachmann’s latest gaffe, wherein she incorrectly states that John Wayne was from her hometown. Fail: the Today Show not mentioning that it was, in fact, John Wayne Gacy that was from her hometown. That was the best part!

Debit card. New one finally came in the mail yesterday, and not a moment too soon. The old one was about to expire (right in time for me to go out of the country) and barely worked anymore, it has been swiped so many times.

Tonight. After work run at the gym. 5k? Late yoga class for Lisa. Potential trip to Milo’s for post-workout drinks, but that may or may not happen.

Monday, June 27, 2011

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Lake of the Ozarks. Killer time hanging out with Lisa’s crew, swimming, speedboating, taking in the sights, sleeping in, and generally kicking it. Except for a bit of rain Saturday morning, the weather was perfect, and of course, Henry had a blast.

Storms. Apparently, stuff got hairy in STL while we were gone. Power outage at our apartment, power outage at my office. Trees down. Hampton flooded at highway 40. Glad we avoided it.

New York. A big step in the right direction for gay rights. I hope that I’ll live to see a point where Americans look back in disbelief at how bigoted this country was back in 2011.

Cool blurb. “With A Bang” gets a nod in this STL summer blog authored by the one and only Thomas Crone.

Selling a cymbal. I have an awesome 20" Paiste Giant Beat that I'm trying to sell this week to raise some extra vacation dough. Drummer friends: it'll treat you right.

Friday, June 24, 2011

june twenty-fourth

Five for June 24th:

Elvis Costello. Lisa scored us free tickets to his show at the Pageant next week. I’ve never seen him before, but he’s one of my all time favorites.

Henry. He’s chilling at Lisa’s office today, entertaining her co-workers, pending a weekend at the lake. We bought him a puppy life preserver last night, so he’s good to go.

The fight rages on. The “Save Del Taco” Facebook page is quickly closing in on 9000 followers (when I joined on Monday it was a little over 300), and has generated a ton of press for the cause of saving this beautiful piece of mid-century modern architecture.

Homemade pizza. Why don’t we make it more often? Lisa threw together a spinach and garlic pie on wheat crust last night that was beyond amazing. It’s cheap, tasty, takes less time to make, and is much healthier than anything pre-made by a long shot.

Battlestar Galactica. Finished the second season last night. Such an awesome show, it’s unbelievable. Can’t wait to watch the 2-hour season 3 opener on Monday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

june twenty-third

Five for June 23rd:

Band meetup. Hung out with Seth, Lisa, and Lindsay last night at Seth’s pad. Went over a bunch of promo idea stuff and got a bunch of other things ironed out. Plus, they made some decadently rad pasta.

Youtube channel. The Blind Eyes’ have finally put all their video-eggs into one basket. We have quite a few upcoming video projects in the works, and a bunch of stuff already out there, so now it’s in one handy spot.

Tonight. Practice is postponed till next week to do other stuff. We’ll probably try to get down to the UTR show at Cicero’s if time permits.

Riding bikes. I feel like the world’s biggest chump for not riding in to work the last couple of days, especially today. I’m remedying that soon, mark my words.

Red Dead Redemption. Playing it again for the second time. It’s just as good. Between this and GTA 4, I don’t know if video games will ever get any better.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

Charts. Radness: “With A Bang” is still holding the #1 position on the CMJ top 30 charts, AND it’s the number 3 seller at Euclid right now. This makes me gleeful.

Go Skateboarding Day. It was yesterday, but unfortunately I was so swamped I hardly had a chance to do anything but what was on the schedule. I did pop a few ollies in the parking lot for good measure. In related news, looks like the Bones Brigade documentary is chugging along nicely.

Save Del Taco. The South Grand Del Taco is in danger of being bulldozed for some weak mixed-use commercial development. I don’t really even care about Del Taco, but the building itself is such an architectural masterpiece that it literally boggles the mind that anyone could consider tearing it down. STL, sometimes I really want to punch you.

Tonight. Dinner/world domination planning party at Seth’s pad with Lisa and Henry. We’ll bring the boxed wine.

Weather. It’s amazing outside today, and of course I’m stuck indoors. Going out for lunch with Tom to sit outside somewhere and make the most of it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

Summer solstice. The longest day of the year is today. Started off totally clear and cool for a walk around the ‘hood with Henry, but quickly got rain-stormy.

Running. It’s been awhile since I went to the gym, but I pulled off a 5K+ run easily last night after work. I guess all the skating and bmx I’ve done in lieu of actually working out has paid off. Too bad I forgot my earbuds.

BBQ. Quick plans for a salmon cook-out/hot tub soak at Mary and Keith’s materialized late yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, it was a good way to spend a Monday evening.

RFT music awards party. Glad they’re doing it at the Firebird this year. Should be a fun time. I hope we won, but I ain’t holding my breath. Competition was stiff this year. We’re all winners, anyway. Looking forward to seeing Sleepy Kitty either way. It’s free and tonight, so go.

The Royale. Excellent write-up on my favorite veggie burger (and one of my favorite places) in town.

Monday, June 20, 2011

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

Friday. Dinner downtown at The Bridge, which was great, followed by drinks on the rooftop of the City Museum where my friend Steve is now bartending. As a bonus, I got to commandeer the iPod, so we blasted a bunch of Iron Maiden and Bad Brains. Needless to say, Friday night ruled.

Saturday. Brunch with mom, “Gearage sale” at Firebird. PM barbecue/dog party at Scheffer’s pad with a bunch of people including most of the Humanoids.

Sunday. Took the metrolink downtown for the Cardinals game. We had all-expense paid box seats thanks to Lisa’s mom, which came with all the food and drink you could consume and great seats in the shade. I’ve never experienced baseball in such luxury. Plus we won, which was cool.

Saving money. I have to be mega-frugal the next couple of weeks to save some extra dough for our upcoming vacation. When I say “mega-frugal”, I mean it. Mega.

Mad Men. Just added season 4 to our queue. I didn’t realize it was out. Gotta return that “Dog Whisperer” disc ASAP.

Friday, June 17, 2011

june seventeenth

Five for June 17th:

With A Bang is online. Get it here. It’ll be available on iTunes, Amazon, and all that stuff in the coming weeks!

Friday. Finally here. It’s also payday. Two good things.

This weekend. The weather is looking a little hairy, but if the rain holds off, should be a good time. Brunch with mom tomorrow, I-70 series Cardinals game (box seats, no less) with Lisa’s crew on Sunday. Who knows what else?

Bottleworks. Impromptu trip to Schlafly to sit outside in the cool-ish weather and grab some food with Mary and Keith last night. Travel plans were hatched.

Late start. Didn’t get any coffee at home this morning and was incredibly groggy on the drive in. Currently drinking a strong-ass cup of Starbucks and starting to feel like a human again.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

june sixteenth

Five for June 16th:

Number one. As of Monday, “With A Bang” is sitting at #1 on the KDHX CMJ (College Music Journal) top 30 charts. I can’t really express how awesome this is. Major thanks to KDHX for all the spins. Seriously.

Skateboarding. Having new wheels makes all the difference in the world. Bigger diameter, way smoother, and way faster. My old ones were completely toasted and would stick on anything. I also switched out the bearings for newer ones. It’s a whole different experience.

Rioting over sporting event outcomes. It’s something I’ll never understand. Sometimes the stupidity of people is really astounding.

Road rash. My right elbow and both of my shins are jacked up right now. Need to cool it, as I don’t want to be all black & blue and scabby in our vacation pics.

World domination. Need to plan it. Possibly over brunch.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

june fifteenth

Five for June 15th:

Stuff in the mail. New pair of Adidas “Gonz” shoes (my Sambas are literally falling apart), 54mm wheels, t-shirt. The new wheels are going to be life-changing.

Pizza party. Great time catching up with Adam and Katie at Pi, although the service there was painfully slow. However, the pizza is so awesome that it’s hard to complain. I was bummed to miss the SIC show at Off Broadway, but we didn’t get out of Pi until 10 and had to get home to Henry.

Album availabilty. As I type this, the WAV files for “With A Bang” are being uploaded to CD Baby. Should be available online within the next few days/weeks. Also, there are now copies at Euclid Records, coming soon to Vintage Vinyl and Apop.

Vintage Thrasher Magazines on eBay. I want them only for sentimental value.

Almost summer. Only a few days left until it’s official.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Dog park. Finally, some dogs and their respective owners showed up to the dog park, and Henry got to get some energy out. Maybe we’ve just been going at the wrong times.

Pi. Meeting up with Adam and Katie for dinner and drinks tonight at Pi in the CWE. Western Addition, here we come. It’ll be cool for Lisa to finally meet them. Try to get over to Off Broadway for the Speakers in Code show, time permitting.

Transworld BMX. The new issue came in the mail yesterday. I haven’t busted the BMX out in too long, and it got me in the mood to ride. Speaking of mail, package of goodies coming today.

Summer travels. Ozarks, British Virgin Islands, Lisa’s birthday float trip. Potential weekender in Memphis or KC. Late summer/early fall camping trip w/ Henry in tow.

One year ago. A year ago today I was recapping our trip to South Carolina, and deviating from my usual "five things" format.

Monday, June 13, 2011

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

Record release show. Hard to believe it’s come and gone. Probably one of the best and most fun shows we’ve ever played. Thanks to the huge crowd that came out and partied with us. Hope you had a great time and are digging the album. Also, Sleepy Kitty and the LIVERS completely brought it. The most fun night I’ve had in forever. Didn’t make the show? Fret not, the album will be at local stores this week, and available online asap.

Now what? Seems like the last few months have been pretty much entirely occupied by getting the album released. Now to focus on getting it out there. We have some other very cool and exciting things in the works that’ll be getting ironed out over the coming weeks.

Last night. Sushi night at Mary and Keith’s last night was awesome, and the unseasonably cool weather made hanging out in the hot tub extra great. Of course, Henry wore himself out as well. All around good.

This week. Working out a bit (remember when I was going to the gym?). Vacation preparing. Dinner with Adam and Katie. Possible band practice. Skating. Falling.

Dillinger Four. Busted out “Midwestern Songs of the Americas” this morning. That album and “This Shit Is Genius” are still classics.

Friday, June 10, 2011

june tenth

Five for June 10th:

Road tripping. Leaving work a bit early to hit the road for a show in Champaign-Urbana at Mike & Molly’s with our friends the Safes and Jet W. Lee! Should be a party. I love those dudes.

Cicadas. Finally saw some this morning when I went out to my mom’s place to trade cars. There were a few scampering around in the parking lot outside her condo. Still no sign of them in the city, which is fine by me.

Album release show. Finally, it is upon us, after many months of work and waiting. Saturday night at Off Broadway. It would really mean a lot to see you all there.

MODOT. Really? You’re closing all of highway 40 the day of a 65,000+ person race downtown? You do realize that in real cities, they don’t actually just randomly close entire highways, especially on a day when one of the biggest events of the year is occurring. Just want to make sure you know that. You people suck.

Bad habits. Henry likes to eat cat crap out of the litterbox. Or, as I like to call it, “catbox caviar”. We don’t encourage this behavior.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

june ninth

Five for June 9th:

Feedback. Early reports indicate that people are digging the new album, which is great to hear. I had become so desensitized to it after hearing it a thousand times in every conceivable form that I couldn’t even really listen to it objectively anymore.

Tonight. Band practice. The next couple of days will be hectic, to say the least. We have quite a bit to iron out before the show on Saturday.

Left Hand Good Juju. So freaking tasty. I’m usually not a fan of beer that doesn’t just taste like beer, but this one is an exception. It’s at Royale, so go get it.

Google. Their interactive “strumming guitar” homepage in commemoration of Les Paul’s birthday is totally fun and a complete workplace time-waster, which I’m always in favor of.

Memphis to Manchester. Thursday is usually a great day for many reasons, and the ability to start it out with MTM on KDHX is a big one of them. What better way to kick off the official start to the end of the working week?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

june eighth

Five for June 8th:

Press for “With A Bang”. Two really amazing reviews got published online today. Both the Riverfront Times and Speakers In Code turned them in this morning. They’re both awesome and flattering. The RFT article will be on newsstands today as well.

Live set on KDHX. Four songs plus an interview with Rob Levy will be airing tonight on Juxtaposition, which comes on at 7pm. Tune in!

Too much information. Hanging out on the patio at Milo’s last night was fun as always, but a couple of conversations with our waitress took some strange turns. I guess she knew Mary and Keith somewhat well, but it got a little weird once or twice. Just sayin’.

Henry at the dog park. Yesterday was his first time, and needless to say, he dug it. He met a few cool dogs (and cool people), ran around, fetched some tennis balls, and collapsed panting into the grass on more than one occasion. Already worth the $50.

Shaw neighborhood. It’s amazing how much that neighborhood has improved since the days of weekly parties at Dave and Josh’s place on Botanical when I was in my early twenties. There are sidewalk caf├ęs, bike shops, and all sorts of pedestrian traffic. Back in the day, there was nothing like that over there. Very awesome.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

june seventh

Five for June 7th:

Earthquake. Apparently we had a 4.something earthquake last night in Missouri. Friends in the city were woken up by it rattling things around, but I slept right through it, which is odd given I’m about as light a sleeper as they come.

New drum head. Big ups to Ken McCray for once again hooking me up with an insanely awesome logo for my bass drum head. The “girl covering her eyes” is getting retired, at least for awhile. She needed a break.

Today and tonight. Working. Mailing out the first batch of CDs for local review. Walking the dog. Skateboarding.Going to Milo’s. In that order.

Spring cleaning. Won’t be able to get to it this weekend, but I’m really planning to dig into the pile in the basement and get rid of some stuff soon. It’s not quite out of hand yet, but it’s on the verge.

The Who. “Amazing Journey” is on Netflix streaming. I suggest you watch it immediately, but get ready to ride the remote, because it has the most up and down audio mix I’ve ever heard.

Monday, June 6, 2011

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

RFT Music Showcase. It’s always fun, but this year was especially so. Every band was amazing and it seemed like everyone in the city was there and having an awesome time. Serious thanks to all who came out and packed the Side Bar for our show. This is one of the coolest events of the year and it’s always something to look forward to. We’re honored to be a part of it.

Tower Grove Farmer’s Market. We didn’t buy anything as we forgot to bring cash, but it was cool running into some friends, socializing Henry a bit, visiting Tom at the Folk School booth, and taking in the sights. Summer in the park is awesome.

Band action. Lots of cool stuff happening this week leading up to our record release show on Saturday. I’ll post links as it all becomes available. Also, playing on Friday in Champaign-Urbana with our friends the Safes and Jet W. Lee at Mike & Molly’s!

It’s hot outside. It really is. Summer is here and making no bones about it. That said, I’m still planning to start riding to work soon. Nothing a bottle of ice water and some SPF 30 can’t handle.

Henry. Time for a bath (he hasn’t had one in months) and a haircut. Also, dog park membership tags should be coming in the mail this week.

Friday, June 3, 2011

june third

Five for June 3rd:

Live set and interview on KDHX. Big thanks to Rob Levy and Juxtaposition for having us back! Also thanks to the huge crew that showed up to make it happen. We weren’t expecting a photographer, a videographer, and a music editor. Makes me wish I’d worn something a little nicer than cargo shorts and a Santa Cruz t-shirt. It’ll be airing next week, keep your ears peeled.

Cicadas. Everyone is talking about them, but I haven’t heard a single one yet. Do they not like south city? Guess so. Apparently it’s a cicada throwdown west of 270.

Weekend. Tons of radness occuring, beginning in mere hours. Tonight is a mexican potluck/rager at Lindsay’s parents house (they’re out of town), tomorrow is the RFT showcase (vote for us!), and Sunday is Lisa’s sister’s graduation party.

Record release show handbills. Made up about 200 today before work, hopefully I’ll get a couple hundred more done before the end of the day. Gonna be handing them out like mad over the weekend.

BMX triple backflip. This is the gnarliest/most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

june second

Five for June 2nd:

Grind rail. Picked up a cheap one on eBay. I’ll probably need to brace it with something so it doesn’t move around as much, but it’ll be fun to mess around on.

This evening. Short practice, then packing up to record a live set at the KDHX studio. Dropping off copies of the new album as well. Today will be a long one.

Anthony Weiner. Give me a break, dude. Even if you were the victim of a prank, you can’t say for sure whether or not the underwear-ensconced genitalia featured in the photo is your own? I don’t think so.

Oversleeping. It doesn’t happen too often, but it happened today. Lisa missed yoga and I didn’t get to take a shower. At least we got Henry walked and managed to gulp down some coffee before taking off.

4-day work weeks. They’re a great follow-up to a 3-day weekend. Can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Tons of stuff happening this weekend, all of it fun. Let's get to it already.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

june first

Five for June 1st:

June. My favorite month of the year. Hot days and warm nights. Summer shows, long walks on the beach (or in the neighborhood). It gets no better. Plus, the sno-cone stand down the street is now open. Score.

Under the bridge. Checked out the skatepark under the Kingshighway bridge last night before meeting up with people at Milo’s. It’s weird that I hadn’t seen it in person yet. It’s pretty rad. I’d like to skate it sometime, for sure.

Road construction. Whoever is responsible for the mess that is Skinker boulevard right now should be jailed for wasting my time, money, and gas.

Dog Park. We just have to drop off a copy of Henry’s rabies vaccinations, and we should be good to go. Henry’s going to love it, and so will we.

Veggie wraps. I’m getting pretty good at making them, if I do say so myself. Not that they’re difficult to make or anything.