Friday, July 29, 2011

july twenty-ninth

Five for July 29th:

Borders. As ambivalent as I am about huge chain stores, it’s still a bummer to see Borders going out of business. I have a lot of memories at the Sunset Hill location: Seeing Billy Squier and Kip Winger do in-stores there, getting coffee before class at Meramec, hanging out with Paul Hyde after raiding Toys r Us. Lisa and I stopped by there last night as the vultures were picking it clean.

Friday. Rad. For one, it’s payday. Tonight is Cardinals vs. Cubs at Busch Stadium. Should be pretty epic. It’s been forever since I’ve been to a night game, and I hear games versus Chicago are a whole different animal. Hopefully we’ll be out of there in time to catch the Safes at Firebird.

Junk food. We got some impromptu Yo My Goodness (frozen yogurt) last night and it was the best I’ve ever had, no kidding. It was like soft-serve ice cream levels of good. This morning I got a slice of iced lemon cake from Starbucks. It’s all about balance.

Chuck Berry statue. The freshly-unveiled statue site in the Loop was teeming with reporters and media types as I went by this morning. Apparently they’re closing Delmar today for the official dedication.

Fire in south city. There’s a fire very close to the Royale happening right now. It looked for a second like the Royale was on fire, which would monumentally suck. Luckily it looks like that isn’t the case. Following it on Facebook, we’ll see what happens.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

july twenty-eighth

Five for July 28th:

Blind Eyes skate deck. Showed up yesterday. It rules. I posted pics of it on Facebook, so if you’re my friend, go check it out. It’s amazing how much different a deck that’s not about to break feels. Digging it.

Last night. Henry walk. Quick parking lot skate-around, breaking in the new board. Shower. Royale for drinks, then met up with Lisa for Mary’s sushi birthday party. Bitchin’.

Something in my eye. It sucks. Couldn’t even put my contact in my left eye this morning. Hopefully it goes away by the end of the day, because I hate driving home sans-sunglasses.

Coffee. New can of New Mexico Pinon’ coffee from Trader Joes. Not hugely strong, but tasty as hell.

Lunch. Forgot to bring something, so I’m going somewhere with Tom. I’d like to go to Snarf’s, but don’t feel like waiting 30 minutes for a sandwich. Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

july twenty-seventh

Five for July 27th:

New trucks. Went by Future Sk8 last night and picked up some size-appropriate trucks. I was on creaky old Venture 129s that were too small for the deck size I’m using. I’m now rolling on a lightweight pair of creak-free Indys. Thanks to Don for the great hookup as always. I’m coming back for that Vision Aggressor II, mark my words.

Back to school. Even though I'm 33 years old, my heart still sinks a little when I see a "back to school" commercial. That sense of impending doom never quite goes away.

This weekend. Shaping up to be an awesome one already. Lisa scored 4 tickets to the Cards/Cubs game Friday night. We’ll be taking the train down there with Mary and Keith. Meeting with people at Mad Art on Saturday to scope it out as a potential wedding locale. Possible trip to JB skatepark with Josh and Andy on Sunday.

Pets. We love them, but they’re a giant pain in the ass right now. Lisa has to prepare a cocktail of mushy food to give to Hazel through a feeding tube in the mornings, which takes about a half hour from start to finish. I’m the sole Henry walker since Lisa hurt her foot, and as much as I love him, dog walking is a duty best shared. And Walter is fat and knocked his food bowl off the table this morning. But I digress- they’re all awesome.

Donuts. Rich brought them in this morning, and I had one. And it ruled me. And I don’t care.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july twenty-sixth

Five for July 26th:

Boardpusher. A+ on promptness: I ordered my new Blind Eyes deck yesterday, and it already shipped out and should be here tomorrow. Hopefully the design comes out well. Talk about a quick turnaround. Color me impressed.

Hazel. She’s home from the cat clinic. I didn’t get into a ton of detail on this, but Hazel got really sick the other day. We didn’t know what was wrong with her, and still don’t, pending test results. Right now she’s being fed through a tube and is a little rough around the edges, but seems calm and happy to be home. Hopefully the results will be good.

Fugazi. It’s a “Repeater” sort of morning. I need to get some more Fugazi on the iPod, including an mp3 of “In Defense of Humans”. Great semi-rare tune that I don’t have anywhere.

Tonight. Bocce at Milo’s? It’s a distinct possibility. We haven’t been there since before vacation, and sitting outside with friends and having a few beers is always a good thing.

Full-speed. Henry needed to get some energy out last night, so we charged around the neighborhood at top speed for about 4 minutes. He came in, drank a bowl of water, and plopped down on the couch immediately. Mission: accomplished.

Monday, July 25, 2011

july twenty-fifth

Five for July 25th:

South Grand Saucer. Looks like things are taking a positive turn for the former Del Taco building. Power to the people.

Saturday night. Mussel fest at Schlafly (thank god for the belgian waffles, 'cause those oysters sucked), drinks and more snacks at Bridge, drinks and climbing around on the roof of city museum. Lisa stayed on to hang out at Shaved Duck with friends till the wee hours, I went home to walk Henry and watch the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon collection.

Trader Joe’s. The best time to go is in the mornings. There’s hardly anyone there, and getting in and out of their insane parking lot was a breeze. Loaded up on groceries in a major way, but I’m kinda bummed I didn’t pick up those black licorice scottie dogs.

New skate deck. It’s about time for one. My current deck is on it’s last leg. It’s been beaten to crap and is showing signs of a quick demise. I re-learned a ton of stuff on that board, so I’ll try not to get sentimental. Getting one of these, of course.

Weather. This weekend was brutal, but yesterday evening the clouds moved in and it cooled down considerably. Today is supposed to be nice as well, but the humidity moves back in tomorrow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

july twenty-second

Five for July 22nd:

One of those weeks. Lisa is in the middle of one. We all have them, where for some reason an unavoidable storm of crap comes your way. I won’t go into specifics, but I need you all to send her some good vibes so that this weekend is awesome, and her next week is much, much better.

Show pics. Some cool photos from our show with Old Lights at Off Broadway are online at the IWTAS Flickr page, including maybe my favorite picture of me playing drums ever taken.

Weekend. No real plans to speak of. Watch some Mad Men, hang out with Henry, and maybe skate with Andy on Sunday if the weather cools down a bit. Other stuff will assuredly come along.

Cowboys & Aliens. I rarely get excited about new movies coming out, but I cannot wait to see this one. It hits theaters next weekend, and I’m totally going. Also, on the sci-fi front, Battlestar Galactica continues to cement itself as one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen. I don’t want it to ever end.

Weird dreams. I’ve been having them lately. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that Henry has been sleeping between my legs, hampering my ability to toss and turn all night.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

july twenty-first

Five for July 21st:

New stuff in the mail. Powell jacket (with catalog), Mad Men: season 4, disc 4, first issue of The Skateboard Mag, and no bills. Way to go, USPS.

Barbecue. Keith hit one out of the park last night, as he always does. Henry had a blast, we ate some amazing food, and watched a bunch of “Drunk History” episodes before calling it a night.

Band practice. Happening tonight. Am I looking forward to lugging my drums over to Kevin’s in this heat? No. Am I looking forward to playing some rock music? Sure.

Google Plus. I have an invite, but I don’t really know if I want to go down that rabbit hole. First there was Friendster, which was the place to be. Then everyone migrated to Myspace, and started over from square one. Then we all went to Facebook/Twitter. I think I’m kinda over jumping around to do the same thing in a different place. We'll see.

Alexander Keith’s. Picked up their Nova Scotia brown ale the other day on a whim and loved it. We got their pale ale last night and it was amazing as well. I’d never even heard of this beer, but apparently it’s a really old Canadian brewery. Who knew?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Last night. Good times catching up with Bill and Duane at Royale, neither of whom I’ve seen in a long time. Bill is in the middle of battling colon cancer, but he looks great and I’m hoping he’s able to pull through it.

Morons. The people at the Dobb’s by our house are astoundingly stupid. To start off, the guy at the counter had never heard of a Honda Fit. He went on to prove himself more and more of an idiot with every word that came out of his mouth. It’s a dead battery, pal. There’s not much else to it. Replace it. I shoudn’t have to explain this process to you.

Tonight. Plans are to go over to Mary and Keith’s to grill some food, kick it, and let the dogs get some energy out. With Lisa’s foot out of commission, I’ve been the sole walker of Henry, and I haven’t had time to do much more than get him out to do his business.

Hot and humid. It’s been pretty insanely hot out the last few days, but for some reason it’s not bothering me this year at all. I hate winter so much that I’m just totally fine with hot weather. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but at least it doesn’t sting your skin.

Portions for fleet fox confessors. One day, friends, we'll all be looking back and laughing at the "fox" themed albums, song titles, and band names of this decade. I promise.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

july nineteenth

Five for July 19th:

Dead car batteries. Last week was mine (along with the landlord of my apartment building at the same time, ironically). This morning was Lisa- just her luck. Thankfully I was with her and was able to drop her off at work.

Skating to the recycling bin. This morning I struck up a conversation with a woman who wanted the aluminum cans I was dumping into the recycle bin. I gave them to her. She said “you’ll be blessed, skateboarder!”. Nice.

New camera. Lisa’s mom hooked us up with a new Canon Powershot digital camera as an engagement present, which was extremely nice of her. We lost our last digital camera on our trip to South Carolina and have been making do with cell phone cams since. This thing is pretty legit, at least more so than the cheap thing we had before.

Food. Yesterday was pretty awesome in the food department: La Pizza with Tom for lunch and Dressel’s for dinner and drinks with Lisa. Today, it’s back to veggie wraps and fruit.

The Crow. Watched it the other night for the first time since 1994. It was actually a lot better than I remember it. I also attempted to watch Howard the Duck for the first time since I was a kid, and it was more horrible than I could have ever imagined.

Monday, July 18, 2011

july eighteenth

Five for July 18th:

Rock show. Good one on Friday night. Old Lights killed it and the new 10” sounds great. I think we played ok, but the sound was weird on stage. I couldn’t quite get into the groove 100%. Still, I think we did alright.

Heat wave. Things are getting serious. I went skating for about 20 minutes yesterday and came back drenched. It’s only going to get worse this week.

Lisa’s foot. It’s in bad shape after she mis-judged some stairs into the garage at her mom’s house last night. We initially thought she had broken it, but a trip to the ER luckily showed no breaks. It’s a foot sprain, which is different than an ankle sprain. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’s better in a few days. Today she’s chilling at home with Henry with the aid of a makeshift cane I crafted for her out of an old hockey stick.

Mailing stuff. Gotta hit the post office today. CDs to send. Not really looking forward to that trip, but what’re you gonna do. Speaking of that, my Powell jacket should be coming on Wednesday, which is cool.

Wedding plans. They’re starting to come together. We have some great ideas, now we just have to see about implementing them. It’ll be fun, that much I can promise.

Friday, July 15, 2011

july fifteenth

Five for July 15th:

Henry. It sucked not seeing him for over a week. Thanks to Lisa’s mom for watching him while we were gone, and for getting him groomed. He’s a handsome little dude.

Band practice. Good one last night. A little shaky in some parts, but we should be good to go for tonight’s show at Off Broadway with Old Lights. You should go to that, by the way. A few new tunes in the works as well, which is always nice.

Summer NAMM show. I may or may not be traveling to Nashville for a few days next week for work. I find out for sure today. Not super excited about it, but what the hell. It’s better than being tied to my desk, and it’s expenses paid. I’m not exactly swimming in cash at the moment.

No food. Our fridge? Empty. Our cupboards? Not really bare, but there’s nothing to concoct out of our meager, post-vacation rations. A trip to the third-world Shop n’ Save is in the cards for tomorrow.

The Art of Racing in the Rain. Cool book. Finished it while in the BVI. Both my mom and Lisa weren't very into it, but I thought it was great. A little hokey in parts, but overall, I dug it. Still need to finish that Keith Richards bio.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

Engaged. I’m officially a fiancee’ now. Lisa and I got engaged on the beach earlier this week. It was very romantical.

British Virgin Islands. Virgin Gorda, specifically, is where I was the past 2 weeks, and is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Nothing but sunshine, un-crowded beaches, giant boulders, palm trees, good food, and good people. There are lizards and roosters everywhere, just hanging out. It was amazing. Huge thanks to Mary and Keith for being rad vacation pals.

Traveling. While it sucks that the trip is over, I’m very glad to be out of taxis, ferrys, and airplanes, and finished dealing with unpleasant customs agents. As an interesting side note; my car battery was dead this morning and had to get a new one, which figures.

New stuff in the mail. CCS catalog, free Steve Caballero pool board from Powell (thanks again!), t-shirt, next Mad Men disc from Netflix, AND just ordered my Winged Ripper jacket, which finally came in stock right in time for the 116-degree STL heat index.

Snorkeling. Never did it before we went to the BVI, and there’s probably no better place on Earth to try it. It was amazing, needless to say. Saw tons of rad fish and a giant lobster. Keith saw jellyfish and stingrays, and almost saw an octopus.

Friday, July 1, 2011

july first

Five for July 1st:

July. Kicking it off right this evening with an Elvis Costello show at the Pageant. Did I mention we didn’t have to pay for tickets? After that, swinging by the Royale for the Sleepy Kitty new album listening party.

Cool shows. So much going on tonight. The Breaks at Halo. Fucked Up at the Firebird. Thee Fine Lines and Blackbelts at Way Out. Clownvis at Off Broadway. It’s pure insanity. Go do something.

New books. I need to pick up some reading material. At the top of my list are the new Iron Maiden photo-bio, and Sean Cliver’s new book, “The Disposable Skateboard Bible”. Neither of which, of course, are out yet.

Chuck Berry statue. Looks like it's finally been installed. Yeah, the dude has done some pretty weird (and uncool) stuff in his day, but who hasn’t? His contributions to music cannot be ignored.

Blog hiatus. Those of you who read this blog with any regularity know that I rarely if ever miss a post, and if I do, it’s for a good reason. That said; I will be a taking a short break from daily posting on this blog starting today. I’ll be back in a week or so to spill forth my usual self-serving gibberish. Fret not.