Friday, June 29, 2012

june twenty-ninth

Five for June 29th:

New songs. Another one in the hopper courtesy of last night’s practice. That puts us at around nine new tunes for the next album. Not a bad start. Now Seth just needs to write lyrics for all of them.

Weekend action. Hitting up the City Sk8 grand opening tonight with Lisa and Andy followed by dinner with friends and potentially Aquitaine and Wax Wine at Firebird. Firebrand Recording open house Saturday afternoon, hanging out with Mary and Keith in the PM. Possibly some skating. Trying to stay cool.

Tenacious D. Doing an in-store at Vintage Vinyl on July 23rd. It’d be cool to check it out, but it’ll likely be a mob scene, given their show that night is sold out. But how often do you get to see Jack Black in a record store outside of “High Fidelity”?

New setup. It’s like a Vision Gator without all that murdery aftertaste. My love for old-school setups lives on.

Priorities. If the first action you take after doing something incredibly stupid and potentially costly is post about it on Twitter with some dumb hashtag, you're doing it wrong.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

june twenty-eighth

Five for June 28th:

Ann Curry. So long. Your uncanny ability to make me literally cringe and shield my eyes from the television on a daily basis will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sweat factory. Yesterday was 12.6 miles on the bike followed by an hour and a half skate session at JB with Andy and Brian, all in 90-something degree heat. It was a two-shower day. Today’s high is supposed to hit 108 degrees, which is bordering on insanity.

Spotify jams. Torche, Thin Lizzy, the Sounds, Zeke, Rilo Kiley.

Obamacare survives. The Supreme Court does something that makes sense for once. Suck it, Fox news. I can almost taste your tears.

Tonight. Band practice, and hopefully doing a new band photo, which will make its debut in the upcoming Blueberry Hill ad for our show on July 28th.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Lake of the Ozarks. Had an extended weekend at the lake hanging out with Lisa and family, eating tons of amazing food, swimming, boating, and generally relaxing. Henry had a great time as well, but he’s officially terrified of being in the water. Duly noted.

Baby clothes. The outlet mall at Osage Beach has baby deals galore, and we have the nursery closet stocked to the rafters for our baby come October. She’s going to be so cute, it will melt brains.

Riding. It’s good to be back on my bike, especially following four days of almost nothing resembling exercise and tons of unhealthy food. The ride in this morning was good, with a cool breeze the whole way in.

City Sk8. New skate shop opening downtown on Washington, specializing in longboards and old school skateboards. Opening night party is Friday, and I’ll be there. There’s a red Gonz reissue in one of their photos that may have my name on it. Support your locals.

Heat wave. 100-degree temperatures, or close to it, from here on out- or at least through next week. Drink plenty of water, check on the elderly, and don’t be a pussy.

Friday, June 22, 2012

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

Last night. Great practice, new songs are chugging along, tons of laughs, and we topped the whole thing off with a jam featuring Seth on snyth, Kevin on drums, Andy on bass and me on guitar. It was recorded.

Skateboard Superstars. I used to have this on VHS, and finally there’s a decent quality version of it on Youtube. This video, Psycho Skate, and Animal Chin, basically defined my childhood. For a couple of years anyway.

Back on the saddle. Next week it’s full-force biking again. I slipped this week quite a bit due to before-and-after-work obligations, and it’s bumming me out. No excuses next week.

Watch Dogs. I’m so getting this game that somewhere in the future I’ve already beaten it and am replaying it a second time around.

Blog hiatus. No posts will Wednesday of next week. See you then.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

Go Skateboarding Day 2012. Get out there and make it happen.

Tonight. To the hardware store to get a spare key made, then hopefully selling a china cabinet and squeezing in a short skate session on the Hill before band practice. Lots to do between 5:30 and 7:30. Then home to pack for vacation.

Junk food. Probably didn’t need to buy and subsequently consume that box of blueberry pop-tarts. Alas.

Good deals. $10 beige hoodie from Old Navy’s clearance rack (summertime is the best time to go hoodie shopping), $30 Vision Gator reissue deck (pre-gripped, pre-drilled with rails, risers included, and free shipping). Total score on that one- purchased on Go Skateboarding Day, no less! Time to hit some ditches.

Henry. Freshly groomed, aerodynamic, and looking sharp.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

Liquid breakfast. Coffee at home, followed by a smoothie on the way to work, followed by more coffee. I have a feeling hangriness is just around the corner.

RFT showcase video. Some cool footage from this year’s RFT showcase, always one of our favorite shows to play. Good shots of my band start around 1:15, but the whole video is definitely worth checking out.

Zipper issues. Apparently I’m entering one of those stretches where I inexplicably forget to zip up my fly about 50% of the time after using the restroom. They happen a couple of times a year, and then vanish as quickly as they came.

Summertime blues. We’re into the thick of crazy heat season. It’s hard to complain, though, as we had an unbelievable spring, which is not usually the case. Besides, I’ll take the sticky heat of summer over the blustery cold of winter any day.

No ride. Had to skip the bike commute to work today due to Henry’s grooming appointment. May try to go for a ride in Forest Park later if I can prevent laziness from prevailing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

june nineteeth

Five for June 19th:

Vacation prepping. Can’t wait to get to the lake and chill for a few days with Lisa, Henry and family. The list of things to bring along has been started, as is customary for any trip I go on. Chief among the items: outback hat, iphone charger, and box fan.

Headwinds from Hell. Had to deal with probably the strongest I’ve ever encountered on the ride home yesterday. The bike trail up Skinker, which is difficult enough as it is, was sheer brutality. Made it in once piece, though.

Skate it or hang it. The Evolution of Skateboard Art at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). Looks like pretty much the most amazing art exhibit in history, and it’s happening till September 16th. Birthday trip down south?

Henry. Going to the groomer tomorrow for his summer cut. Just in time for swimming in the lake and speedboating; two of his least favorite activities.

Summer solstice. The fact that it’s already upon us is severely bumming me out. I love long, sunny days, and tomorrow is the final one before it’s all downhill again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

june eighteenth

Five for June 18th:

Father’s day. My first one ever happened over the weekend, if by sheer technicality only. My first father’s day present was a keychain from the gas station that says “#1 Dad” and a card from Lisa, both of which I’ll likely have for the rest of my life.

Baseball game. Unbeknownst to us, we scored tickets in the “Cardinals Club”, which is a huge, cushy, air-conditioned plaza full of food and great seats with tons of leg room outside, right on the first base line. We had an awesome time, despite getting outplayed handily.

Riding. Going to try to do this whole week, despite the fact that the afternoons are going to average in the mid-90’s all week. Summer is here. This morning’s ride was a good one, and I got in to the office in about 25 minutes.

Cool shows. Saw Heartpunch and Thee Fine Lines at the eternal time capsule that is CBGBs on Saturday night, and tonight is Corrosion of Conformity at Firebird. Still undecided on that one, but could be cool.

Quality viewing. Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding, Holmes on Homes, new episodes of South Park, Crazy Ass Japanese Skater.

Friday, June 15, 2012

june fifteenth

Five for June 15th:

Thursday night rocking. Had a great time at the show last night. Pretty decent crowd for a Thursday night, and the other bands killed it. We played well, but I dropped a couple of sticks, which bummed me out. I never drop sticks. I should probably get over it. Next show is Saturday, July 28 at Blueberry Hill with Beth Bombara and Glossary. Be there.

Cardinals game. Lisa scored us some free tickets to tonight’s Cards/Royals game through her work. Now that I think about it, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever paid to see a Cardinals game in my entire life.

No ride. Bailed on riding today, as I have to go pick up the tickets to the game during lunch, and the location is a bit out of bike range. 3 out of 5 days ain’t bad, and my sore legs are thanking me for the extra day off.

Weekend. Baseball game, skating, house cleaning, dinner and hanging out at Lisa’s mom’s house, having people over for Father’s day on Sunday. I guess this is technically my first father’s day, which is sort of weird to think about.

Baby kickin'. Lisa's belly was fully of action this morning. I guess the baby couldn't get comfortable. It's crazy awesome feeling her kick.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

New tunes. We now have 7 or 8 new songs in various stages of completion and they’re all sounding good. The plan is to start recording in late July, early August. It’ll be fun to get back into the studio.

Rock show. We’re playing tonight at Plush. Doors at 8, we’re on at 9. Come on down and hang out with us. I’m looking forward to checking out Big Science, and haven’t seen Old Lights in forever.

Riding bikes. Day 3 for the week. Mark it. Beautiful ride in this morning, but the temperature is going to be near 90 for the commute home. I suppose I should get used to that, as it’s about to become the norm.

Company lunch. They’re bringing in a food truck to work today to celebrate our 13th year in business. Who ever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Should be a good time.

Band names. I decided last night that I want to start a band called "Sonic Retribution from Fort Wayne", for the express purpose of being able to get up onstage and say "we're Sonic Retribution from Fort Wayne from St. Louis, Missouri!" Can't miss.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

More riding. This weather could not possibly be more awesome for commuting by bike. It’ll get a little hotter and stickier the next few days, but for now it’s just about perfect.

Spillage. It is a universally accepted fact that at least once a week I’ll forget where I put my coffee cup and absentmindedly swing my arm and spill coffee all over my desk. No sense fighting it.

Rock n’ roll. Practice at Andy’s tonight for tomorrow’s show at Plush with Old Lights and Big Science. Should be a rad one. We’re on first. Be there.

Henry. He’s getting mega-shaggy. We’ve got to get his groom on before we hit the Lake of the Ozarks at the end of the month for vacation with Lisa’s family. In addition to making him more comfortable (and aerodynamic), he’s got to look sharp for swimming and speed boating.

The Hives. I understand that sometimes, unintentionally (or even intentionally) pilfering riffs from other songs happens. But the brazenness with which they ripped off the guitar part from “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO on their new album is absolutely staggering.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

june twelfth

Five for June 12th:

Cleaning house. Sold off that Ikea bookcase/room divider (see yesterday’s post) to a friend of mine. While I was sort of sad to see it go, I’d had it forever and there really wasn’t a good place for it in the house anymore. Need to make room for baby furniture, and we could use the money more. Next on the chopping block: the china cabinet.

Oatmeal vs. Funnyjunk. This is epic. He has already raised over 100k. In a single day. This is why you don’t screw with Internet megastars.

Bike riding. It’s good to be back on the saddle. Beautiful and fast ride in this morning. The next couple of days are looking to be sunny with super low humidity. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Go Skateboarding Day. It’s coming up on June 21st. I plan to do just that. Speaking of that, this picture caught my eye this morning on Facebook and I keep coming back to it. Classic early 90’s shape, probably my all time favorite. Up next: skate commute?

Waterlogged. Naturally, the ONE morning I forget to go down in the basement and empty the dehumidifier is the first morning in months that we get serious rain. Of course, we had a little bit of water in the basement that stank something awful by the time we got home.

Monday, June 11, 2012

june eleventh

Five for June 11th:

College Bound Gala. Amazing and inspiring night Saturday. Watched Lisa’s big event come to life, saw what College Bound is all about firsthand, and hob-nobbed with people that are leagues above me in social status. Plus, the food was killer.

House guests. Rob and Stefanie are crashing with us tonight as they make their way out to Providence, RI to have a baby and be professors. While it’ll make trips to Columbia slightly less cool, it’ll be great to have a reason to go to Providence and hang out.

Biking this week. Had to skip today, both due to weather (supposed to be crappy on and off all day) and after-work obligations (see above, plus I need to go put some posters up in the Loop). The rest of this week is a done deal, though. All that said, it was nice to give my legs a couple of days to recuperate over the weekend.

Lawn mowing. Got the blades on our manual push mower sharpened and the difference is undeniable. I mowed the backyard in ten minutes last night and it looks great. For a lawn mower that we paid nothing for and have so far invested a total of $20 in, I’d say we’re coming out ahead.

Baby gear. Got the crib and changing table delivered and set up, and broke down the huge Ikea shelf that was sitting in the baby’s future bedroom. That room has basically just served as overflow storage for random crap since we moved in, so it’s nice to see it start coming together.

Friday, June 8, 2012

june eighth

Five for June 8th:

Day 5. Rode to work every day this week. The combination of amazing weather and not having anything pressing to do after work certainly helped. I’ll say this: having otherwise boring workdays that are sandwiched by bike rides is truly awesome. It really makes me feel like I’m getting something out of the 9-5 portion of my day.

Last night. Outdoor dinner with Lisa at El Paisano, followed by Ted Drewes. Too much? Yes. But a Mexicano burrito and cookie dough concrete can’t be argued with.

Weedlord Bonerhitler. I laughed until I was crying. No lie. I want to shake this person’s hand. I just can’t get over the picture of the RNC printer with the "weedlord bonerhitler" petition sitting on it. Sheer brilliance.

Saving dough. I’ve barely spent a dime this week, between bringing lunch and not driving to work. It’s kind of awesome.

Weekend. This week blasted by. This weekend is looking to be pretty low key. Aside from Lisa’s gala tomorrow night, no concrete plans. May try to go see Wax Wine at Off Broadway and do some lawn mowing with my freshly sharpened push mower. Skating and/or dusting off the BMX are also a possibility. What else is happening?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

june seventh

Five for June 7th:

Day 4. Only one day left to complete the full week of bike commuting. This will be the first time I’ve ever rode in a solid week, even at the height of my bike-craziness a couple of years ago. I realize this is not the biggest accomplishment ever, but it's pretty cool in my book.

Lunch. Peanut butter, Nutella, and banana sandwich. I want to eat it now. As a side note, a world without Nutella is a world I don’t wish to live in.

Thursday so far. Made coffee, hung out with Henry, watched the opening scene of “Gleaming the Cube” on Youtube, rode in, early meeting with the Remo rep, had a bagel, put in an order for a bunch of free drum heads, listening to Jawbreaker. So far, so good.

Craigslist haul. Someone is selling a ridiculous collection of old school decks. I think most if not all of them are reissues or cease-and-desist boards, but still, probably the coolest skate-related haul I’ve ever seen on Craigslist.

Parking ticket. Apparently I owe the city $10 for being parked in front of my own house. Go fuck yourselves.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

Day 3. Ride: accomplished. Feeling awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’m going to buy and eat a pack of Strawberry Pop-Tarts from the vending machine. Whatever, I earned it.

Awards show. Despite the fact that we lost to Sleepy Kitty (no surprise there), it was still a rad time hanging out with all manner of STL musician friends last night at Old Rock House. Also, it was my first time there. Pretty cool place.

Helicat. Taxidermed cat helicopter. This is without doubt one of the strangest, yet most awesome things I’ve ever seen. Lisa doesn’t like it.

Windows Paint. My skills cannot be rivaled. What can I say? It’s what I know. Also, you should go to the show.

Baby stuff. Lisa and I went through a big pile of baby clothes this morning that her mom brought over. I have to admit, they’re damn cute. Also, were getting an amazing deal on a super stylish crib and changing table from a friend that will save us a ton of dough and look cool in the process. Fashion AND function.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

june fifth

Five for June 5th:

Day 2. My quest to accomplish a complete week of bicycle commuting enters its second day. The sky was getting dark fast yesterday, so I bailed a little early, booked it home, and made it to my front porch just as the sky opened up. The rest of this week appears to be rain-free.

New watch. Stylish? Enough. Breathable fabric (non-leather) band with reinforced brackets? Yes. Convenient backlight for nighttime viewing? Yes. Little window that shows today’s date? No. Waterproof? It makes no such claim. $11? Yes.

Tonight. May be heading to the Old Rock House for the RFT awards ceremony thing with Seth. Not really expecting to win, but it’d be cool to go hang out. If not, Milo’s for bocce-watching followed by Gelato is another possibility.

Next show. We’re playing with our friends Old Lights and Chicago’s Big Science at Plush on Thursday (the new Friday!) June 14th. RSVP here. Make it rad.

Day care. Looks like we officially have our day care /early schooling arranged for our yet-to-be-born daughter. Getting that stuff sorted out is stressful and expensive, but I’m glad we have it in place.

Monday, June 4, 2012

june fourth

Five for June 4th:

Riding bikes. Lisa and I went for a 14-mile ride on Grant’s Trail on Saturday, which was awesome, and something we need to do more often. Rode in to work this morning and plan to ride in every day this week if the weather cooperates.

Infinity 13th birthday. Met up with Andy last night at JB to check out the scene for Infinity skate shop’s 13th b-day party, and it was pure pandemonium. The most crowded I’ve ever seen it there. The sheer volume of goods they were giving away was staggering. Saw some serious ripping as well.

Lawn care. Borrowed the neighbor’s gas mower and gave my lawn a solid trim while my push mower is in the shop getting the blades sharpened. Also weedwhacked everything and pulled tons of weeds on the side of the house. It’s looking good.

Rock show. Our show at the Side Bar for the RFT showcase went off. It was a complete dance party, totally packed, people singing along. Doesn’t get much better as far as shows go, in my humble opinion. Thanks to all who came out.

Paying for stuff. Naturally, they couldn’t just patch the tire on my car, because apparently the tire was too worn down. Figures. So, instead of a $20 patch, I had to plunk down $250 on two new back tires. Then I broke my watch, which admittedly was cheap to begin with, but still. It’s always something.

Friday, June 1, 2012

june first

Five for June 1st:

Baby kick. Felt my first real, solid baby girl kick inside Lisa’s belly this morning, and it was amazing.

June. It’s funny that the first day of June also happened to be the coldest ride in so far this year. It was straight up chilly with a nasty headwind. Discovered a new route on Wednesday via Pershing/ Ackert Walkway that totally bypasses the worst part of Skinker and dumps you out right in the loop, shaving even more time off and making the ride even easier/more scenic.

Bones sunglasses. They came in the mail yesterday. I feel like my entire wardrobe is starting to consist entirely of premiums I get free for renewing skate magazine subscriptions. Whatever the case, it’s cool to have a pair of non-aviators.

Rock practice. The set for Saturday night is sounding killer and the new songs are really starting to shape up. Come out to Side Bar at 8:15 and hear a first-time debut!

Weekend. And not a moment too soon. Plans include playing a rock show, getting my car tire patched, adjusting the parameters of my Club Fitness membership, skating/bike riding, and trying not to spend money.