Friday, September 30, 2011

september thirtieth

Five for September 30th:

So long, September. With the exception of the cold and allergy mania of the last few days, it’s been a good month. I can’t believe we’re already into October. Where did this summer go?

Weekend. Nearly here, and it’s a packed one: spinning records with Kevin and Seth tonight at Royale, playing the Midtown Alley Street Festival tomorrow, and filming an interview for a PBS segment that’ll run later this month. And that’s not even counting Sunday.

Jimmy John’s fail. My lunch plans for yesterday didn’t come to fruition after all. The half hour extra time I would've had to make up at the office was not worth the $5 savings of standing in a block-long line for a one dollar sandwich. Alas.

Band stuff. We have a big announcement coming down the pike. Well, big for us, anyway. We’ll spill the beans on Monday. All good stuff, so worry not.

Junk food. Came in to work to a box of donuts, and now they’re making popcorn, which smells really good. The fact that I’m hangry isn’t making things easier.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

september twenty-ninth

Five for September 29th:

The Cardinals are in the playoffs. Wow. Didn’t think that would happen. Here’s hoping they can keep the momentum going.

Tissues. I’m fairly certain that I might have extolled the virtures of Vicks-scented & lotioned Puffs Plus facial tissues on this blog in the past, but I’m doing it again. If you’re not using these when you have a cold, you’re selling youself short.

Breaking Bad. About seven episodes in, and it’s getting better and better. I have a feeling I’m entering the first phase of addiction with this show.

Band practice. Working on a set for the Midtown Alley street festival tonight. Looking forward to hitting some drums. Speaking of the band, check out this review of “With A Bang” on PopMatters.

Jimmy John’s. Today is “customer appreciation day”, or something, and apparently all regular 8” subs (1-6) are a dollar. Sounds like my broke-ass lunch plans are dialed in.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

september twenty-eighth

Five for September 28th:

Best-of STL. Found out yesterday that we won "Best Pop Band" in the 2011 RFT "Best of St. Louis" issue, along with Reader's Choice nominations for "Best Male Vocalist" (Seth) and "Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months" (With A Bang). The issue comes out in print today. I appreciate it immensely. Cheers to you all.

CCS. New catalog showed up yesterday and, in stark contrast to its usual “peruse on the toilet and throw in the garbage” nature, it’s stuffed with good deals on cool items. Might have to pick some stuff up.

Last night. Impromptu chili cook-out, compliments of Lisa, followed by a band hang-out at Friendly’s, where some pretty massive decisions were made regarding the future of the band. Big announcement coming soon. All good stuff, don’t worry.

NYC pigs. Any police officer involved in this should lose their job and be immediately turned over to the crowd for a little bit of good ol' fashioned mob justice while their children look on in horror.

Successticles. I came up with this word the other day and it’s catching on, although I’m still not sure what it means. At least 4 different people have used it on Facebook since then. Successticles!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

september twenty-seventh

Five for September 27th:

RIP Bob Cassilly. The City Museum is one of the greatest places on Earth, and I have about a hundred million great memories from there. I always greatly admired Bob Cassilly, even though I never met him. Huge loss for this city.

Cocktails at Royale. They really are the best in town. Swung by there for dinner and drinks last night with Lisa. It was cool seeing my name on the board. If you’re not doing anything Friday, come by for my co-DJ spin with Seth. It’ll be a blast.

Tonight. Taking Henry to the park. Possibly going to Milo’s for bocce and veggie pizza, followed by a band meetup.

Aldi wins. We’re through with third-world Shop n’ Save. It’s all about the Aldi for the bargain shopping in south city.

Sly Stone. Wow, this is a bummer. One of the greatest artists ever, in my book. Here's hoping he can pull himself together.

Monday, September 26, 2011

september twenty-sixth

Five for September 26th:

New shoes. Picked up a new pair of Vans classic checkered charcoal slip-ons, which I’m enjoying immensely. They’re comfortable, stylish, and I don’t have to worry about destroying my laces while skating in them.

Weekend action. Despite Lisa being a bit under the weather, rad weekend. Highlights included Seth’s birthday/dance party at Deacon, checking out some wedding locales, and going to the zoo for hippo and elephant viewing. Plus, the weather was amazing.

Car repairs. In the last week I’ve had an oil change, serpentine belt replacement, and a slow leak in the back tire plugged. My tires are nail magnets. Thankfully it didn’t all cost an arm and a leg.

Local artist spotlight. Seth did an interview for a Blind Eyes spotlight on KDHX that is airing for the next week or two. You can stream or download it here.

Lou Reed and Metallica. This might be the most depressing thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

september twenty-third

Five for September 23rd:

Band practice. It freaking killed last night. Best one in a month or so. Some new stuff is really coming together. Excited about playing next weekend.

This weekend. Almost here. Old school BMX show at Ramp Riders, Seth’s birthday party at Bleeding Deacon, possible skate session with Andy on Sunday. Breakfast pizza and bloody marys. What else do you need?

Henry. Freshly groomed for fall, and newly aerodynamic. He’s digging his new ‘do.

Wipe down. Gave my entire office area a complete Clorox bath from top to bottom yesterday for the first time since we moved over to this building two years ago. Feels good to not be swimming in dust, I’ve got to say.

Peanut butter & banana sandwich. I’m weirdly excited about my incredibly dull lunch today. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

september twenty-second

Five for September 22nd:

King and I. Sometimes, Thai food is just what the doctor ordered. Case in point: last night. Make sure you get the vegetable potstickers. Too bad we skipped out on Gelato.

Early bird special. If you’re getting your oil changed, the only time to go is in the morning before work. It’s dead, and super cheap if you go early. Seriously- $27. Plus, I got to see a thug dude in the lobby with a shirt that said “I don’t need a tractor to pull hoes”. I love south city.

Midtown Alley Street Festival. We’re headlining it this year, and our set is being taped for a short PBS arts documentary. Full list of bands and performance times here.

Tonight. Picking up Henry from the groomer, rock rehearsal, skate DVD swap, possible late trip to the gym.

Hip bruise. It’s definitely getting better, which is nice. It’s good to be able to sleep on my right side again. Hopefully it’ll be gone for good in a week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

september twenty-first

Five for September 21st:

Facebook. Yes, the new format is obviously terrible and ill-conceived, but complaining about Facebook changes is sort of like crashing on your friend’s couch rent-free for a year and then bitching when he decides to rearrange the furniture.

Breaking Bad. Started watching it the other night, and am currently about 3 episodes in. So far, digging it, and I hear it just gets better and better.

5K #3. Happening tonight. My legs were just too strained yesterday to run another one last night. As much as I wanted it to happen, I didn’t want to hurt myself in the process. Also, I was crazy exhausted last night after work. Picking it back up this evening. Maybe “every night” was too lofty a goal.

Fall 2011. Offically begins in a few days. This summer flew by, and it bums me out that it’s coming to a close. Really want to try to squeeze a camping trip with Lisa and Henry in before it gets too cold during the nights.

Cheap gas. Filled up for $3.07/gallon at the QT by my house this morning. It was like $3.39 last time I filled up. Get it while it's sorta cheap. Or something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

september twentieth

Five for September 20th:

5K #2. Did it last night, and my legs are currently sore as a result. Also, Lisa now has a trial membership to the gym, which is cool. It’s always more fun to go with someone. It keeps me from getting restless and just leaving early out of sheer boredom.

Netflix. It’s painful watching themselves commit blunder after public blunder, all the more so because I genuinely like Netflix. Why are they doing this? My advice would be to just cut your losses, take it all back, and issue a worldwide apology for your stupidity.

Weezer. I was thinking this morning- If I went to your room and read your diary after you just told me you'd "never heard of Green Day”, and it said, literally; "watching grunge leg drop new jack through a press table" and some nonsense about listening to Cio-Cio San, I'd immediately conclude that you were the most pretentious person to ever live and want nothing more to do with you.

Video action. Shooting a Blind Eyes live video for the Post-Dispatch and an interview plus live show for the PBS arts festival series, both in October. Ours will be airing after the Cameron Crowe-directed Pearl Jam documentary. More info forthcoming.

Car repairs. The party Yaris currently needs a belt checkup, oil change, interior/exterior cleansing, and some gas.

Monday, September 19, 2011

september nineteenth

Five for September 19th:

Battlestar Galactica. Finished the series yesterday morning. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Defintely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and I was totally happy with the ending. Now I can finally read about it on Wikipedia and not worry about spoilers.

5K a day. A bold declaration for a Monday, but my goal for this week is to run a 5K at the gym every day. We’ll see if that actually happens, but that’s the plan. I did the run last night in about 27 minutes, and I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t do it every night, as long as I can keep the chafing to a minimum.

Indian buffets. I’m done with them. Yes, they’re incredibly tasty, but I am through wasting entire days doing nothing but sleeping off Indian food and feeling like a bloated sloth.

Bugs on a log. Ever since I had a brief Twitter conversation about them this past week, I’ve been craving them. I think I could probably make them a reality, if I put my mind to it.

The Disposable Skateboard Bible. Probably the single most awesome book ever printed. Just when I was getting sick of looking at the first version of Disposable, this comes along. A must have for any fan of skateboard art. Thanks mom. I've also been reading the super-lengthy Chris Miller interview in a back issue of Juice that is incredibly awesome.

Friday, September 16, 2011

september sixteenth

Five for September 16th:

Birthday. 34 today. Luckily I'm a firm believer in "age is nothing but a number". Good day so far. Got an awesome new hoodie from Lisa and had some cinnamon rolls. What else do you need?

New license. It’s slightly less terrible than my last one, but this is license #5 for me- I think- and so far I’ve only had one decent picture out of all of them. Also, while the Clayton DMV is definitely better than S. Kingshighway, it’s still depressing and miserable.

Digital converter box. Am I shocked that the digital converter I (and everyone else in the US) was forced to buy 3 years ago is already starting to malfunction? Unfortunately, no, I’m not. Currently it takes about 10 minutes for the thing to kick on and find a signal in the mornings. Luckily, we don’t watch much TV.

My hip. Still bruised, but the black and blue is all cleared up. Considering going to see a doctor about it, but it feels fine for the most part. The interweb tells me hip bruises after a fall are common for up to 6 weeks, but maybe I should err on the side of caution.

Henry. He’s all about the rawhide bones. Trust me on this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

september fifteenth

Five for September 15th:

The oatmeal at Starbucks. It’s actually really good and is sort of changing my life this morning. What can I say? It’s getting cold outside.

DMV. While I'm not looking forward to going to the DMV today, I *am* looking forward to having a license photo that doesn't look like a third-strike child molester's mug shot. I’m also sort of looking forward to checking out the one in Clayton. Anything has to be better than the Kingshighway DMV, which has all the charm of a Siberian forced labor camp.

House hunt ’11. The rain stopped and we checked out a few places last night, and really, all of them were pretty good except for one. Two of them, we really liked. One of them, we super really liked.

Sarah Palin. If the allegations that she slept with an NBA player, smoked pot, and snorted cocaine off a 55 lb oil drum while snowmobiling are true, it will mark the first and only time I’ve ever been able to view Sarah Palin as an actual human being.

My last day as a 33 year old. That seems insane to me, but hey, I still feel like I’m 18, which is all that matters.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

september fourteenth

Five for September 14th:

South City. Ran into a few random friends from different circles last night at an impromptu dinner with Lisa at Shaved Duck. South City is just a small town when you get right down to it.

Biking. My plans to ride in to work again today were quashed by the ongoing rain, but hopefully I can get another ride in on Friday.

Tonight. Checking out some more houses after work. Quite a few cool ones on the list, and I feel refreshed on looking at them now that we’ve had a couple of weeks off. I was getting a bit burned out on it, truth be told.

Records. Need to start getting some tunes together the first ever Blind Eyes DJ spin at Royale on the 30th. Joining me will be Mr. Seth Porter, who has actually done it before and has some idea what he’s doing. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. 10 pm to close. More on this later, to be sure.

Lance Mountain Sidewalk Surfer. I totally want one of these.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

september thirteenth

Five for September 13th:

Riding bikes. “What the Hell”, I said this morning, and rode my bike in to work despite my lingering allergies. It was an amazing ride, and despite the fact that I’ve hardly rode all summer, I made it in 45 minutes as usual. The ride home, which is mostly uphill, might be a different story. Also, I love having those BMX pedals back on.

Fun fact. A pumpkin spice latte and slice of banana walnut bread at Starbucks comes out to exactly $6.66. Satanic victory.

Dental work. That was the shortest dentist visit of all time: in and out of there in about 15 minutes. Now I have to figure out a time to get my two remaining wisdom teeth pulled. Do not want.

In the mail. Santa Cruz “screaming hand” t-shirt, Wild Zero DVD from Netflix. That movie is amazing, and if you haven't seen it, remedy that immediately.

Laundry. Note to self: I need to stop washing my clothes and Henry’s torn-up towels in the same load. My shirts are covered in white towel shards.

Monday, September 12, 2011

september twelfth

Five for September 12th:

An Undercover Weekend. Tight Pants Syndrome as ELO and Union Tree Review as Marvin Gaye were among some of the best AUCW sets I’ve ever seen, but everyone was great. Another successful year.

Crown Valley Winery. Good wine and a nice view, but definitely not going to be the spot for our wedding. Too many negatives, including inadequate space indoors and terrible cover bands that go till 6 every Saturday night. No thanks.

Yesterday. Breakfast with Lisa at Mud House (rad), Grandpa’s 90th birthday party (or, as I called it, his 15th sixth birthday party), finally got those pedals on my bike replaced (thanks Josh), cleaned Lisa’s car from top to bottom (because I’m nice), and did 4 miles at the gym (which felt great, except for the chafing).

Clue. Bought the “classic” version of Clue the other night, which includes a vintage board, wooden playing pieces and actual metal weapons. It’s awesome, even though I didn’t win a single game.

Dentist. Getting a filling tonight after work. Do not want.

Friday, September 9, 2011

september ninth

Five for September 9th:

Practice. Great one last night. Everything felt really good, and we have a new tune that’s coming together nicely. Also, I feel like I didn’t play like absolute crap, which is always nice.

This morning. Checking e-mails, listening to the Who’s “Live at Leeds”, and drinking a cup of terrible coffee.

Weekend. Glad it’s (almost) here. Lots happening. The Safes at El Lenador tonight, checking out a potential wedding spot with Lisa tomorrow followed by an Undercover Weekend, birthday party for the gramps on Sunday, and whatever else comes along.

Real Genius. Watched it last night for the first time in probably 10 years. It wasn’t as good as I remembered it, and there were way more musical montages than I recall there being. Did that weird looking kid that played Mitch ever do anything else?

Darkness. It’s starting to get dark early, heralding my least favorite time of the year. At least the weather is pretty nice. For now.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

september eighth

Five for September 8th:

Dentist. Of course, I have the beginnings of a cavity and need to get a filling, which is happening on Monday night. On a positive note, my blood pressure is apparently excellent, and I got a bunch of free dental floss.

Royale. Late dinner and drinks with Lisa last night was just what the doctor (dentist?) ordered. Had to skip the KDHX interview, but sounds like Seth pulled it off ok. Should be airing in a couple weeks; I’ll make sure everyone is well aware of the times.

Tonight. Band practice, and maybe a trip to the gym afterward, if I’m feeling up to it. The chances of being too wiped out/hungry are high, but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

My desk at work. It’s pretty gross right now. I haven’t properly wiped it down in I don’t even know how long. Need to bring in some Clorox wipes and take care of it. I’m pretty sure this giant dust buildup isn’t helping my allergy issues.

Priorities. The fact that President Obama's speech tonight had to be moved to an earlier time slot so it wouldn't interfere with the Packers game is one more step in America's swift descent towards Idiocracy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

september seventh

Five for September 7th:

Tonight. Dentist appointment after work, immediately followed by an interview at KDHX at 8. If I can’t make it in time, Seth is going solo.

Powell “Winged Ripper” Jacket. Wore it out today for the first time, now that jacket weather is upon us, at least for the time being. Pretty rad, although as always, my abnormally long arms make the fit a little weird.

Working out. Went to the gym last night for the first time in a month or so to run. The one by our house is a lot better than the one in the loop, and much closer.

Jacked up. I have a giant lump on my hip from slamming the other day. On the upside, the black and blue is starting to go away.

La Vallesana. While I still love La Vallesana, I can't help but feel that a big part of the unique Cherokee street landscape is now gone, replaced by a building that looks like a Chevy's or something. To me, it's kind of a bummer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

september sixth

Five for September 6th:

Cool down. It was 100+ degrees and sweltering on Saturday, but by Monday morning it was down into the low 70s, probably colder. I had to wear a hoodie while walking Henry this morning. Fall is coming on quick and wreaking havoc on my sinuses.

Tower Groove Records carnival. Checked it out with Kevin for a bit on Sunday. Lots of people were out, I saw a few bands, and the weather was amazing. Also, it’s going to take a long time for me to adjust to Off Broadway’s downsizing of their once epically long bar.

Local Harvest. Lisa and I broke out the bikes and rode to Local Harvest for breakfast on Sunday morning. Their food is amazing, and it felt great to get a (short) bike ride in. Planning on riding in to work sometime this week, if I can muster the motivation in the morning.

Folk music. Not exactly my favorite, generally speaking, but the backyard folk school jam at Tom’s birthday party yesterday was impressive as hell.

Short week. The next best part of a 3-day weekend is a 4-day work week.

Friday, September 2, 2011

september second

Five for September 2nd:

New Ringtone. An audio recording of Keith imitating a frustrated Jimmy Stewart asking for a fictional beer called “Lobsterbräu”. It is indeed as amazing as it sounds.

3-day weekend. Starting in mere hours. Aside from playing a wedding reception at Mangia for one of Kevin’s friends on Sunday night (the bride to be is apparently really likes our band), I don’t have much in the way of firm plans, which is fine by me.

Last night. Good band practice, but too short. We need to find a new place to practice that we can use past 8 pm. Only being able to play drums for an hour and a half a week certainly isn’t making me any better.

eBay. I don’t understand how a seller can demand immediate payment for an item via Paypal, and then take over a week to ship the item out. That’s what I call a massive fail, and a sure-fire negative feedback. It doesn’t take 8 days to put a t-shirt in the mail.

Bloody Mary. I want one, right now. Extra olives.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

september first

Five for September 1st:

September. My second favorite month of the year. It’s worth noting that my birthday is in sixteen days, so, you know. Get me stuff.

Free skate session. There’s a 30 and over “old man” mini ramp session at No Coast every Thursday night from 6-8, which, naturally, is exactly the one time during the week that I have band practice, down to the hours. This is actually ok, for now, given how much I would likely embarrass myself on the aforementioned mini ramp.

Mad Men. The first four seasons just showed up on Netflix Instant. If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time to get started.

Contacts. I think it’s officially time to get a new pair going. I have had my current pair alive and kicking since before our trip to the BVI. Surprisingly, they’re still quite comfortable, but they’re starting to dry out pretty quick. Just trying to get as much life out of them as I can before I have to go fork over a ton of money on another year’s supply.

Don’t buy it. Didn't this whole "Apple employee leaving new a iPhone prototype in a bar" publicity stunt happen last year? Steve Jobs is not amused.