Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february first

Five for February 1st:

February. Definitely the most unusual start to a February so far in my lifetime, and I’m not talking about the spring-like weather- although that is unusual.

Refrigeration. Finally, we can store perishable food items at our house. It’s been a long time coming. Can’t wait to get home and see our completed kitchen for the first time.

Las Palmas. Our close proximity to Maplewood has opened up a new world of dining options that were previously off our radar. Had some delicious and inexpensive Mexican cuisine last night. Even the cilantro rice was good, and I despise cilantro.

No more pink slime. I guess this is good news, although I’m still baffled by anyone who willingly and knowingly ingests this garbage.

Split happens. This has been a bad few months for pants. My two pair of Gap jeans finally bit the dust, and the other day I tore the crotch on my favorite pair of pants while moving stuff. Good thing they were cheap One Star cords. Still, what the hell?

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