Monday, October 31, 2011

october thirty-first

Five for October 31st:

World Series champs. Downtown with friends on Friday night for the Cards victory was nothing short of insanity. People everywhere. We walked down to the stadium to take it all in. Everyone was going nuts. It was a giant, citywide party.

Skateboarding. Skated JB park with Andy and a bunch of other dudes, all of who are in or were in the music scene in STL, yesterday morning. It was fun as hell, and cool to meet and skate with some new people who are as terrible as I am. Brought my old school Vallely along, and those guys were freaking out on it.

Meetings and paper-signings. Realtor yesterday. Insurance people this morning. Realtor again tonight. Mortgage guy tomorrow. Working out the inspection. Buying a house is not easy.

Total Halloween failure. We bombed it this year, big-time. No costumes, no pumpkins, no Hershey’s miniatures, no anything. Too much World Series and house-buying craziness/penny-pinching. Next year, we’re going all out for Halloween, and you’re invited.

New jeans. I need them in a bad way. It’s getting ridiculous. Both my pairs of Gap jeans- the only ones I like- are basically falling apart. Of course, I’ll have to go to Chesterfield to get them, or order online, as the Galleria doesn’t have my size.

Friday, October 28, 2011

october twenty-eighth

Five for October 28th:

Game 6. What can you say about last night’s comeback to take us to game 7 that hasn’t already been said? Everyone delivered, and it was nothing short of epic. Has to be one of the most amazing games in baseball history.

Civil Life brewery. Pretty awesome little microbrewery in south city where we watched the game. It’s like a little cabin built inside an old industrial building, with rad beer and sandwiches. I didn’t even know it was there, and I’ll definitely be going back.

Band practice. Excellent one yesterday evening. Even our terrible freeform blues/jazz jam to warm up sounded good. Well, maybe not “good”, but you know.

World Series. All comes down to tonight. Looks like we’ll be heading to someplace close to downtown to be close-ish to the action if we win. Tap Room? It was a fun ride either way.

Weekend. Tons happening. Game tonight (obviously), costume-shopping, Halloween partying, skateboarding, more paper-signing, dinner with mom. What else?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

october twenty-seventh

Five for October 27th:

Last night. Went by the realtor’s office and signed a bunch of papers on the new house. There’s a lot left to do, but we’re going to approach it one day at a time and not stress. That’s the plan, anyway. Followed up with a celebratory cocktail at the Royale, which will probably our last for a while.

Band practice. Tonight. Working on a set for the Firebird show on November 11th, and ironing out songs for New Year’s Eve. There are a lot of songs I’m going to need to nail down between now and then.

The next couple of months. I know I mentioned this a few posts back, but it’s worth reiterating- they’re going to be nothing short of insane. That said, buying and moving into an amazing house with my beautiful fiancée while preparing for a packed-to-the-rafters NYE rock show are total white people problems and I should probably just shut the hell up.

Coming soon. Bones “Ripper” t-shirt, DVD of the Steve Rocco documentary The Man Who Souled The World via Netflix.

Winnebag Man. Watched it the other night, and it was actually much better than I had imagined. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to see it, but I’m glad I did. Like every documentary ever made, it takes itself a little too seriously, but it was still really good and in no way diminishes the awesomeness of the original Winnebago Man. It’s online, so check it out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

october twenty-sixth

Five for October 26th:

Signing papers and other grown-up stuff. Meeting with our realtor tonight to get contracts in order for the new house. This will undoubtedly involve signing things and writing checks, but we’ll be that much closer to being done with it.

New pins. The Blind Eyes “bomb” pins (black on yellow) will be done this week along with another batch of the “girl covering her eyes” buttons. We should really come up with a name for her. Anyway, they’ll be available at the next show along with our sweet new shirts (American Apparel!) and, of course, “With A Bang”.

Cardinals home stand. It’s do or die for the next two games, which will luckily be played at home. We’re going to need more than a bunch of stuffed squirrels to rally from Monday night’s disaster of a game.

Ann Curry. She will make you cringe. It doesn’t matter what she’s talking about or who she’s talking to- you will cringe.

Breakfast quesadilla. What? I’ve never heard of such a thing until today, but it sounds life-changing. Where do I get one?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october twenty-fifth

Five for October 25th:

Home ownership. Well, not yet officially, but the offer on the house was accepted and we’ll soon be homeowners! We got the deal of a lifetime (and when I say that, I cannot stress it enough) on an amazing house in Clifton Heights. The key to buying a house? Get it from the government. No emotional investment on the part of the seller equals insane deals for the buyer. More as it develops.

Facing reality. The amount of stuff we’re going to have to take on in the next few months- buying a house, moving, doing some work on it, etc., is sort of daunting- but that said we’re excited as hell, so it doesn’t matter.

Hanging out. Good times and good pizza at the Bottleworks last night with Mary and Keith. Too bad the Cardinals blew it. At least we get home field advantage for the next two games.

Halloween. Looks like we got our costume idea worked out last night. Now we just have to go put it all together. This marks the first time in the last 3 years that we’ve actually had any sort of jump on our costumes.

Today. The last day of amazing weather, for awhile anyway. It’s criminal to have to be stuck in a windowless office all day.

Monday, October 24, 2011

october twenty-fourth

Five for October 24th:

Rad pad. Keep your fingers crossed, but we found an amazing house that we put an offer on last night. Not saying anything else about it until we get something back, but I will remain, as always, cautiously optimistic. We shall see.

Rock show. The first show with Andy was a resounding success, despite the sort of weak audience. As has been the case for a number of weeks now, postseason baseball is destroying people’s ability to do anything but watch postseason baseball. Still, Andy played great and the set sounded as tight as it could have- and it was certainly not a bad show turnout-wise by any means.

Great weather. This weekend was about as good as it gets on the weather front. Absolutely perfect fall days. Can’t beat it.

On TV. The Blind Eyes PBS segment came out surprisingly well. I don’t have a link to post yet, but hopefully will soon. The Pearl Jam documentary that aired before it was really interesting as well, and sort of gave me a new respect for them.

Required reading. Thrasher’s Insane Terrain (on loan from my brother). New issues of Skateboarder and Transworld magazines. Fall edition of the Eddie Bauer catalog, which we apparently get because I like their socks.

Friday, October 21, 2011

october twenty-first

Five for October 21st:

Rapture. Today is the second end of the world this year! Here’s hoping it goes better than the one in May did.

Band practice. Excellent one last night at Kevin’s. The songs are really starting to sound good with the second guitar. I think we’re ready for Edwardsville on Saturday night. The question is- is Edwardsville ready for us? Probably.

TBE TV. The Blind Eyes segment for the PBS Arts lineup will be playing tonight. It will be part of the Cameron Crowe-directed Pearl Jam documentary, beginning at 8pm. KETC channel 9. Tune in. Word on the street is it came out well.

We Are Skateboarders. I’m giving this video another shot, and it’s much better the second time around. I think the key to watching skate videos is to not watch them with your fiancée. They’re less embarrassing when you’re flying solo.

Halloween. Another Halloween is almost here, and once again, we have put absolutely no thought or effort into getting costumes together. We’ll do it next week, maybe.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

october twentieth

Five for October 20th:

New interview. Seth did an interview with the St. Louis Beacon leading up to this Friday’s PBS Arts Festival segment on- you guessed it- us. It came out great. Go check it out, and tune in/Tivo the special on Friday night. As a side note, we really need to get a better band photo.

Atomic ranch. We saw an amazing house last night that we’re both digging heavily on. Weirdly, according to the pictures on the shelves, a girl I went to high school with owns it. Small world. We’ll see what happens.

Banana walnut bread. Picked up a slice at Starbucks on the way in to work today- and calories be damned, that thing was delicious. Also rad on the food front: Dogtown pizza. There is really no reason to get anything else, if you’re going the “frozen” route.

World Series. Game one is a winner for the Cardinals, and thankfully we can actually watch the games at home now it’s switched back to regular (non-cable) TV.

Space heater. Is the space heater mankind’s greatest invention? Quite possibly. It’s pretty life-changing, especially when you’re not quite ready to commit to turning on the heat.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

october nineteenth

Five for October 19th:

Last night. Hung out with a few of the Knife Fight dudes plus the rest of the band, sans Andy, at the Deacon. Good drinks, good times. The girl that was tending bar has the exact same tattoo on her left forearm as I do, in the exact same spot. Spooky.

Iron Maiden’s “Piece of Mind”. I determined today that this would be my number one desert island album, topping the Clash’s “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” and Elvis Costello’s “This Year’s Model”, but just barely.

In the mail. That vintage 1988 Variflex John Warren signature model showed up yesterday, and it’s awesome. Variflex did a few “legit” models in the eighties, and this is one of them, for this semi-well known New Zealand pro. I got if for next to nothing on eBay, as it was mislabeled. Winner? Me. I guess.

Mi Ranchito. Cold, rainy days are the perfect backdrop for some Ranchito lunch action, as will be the case this afternoon.

Republicans. Along with the Tea Party, they're simply a horrifying group of people.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

october eighteenth

Five for October 18th:

Fall sucks. Saturday was 80 degrees and sunny. Flash forward 3 days; it’s miserably cold, grey, and pissing rain. At least it’s supposed to be nice again this weekend.

Band jam. It was cool finally seeing Tom’s family band play at the Atomic Cowboy open mic night last night, even if the set was only about 20 minutes long. I guess that’s the nature of open mic nights. Good stuff.

Lisa is a rad cook. She can put the most amazing stuff together out of seemingly nothing. Yesterday evening’s fajita concoction was a steaming bowl of awesome.

Free beer. Denise’s husband works for AB, and every once in awhile she shows up with a Jeep full of beer for everyone. Not my favorite stuff, but free is free. Got a case early this week that we’ll probably be done with sometime in the next two months.

Animal abuse. There’s really nothing in the world that makes me more angry or sad.

Monday, October 17, 2011

october seventeenth

Five for October 17th:

Skateboarding. Skated for about 3 hours with Andy on Saturday, hitting up Kingshighway park, followed by a bunch of cool and seemingly undiscovered spots on the Hill, including an amazing long and perfectly sloped bank. Getting out for a real skate session instead of just dorking around in the parking lot for 20 minutes feels great.

Cardinals. We stomped the Brewers and are going to the World Series. Again. Rad time watching the game on Amsterdam’s frigid patio on Friday. Had to miss most of the game last night, but Keith kept me up to speed via text messages, and I managed to catch the last inning after dropping Kevin off.

Band practice. Good one at Andy’s pad last night. The set is starting to sound really good, and it’s cool to be able to practice for a good long stretch instead of having to wrap it up by 8. Playing this coming Saturday in Edwardsville.

Green acres. Went to Lisa’s dad’s huge farm in Swiss, MO yesterday with Henry. He loved it, of course. Had some great food and took a tour of the farm’s vast acreage, which included tearing through the woods knocking down everything in our wake in the ATV. Good times.

House hunt. It has sort of ramped up again after a little lull. We found a rad place, but in order to not jinx it, I won’t get into any details. I’ve already said too much.

Friday, October 14, 2011

october fourteenth

Five for October 14th:

The Morganford strip. It is the place to be for the playoffs, apparently. Watched game 4 last night at 3 Monkeys with Lisa and Laura, and rumor has it Amsterdam is happening tonight for game 5.

Occupy Wall Street. Confused about what they’re angry about? Well, so are a lot of people. Here’s something to spell it out for you, and if this doesn’t make your blood boil, then you should probably reevaluate your life.

Weekend. Almost here. Hanging out with people tonight. Skating with Andy tomorrow, and checking out some houses. Nate’s reception tomorrow night at the Waiting Room followed by some potential bowling. Lisa’s dad’s place for lunch with Henry in tow Sunday afternoon, followed by band practice. I’m sure some other stuff will find its way in there.

The coolest picture of anything ever. Here you go. It’s all downhill from here on out.

Iron Maiden. I can easily, and without looking, skip over every song on “Killers” on my iPod to land straight on “Where Eagles Dare”. That album should've just been a 4-song single.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

october thirteenth

Five for October 13th:

In the mail. New issue of Thrasher (worth picking up just for the “world’s worst parks” feature alone), Skate Mental shirt, Rat Bones cap that doesn’t really fit. Coming in the mail: vintage (complete) Variflex John Warren “pro model”.

Pledge to KDHX. Can you imagine life without KDHX? I really can’t. Lisa and I both threw down some dollars yesterday, and I suggest you do the same. Call in this week and support.

Girl Scout cookies. Just ordered the obligatory box of Tagalongs and Do-Si-Dos from a coworker. However, had to say no to the Samoas this year. I think I’m still sick of them from last year. As a side note, good to see they went back to the old names for the cookies. The new ones were bumming me out.

Laundry. 2012 will finally be the year that my “One Year of Dryer Lint” coffee table photo book comes to fruition. Mark my words.

Cardinals. Two down, two to go. To quote my brother; “I don't want to jinx this shit, but do you guys realize that there's a very good chance that the Cardinals could be in the motherfucking World Series? And not the World Series of Poker, but the one for baseball?”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

october twelfth

Five for October 12th:

New deck. Picked up a new Anti Hero price point deck after work yesterday, so I’m rolling again. Too bad it’s supposed to rain all day. Props to No Coast for the last-minute, quick and professional grip tape job after my botched attempt.

Trader Joe’s. Going tonight, come hell or high water. We need our lemon-oil encrusted organic sugar wafers and black licorice Scottie dogs, and pronto.

Getting hitched. It’s all coming together. Everything has been finalized for the venues, which is a big load off. Now we have to start getting the minute details laid out. Luckily, we have almost a year to do so. It’s going to be awesome.

House hunt. Checked out a few places last night with our realtor. The last one was pretty cool upstairs, but featured the most amazing basement tiki lounge I’ve ever seen, with bamboo-covered walls, a full, built-in tiki bar, and all manner of vintage lighting and furniture. It blew my mind. The only issue is the location- too far south.

30 Rock. Getting back into watching this show. I never picked up after season 4 ended for whatever reason. Totally one of the best shows ever.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

october eleventh

Five for October 11th:

Man or Astro Man? About 17 years ago, Kevin Schneider and I stood outside what was then Cicero’s basement in the Loop trying to get in to see Man or Astro Man, but could not, as it was a 21+ show. Last night, I finally got to see them in the spot that once housed Cicero’s basement- now the much larger and more professional Blueberry Hill Duck Room. Of course, it was a great show.

Dead deck. My Blind Eyes deck bit the dust last night. It’s totally sagging and will crack within the next few ollies. It’s been a good run.

Apollonia. Went there for dinner with Lisa last night for the first time in a couple years. Man, that place is totally amazing and cheap. I won’t wait 2 years before going there again. Also, we finally figured out the key to eating out on the cheap- don’t drink.

Tonight. Skateshop, checking out a house, going to Trader Joe’s. In that order. Maybe cocktails outside at Royale? It’ll be nice out, and not for much longer.

Cardinals. What happened last night at Miller Park can only be described as a slaughter. Sweet retribution, and not a moment too soon.

Monday, October 10, 2011

october tenth

Five for October 10th:

Sunny days. Talking about the weather is admittedly boring, but I would be lying if I said this past week or so of sunshine and clear skies hasn’t done wonders for my overall mood.

Weekend. Hung out with lots of people, checked out Matt and Katie’s sweet new grown-up house, saw the Cardinals at their defensive best and worst, went to a couple of parks, got some lunch at Pi with Henry in tow, skated, barbecued, hot-tubbed, and generally had a bitchin’ time.

Wedding plans. So, the date is set, and the deposit on the venue for the reception has been put down, and locations for the wedding itself have been thoroughly scouted. Just a few more things to firm up and we can breathe a little easier. More soon.

Netflix drops Quikster. Not to be all like, “I told you so”, but I totally called this one.

New wheels. Picked up some 54mm Spitfire bigheads at No Coast on Saturday. They're not quite as soft as I wanted, but have a wider diameter, and they won’t get chewed up as quickly as those crappy generic wheels did. So far, so good.

Friday, October 7, 2011

october seventh

Five for October 7th:

H-Street soundtrack. Andy hooked me up with a CD of all the best tunes from “Shackle Me Not” and “Hokus Pokus” last night- 30 some tracks total. I have to admit; driving in to work blasting “Dollar on a Platter” was pretty awesome. Timeless stuff.

Steve Jobs, Part 2. Jobs worship got a little out of hand yesterday. This Gawker article puts it into perspective, and I agree wholeheartedly. Time to settle down, people. Also: just when you thought the Westboro Baptist Church couldn't get any dumber.

Weekend action. This weekend is going to be awesome, just by virtue of the fact that the weather will be amazing. What’s happening? Housewarming parties, playoff games, rock shows, bike rides, skateboarding, and general hang-outtery. See you out there.

New gear. Just ordered some dirt-cheap closeout stuff on CCS. Hey, whatever. It’s payday.

Wilco. I guess I just don't get it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

october sixth

Five for October 6th:

Steve Jobs. While I’m certainly not the world’s biggest Apple fanatic, there’s no denying Steve Jobs. As I sit here typing this, my iPod is blaring away as it does every day, and as always, I’m considering upgrading to an iPhone. There you have it.

Go Cardinals. Will they finish off the Phillies? We’ll know tomorrow. Also, being somewhat of a squirrel fan, I think the whole rally squirrel thing is awesome.

Tonight. Gear hauling/loading, band practice. Getting a set together for our first show with Andy on October 22. May have to stop at Starbucks for an Americano beforehand. St. Vincent at ORH afterward?

Sunshine and clear skies. The weather forecast for the next seven days is unbelievable. Hope to take advantage with a couple of rides in to work next week, and some skating this weekend.

Bachmann “bad lip reading”. This video is probably one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. Watch it immediately.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october fifth

Five for October 5th:

Junior High. The best thing I learned while in junior high was that “Reebok” stood for "run each (and) every Blood off Kingshighway". Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the Bloods ever developed any decent retaliatory footwear-themed acronyms.

Rolling Stone. Dudes, just because something says “Metallica” on it doesn’t mean you automatically have to give it 4 stars. Or maybe it does- because there’s no way that godawful Lou Reed mashup deserves even one.

Last night. Hung out with Lisa, Mary and Keith at Milo’s. Probably one of the last really great nights we’ll have this year to sit outside. The veggie pizza was amazing as always.

To-go cups. Finally picked up some new ones. As we are dragged unwillingly toward several months of increasingly colder mornings, walking Henry with a cup of coffee in-hand will be life changing.

BMX. I’ve been itching to ride, so it's time to dig the old Performer out of the basement. Even though I suck at it, I can still bang out some boomerangs and tailwhips. Besides, sucking at stuff hasn't stopped me yet.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

october fourth

Five for October 4th:

New band member. As you probably heard yesterday, the Blind Eyes are now a four-piece. Exciting stuff. I did a short interview about it for the RFT which you should check out. Prepare to have your face melted.

Car crap. Took the party Yaris in to Dobbs to get the serpentine belt replaced about a week ago, and it has been squealing worse than ever since they supposedly “fixed” it. They got to it pretty quickly this morning after I voiced my displeasure in no uncertain terms, and it seems to be repaired. We’ll see how it holds up.

Dressell’s. Beet salad, soft pretzel with rarebit, and a Newcastle? You can’t “beet” it. See what I did there? But seriously, it’s awesome.

Downtown STL tonight. The President of the United States, the Cardinals playoff game, and Wilco for the Peabody grand opening. Note to self: avoid downtown this evening.

Bocephus. Really? People are surprised that some inbred right-wing hick compared Obama to Hitler? Really?

Monday, October 3, 2011

october third

Five for October 3rd:

DJ Spin at Royale. Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday night, we had a blast. Everyone spun some rad stuff, and it was funny to see how many of the same records we all brought along. Big thanks as well to Steve for asking us to do it. We’d love to do it again sometime.

PBS interview. I think it went really well. Hopefully we formed enough complete sentences to make a feature out of. It was cool seeing the PBS building and studios- we filmed our segment directly across from the “Donnybrook” set. Airing Friday, October 21st. Check it out.

Midtown Alley Street Fest. We played a great set to a great crowd Saturday night. Sounded amazing and the audience was digging it, despite the late-ish hour and chill in the air. Totally great time.

Taking it down. After the craziness of Friday and Saturday, I literally did nothing yesterday except hang out with the dog and watch a bunch of “Deadliest Warrior” on Netflix. Sometimes being lame is the name of the game.

Blueberry bagel. Along with what is probably my 5th cup of coffee, it’s pretty much ruling my life this morning.