Friday, November 30, 2012

november thirtieth

Five for November 30th:

Tongue tied. Went and got Jane’s tongue fixed this morning with the help of a laser pen and a marginally insane doctor. She’s already feeling better, and can stick her tongue out all the way! It’s a whole new world.

Rocking. Good practice last night. Jason from KKF came by for a bit and worked on some stuff, and we got some of our regular set together as well for the Edwardsville gig.

Too nice to work. Bumming hard on having to be inside today after being out this morning and experiencing the glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. At least it’s a short day.

Chesterfield Valley. How much more crap can they stuff in there? Looks like there’s another mile-long eyesore of a strip mall going in on the other side of the highway. What a wasteland.

Friday. Today marks payday, the last day of November, and the start to what should be an epic weekend. Hanging out outdoors, skating, chilling, barbecuing, and practicing are all on the agenda. See you out there.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

november twenty-ninth

Five for November 29th:

Stuffed pepper soup. Definitely a contender for the best soup ever. Find the recipe and give it a try. You shan’t be disappointed. Don’t skimp on the French bread, either.

Jane. I should’ve known her three consecutive nights of solid sleeping couldn’t last. She was up every hour or so last night. My guess is she had some sort of upset stomach or something, but who knows. Whatever the case, she was unfazed this morning.

In the mail. Vision Boneyard re-issue (black Friday online special!), new issues of the Skateboard Mag and Thrasher, white noise machine, new unbreakable swaddle for Jane.

Weather report. Warming up into the 60’s over the next five days, which of course includes the weekend. Given that, on the agenda is skateboarding, washing the Rogue, picking up crap from my mom’s, and of course hanging out with the crew.

Tonight. Band practice. We probably need to re-focus and get a normal set together for our show on the 13th. Looking forward to playing some rock n’ roll music.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

november twenty-eighth

Five for November 28th:

Press. The Blind Eyes were named one of Music Connection Magazine's 2012 "Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands" in the US yesterday. Super awesome and very flattering. I’ll have to find an actual print copy to hang on to.

Getting caffeinated. Starbucks dark roast Sumatra on sale at Schnucks? Yes please. Bought a bag a week ago and it’s already almost gone. I love having good coffee at home. Also, in the “Via” category, I switched over to French roast at work from the blonde, which was a little too acidic for my taste. It’s ruling me.

Old footage. According to reputable sources on the world wide web, some video of my first band, El Gordo’s Revenge, playing live on a long-defunct cable access TV show called Velocity sometime in the late 90’s may surface on Youtube soon. I’ll post a link when and if it actually happens. I’d love to see it again.

Let it snow. I’m busting out my crappy 90’s department-store snowboard on Art Hill this winter come hell or high water. Or at least on the hill in Clifton Heights Park. Whatever. Taste death.

Ghost prank. You’ve probably caught wind of this yesterday; as it’s likely achieved “viral” status by now- but this video is completely amazing and hilarious. Watch it immediately.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

november twenty-seventh

Five for November 27th:

Frigid air.The temperature really plunged toward winter over the last few days. We’re officially entering the time of year when my hands will be frozen solid for about four straight months. Bah.

Jane. She’s become a whole new baby over the past week or so. Thanks in no small part to a visit to the chiropractor and some medicine for her acid reflux- plus passing the prominent 6-week point- gone are the days of the constant crying and fussing. She’s just chilling, hanging out, looking at things, and grinning all the time. It’s awesome.

Rock show. Illinois friends: We’re playing the Stagger Inn with Kentucky Knife Fight on Thursday, December 13th. Should be a rad time. If you can’t make that, we’ll see you at Off Broadway on NYE, also with KKF. Be there.

Mi Ranchito Mondays. The tradition lived on yesterday. It went a long way toward making a cold, dismal Monday following an amazing four-day weekend considerably more bearable.

Waiting for Lightning. The new and highly anticipated Danny Way documentary is getting released digitally in a little over a week. I have an iTunes gift card I've been saving for the occasion. Can't wait to see it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

november twenty-sixth

Five for November 26th:

Thanksgiving. Bummed that we couldn’t party-hop a bit more, but with a 6 week old it’s pretty difficult, as we’re on borrowed time at all times. Next year will be much easier. Jane had a good time strapped to Lisa’s chest for the majority of the evening, and Lisa even got to eat uninterrupted. The next day we did our traditional setting up of the tree, which was about 100,000 times more amazing this year.

Skateboarding. Took advantage of the warm and sunny 70-degree morning on Thursday and did some skating at Kingshighway park for a bit. Hadn’t been there since probably early spring, which is insane. Super fun time, and low traffic due to the holiday.

Hanging out. We took Janey to Bottleworks yesterday and met up with Mary, Keith, and a few others for some food and drinks. Just getting out of the house and out into public is such an awesome feeling, and now that Jane is chilling out more, hopefully we can start doing it a lot more often. On a side note, the Coffee Stout this year is excellent. Get some.

Green acres. Went out to Lisa’s dad’s farm on Saturday to hang out for awhile and eat a bunch of good food. Jane’s longest car trip yet, and she was great. Henry had a blast running around and peeing on new things. I think he’d be pretty stoked to be a country dog.

Band practice. Good one last night, despite being short both Seth and Kevin. Got a lot of stuff worked out including a new tune we hadn’t attempted before, and as an added bonus, I got home in time to watch the Walking Dead!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

november twenty-first

Five for November 21st:

Celebration Day. Picked it up yesterday from Vintage Vinyl following a quick skate session in the Loop during lunch (side note: best lunch break ever), and checked out about half of it last night. It’s definitely rad, so far. Thanks for Jim at VV for the buddy discount, the Shepard Fairey print, and the Led Zeppelin coasters!

Mail drop. Just arrived: World Industries Randy Colvin, new issue of Skateboard Mag. Coming: NOS Powell Underhill, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, Bones Brigade Doc with accompanying t-shirt, new issue of Ride BMX with accompanying t-shirt (which I actually already received, but in the wrong size. Anyone want a size large Ride BMX shirt for free? Hit me up).

Fog fest. St. Louis was shrouded in one of the thickest coats of fog I’ve ever seen this morning. I could barely see five feet in front of me while driving around the park. It was like something out of the original "Silent Hill" for Playstation 1.

Medical advice. Nicole mentioned that her son had some reflux issues as well and that Zantac had worked really well for them, so Lisa immediately called in and got a prescription for Jane last night. So far, so good- it could all be coincidence, but she seems to be a lot more comfortable for the most part. Hopefully it sticks.

Thanksgiving weekend. If there’s one good thing about the onset of winter, it’s the fact that it comes with a lot of built-in days off, starting this afternoon. Another good thing would be the sheer volume of pumpkin pie available to consume at all times. See you on Monday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

november twentieth

Five for November 20th:

Extra iPhone chargers. A must-have, especially these days, when 75% of our iPhone juice is used all night long for white noise to soothe Jane. It’s nice to have a USB charger living on my desk at work, and I can stop fretting about running my battery down during the day. Best $3.99 I ever spent.

Tuesday morning tunes. Mooney Suzuki, the Redwalls, Bedouin Soundclash, Black Sabbath, Spoon. As a side note, I remember liking “Electric Sweat” a lot more about 8 years ago.

Mondays with Mike V. New episode debuted yesterday, and it’s my favorite of the new series so far. Just seeing some good old-fashioned backyard vert skating is like a breath of fresh air. I can only take so many videos featuring nothing but huge flip tricks down stair sets and handrails.

Hanging with Henry. He’s all about our evening walks to Clifton Heights Park and chilling out with me on the couch at night. I don’t necessarily think he’s jealous of Jane, but I’m sure he misses getting the majority of the attention. They’ll be inseparable in no time, anyway.

Led Zeppelin. The long-awaited “Celebration Day” DVD is finally out. I may swing by Vintage Vinyl at lunch and pick up a copy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

november nineteenth

Five for November 19th:

Grilling out. Lisa’s dad hooked us up with a free gas grill for our back patio, which replaces our tiny little miniature Weber grill we bought when living at our old apartment and basically makes us feel all adult-like. While I prefer charcoal in general, it’s pretty nice having a grill that heats up quickly and stands more than a foot tall.

Jane. She's been super fussy as of late, and her doctor thinks the culprit may be some sort of infant acid-reflux. We’re trying out some drops and other things that will hopefully help alleviate the problem. Poor girl. In other news, in addition to her swing, she’s really taking to her Baby Bjorn and her little vibrating seat. She’s also starting to smile. A lot. It’ll melt you.

Skateboarding. Took advantage of the sunshine and warm temperatures and snuck in a much-needed session on Saturday over on the Hill. Felt good to get out and roll.

Lisa is a culinary wizard. I'm not a big "take pictures of my food" type of person, but the fact that Lisa managed to pull this breakfast off with barely any groceries in the house merits public recognition.

Vacation. Maybe “vacation” is a stretch, but I’m nonetheless excited about a three-day workweek/four-day weekend. Thanksgiving is Lisa’s favorite holiday and definitely one of mine, and hopefully Janey can keep it together for the family. As is customary, I will be taking my leave of the blogosphere for the duration of the long weekend.

Friday, November 16, 2012

november sixteenth

Five for November 16th:

Friday. About time. It’s also payday, which makes it even better. This weekend is looking like a good one: sunny and warm. I can dig it. No major plans other than hang out with the family and do some skateboarding here and there whenever possible.

Practice. Last night killed. We’re just working on cover songs, but they’re coming together effortlessly- and doing covers is always fun. Busted out a new one last night and nailed it first try. The ease with which the NYE show is coming together this year is really alleviating the stress of not being able to commit more time to it.

Vans. Damn! Hot on the heels (no pun intended) of their Bones collection, in 2013 they’re rolling out a line of Haro BMX Vans in the classic Freestyler colors. So rad. They will be on my feet. Mark my words.

Rolling Stones. Caught a bit of “Crossfire Hurricane” last night over at Andy and Liz’s pad, and needless to say, it was awesome. Lots of footage I’d never seen before. This marks pretty much the first and only time I’ve wished we had HBO and a DVR. I’m sure it’ll be online in no time.

Adults pretending they like One Direction. OK. That’s enough, people.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

november fifteenth

Five for November 15th:

Jane. All of a sudden, she’s all about her swing, which she previously despised. I’ve given up trying to figure out any pattern to how she operates. She’s also really into hanging out on her blanket and staring at her toys and the ceiling fan, which apparently she can see now.

Thursday morning jams. The Knack, Rites of Spring, Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, Husker Du, Nick Lowe.

Starbucks pumpkin bread. I had no choice: I skipped breakfast at home, was running early getting to work, and it was cold out. No regrets.

Tonight. Band practice, this time in our normal 4-piece configuration at Andy’s place. Going to have to pass on seeing the Bones Brigade doc on the big screen at the Tivoli tonight, which is a bummer, but I just watched it online so it’s not that big of a deal. Plus, my DVD is en route.

Birth announcement cards. They came in the mail the other day, and they look amazing. If you’re lucky, you may even get one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

november fourteenth

Five for November 14th:

Judge, jury, and executioner. I forgot to mention, that mouse we had running around our place last week? He was fed a last meal of shredded cheese, peanut butter, and the sweet sting of an old-school snap-style mousetrap. Justice: served.

Office coffee. I really am not a coffee snob (really), but the coffee at work is without question the vilest swill known to man. I don’t know how people around here willingly drink it. This is why Starbucks Vias are an investment I’m willing to make.

eBay scores. World Industries Randy Colvin “blacklight” re-issue deck, mint in shrink ($24!?!), two much-needed spare iPhone power cables ($3).

Last night. Bummed I had to miss Neil Hamburger at Firebird, but I was glad to be able to take a walk with Henry, let Lisa get some sleep, hang out with Jane, eat some mac & cheese casserole, and watch the Daily Show.

4-day weekend. Happening next week, and it can’t get here fast enough.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

november thirteenth

Five for November 13th:

Mi Ranchito. Despite my best-laid plans of eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, I broke down yesterday and went to Ranchito with Tom. I have no regrets: their lunch soup deal is amazing and super cheap. That’s it for the week, though.

iPhone. I use it for a million things these days- online banking, paying bills, instagramming, buying and selling crap on eBay, internetting, you name it. But its most valuable use- bar none- is the “white noise” app, which has the ability to transform Jane from inconsolable and screaming to content and sleeping in a matter of seconds.

Schmitt Stix videos. I keep stumbling across stuff I didn’t know existed from the Schmitt Stix heyday. First was the 1987 team video (which I managed to get a high quality DVD of online), and now there’s this short video that just surfaced online, posted by one of the guys skating in it. Pretty awesome.

DVDs I need. Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day” (chronicling their 2007 reunion concert in London), “Get A Life” complete series, Santa Cruz “Streets on Fire/Wheels of Fire/Speed Freaks” compendium.

Day care. Looks like we may have a solution worked out for Jane’s “day care” when Lisa goes back to work that won’t cost us the equivalent of a second mortgage, and will keep her in the company of people we know and trust 100%. Hopefully it all works out.

Monday, November 12, 2012

november twelfth

Five for November 12th:

Jane. One month ago today, our daughter was born. It’s amazing to look back at photos from that day and see how far she’s come, and how much she’s grown in such a short time.

Weekend weather. Saturday was as beautiful a fall day as you could ask for, and I took full advantage of it. Managed to squeeze in some skating, got in a good walk around the hood with Lisa and Henry, and capped the whole thing off with some Schlafly Coffee Stout on the patio in the evening. Hells yeah.

Band practice. My first full New Year’s Eve practice happened last night at Utopia, and it sounded great. Everything seems to be falling into place a lot faster than last year. The key? Keeping the songs simple, revisiting some old tunes we’re already familiar with, and involving less outside musicians. Definitely going to be a fun show.

Bones Brigade Documentary. I could wait no longer. I went ahead and watched my free download over the weekend. While it was great, there was nothing really earth shattering for me in there- but in fairness, I certainly already know more about the history of that particular group than the average documentary film enthusiast. Definitely cool, and I’m looking forward to re-watching it on DVD (with extras) when it shows up.

Attic rearrangement. I moved the whole operation to the other side of the attic, where it’s a bit wider, and I could fit that second store display from Infinity in. A lot less cramped than before. I don’t know why I didn’t just put everything there to begin with.

Friday, November 9, 2012

november ninth

Five for November 9th:

Four weeks. As of tomorrow, Janey is four weeks old. It’s really sort of crazy to me that she’s already going on a month. Every day is a new adventure with her. She’s awesome. She’s also 1 lb and some change heavier than the day we brought her home.

Rachel Maddow owns. If you do nothing else today, just watch this video.

Last night. Combo practice at Utopia got scrapped at the last minute, but we made do with a good one at Andy’s, where we nailed down a couple of tunes on our own. Then, following that, after two great nights in a row, Jane decided to put us through the ringer last night, big time. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize that there is no figuring out the way it’s going to work with a four week old. Alas.

Approved by the Bones Brigade. Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, and Steve Caballero have all “liked” this picture of my collection of skateboards on Instagram. I mean, you know. Just sayin’.

Friday. Got up, took a shower, played with Jane, got some coffee at Starbucks and cruised the parking lot on my skateboard in the sunny, low-60-degree weather while drinking said coffee for a few minutes, and am currently listening to Bruce Springsteen. Minimal management at work, leftover stew for lunch. Can't complain.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

november eighth

Five for November 8th:

Tonight. Practice at Utopia with my band plus some of the Knife Fight dudes for NYE. I’ll be sitting in on about 5-6 songs this year, which is pretty minimal compared to years past, but with my current schedule, that’s about all I can do. Should be good times.

Warm up. Despite the layer of frost on my windshield this morning, temperatures are supposed to get up into the high 60’s/low 70’s tomorrow and this weekend, which is awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing a little sunlight, cracking the windows open, and potentially doing some skateboarding and yard work.

Mouse in the house. I thought I saw the shadow of a mouse running around the other night, but chalked it up to seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Last night, though, I saw the little bastard, and almost caught him. I have traps out, so his days are numbered.

Obama’s Demographic Edge. Whaddya know? If you go out of your way to ostracize every single voter demographic that isn’t white men, you don’t win elections. Shocking.

Photography. If this picture of a young Rodney Mullen skating freestyle in front of the guys from Minor Threat doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

november seventh

Five for November 7th:

Obama in 2012. Plus, McCaskill defeated Akin, and Elizabeth Warren shut down Scott Brown. Major steps toward gay marriage and marijuana legalization were made. United States, thank you for not being as totally insane as you sometimes appear. Maybe there’s still hope for you yet.

Nate Silver. I tried not to put too much hope into his predictions for how the election would turn out- you never know what will happen- but I shouldn’t have worried. He turned out to be, well, pretty much 100% right. It’s just math, after all.

Wednesday morning jams. Minor Threat, Prince, Propagandhi, The Libertines.

Shred shed. My attic skate museum continues to grow. The blue Steve Saiz “totem” deck was added yesterday, scored for mega cheap on eBay. Probably in my top 10 favorite decks of all time- in my favorite color, full size, and still totally skateable.

Jane. Her daily “fussy” schedule is shifting from early evening to early afternoon, which is nice. Last night, she conked out on my lap for almost four hours, which was really great- I got to watch the returns, Lisa got to sleep for a few uninterrupted hours, and everyone was happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

november sixth

Five for November 6th:

Votin’ day. I was planning to go after work today, but I just threw on some clothes and ran over there this morning, and was in and out in five minutes. My coffee was still warm when I got back home. Even Janey got in on the action. We’ll see what happens.

Skate videos. Two cool things to mention on that front. 1) My free download of the Bones Brigade documentary is awaiting me in my inbox right now and the DVD/t-shirt are on their way, and 2) I finally got to watch the “Bake and Destroy” video last night and it was completely awesome.

Baby steps. I fed Jane from a bottle for the first time last night. I realize this may not sound like a big deal, but rest assured it is. The way I see it, the more I can help Lisa get some rest and at the same time bond with my daughter, the better.

Rad food. My mom hooked it up yesterday: salmon sushi rolls, giant tray of turkey meat loaf with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, and two giant pieces of cake. Thanks, mom!

Number of the beast. This is my 666th blog post. Hail Satan.

Monday, November 5, 2012

november fifth

Five for November 5th:

Rock show, press, and new tunes. Great to play a show again. Good turnout, and I thought we killed it. The new tunes went over splendidly. In case you missed it, on Friday the RFT ran an interview with Seth and included streaming audio of a new tune. Dig ‘em.

Thrasher. The long-awaited new issue (featuring a DVD of the new Baker video) arrived on Saturday, literally ten minutes before I had to leave for band practice. Naturally. I was sitting around my house ALL week, and it arrives ten minutes before the one time I had to leave. And, I still haven’t had a chance to watch the DVD.

Can’t say no. Donuts, peanut M&Ms, any sort of “monster” trail mix, beer in green bottles.

Hulu. We’re checking it out with a week’s free trial, and I have to say, I’m not impressed. It’s unwieldy, the interface looks like it was designed by a six year old, it keeps locking up and buffering in the middle of shows, and, even though they’re minimal, you have to deal with commercials that are jammed in out of nowhere in random spots. Lame.

Moonlight savings. When I leave work today at 5 pm, it will be dark. Yeah, it’s that time of year again. Oh well. It'll be spring again in no time.

Friday, November 2, 2012

november second

Five for November 2nd:

Janey. According to the ever helpful “my baby” iPhone app, week three will be a transitional week to longer, fussier nights. Jane kicked this bit of truth off in fine form last night. But, she’s so sweet that it’s hard to care.

Quality viewing. Transworld Skateboarding Jason Jessee interviews, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” full movie on Youtube, and (hopefully soon) the new Bake & Destroy video in the upcoming issue of Thrasher.

Hoodies. When did I become such a hoarder? I remember the days when I had one black hoodie that would last me three years, and only when it was absolutely threadbare would I even consider a new one. Now I have more than I can keep track of. At least they’re practical.

Desperation. Things are taking a nasty turn in New Jersey. Stories like this make me think the doomsday preppers might actually be on to something. Better safe than sorry.

Weekend. Another week blew by. This weekend will include hanging out with Lisa, Jane, and Henry, playing a show at Firebird on Saturday night (GO, people), and potentially meeting up with NYE crew on Sunday to discuss a plan of attack. Bumming out about the end of daylight savings.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

november first

Five for November 1st:

Halloween night. Our first Halloween in the house was a good, albeit slightly stressful one. We bought just enough candy; the neighborhood was swarming with trick-or-treaters (which will be even more awesome in a couple of years), Henry had a good time barking at everything in earshot, and Jane was freaking adorable in her pumpkin costume.

November. Here we are. October was undoubtedly the craziest month of any year of my life to date, so hopefully things will start to level off now. More than anything, I’m looking forward to the end of the non-stop political ads in a few days.

Recycling. Props to Lisa for finally pulling the trigger on getting us a recycling can from the city so I can stop driving bags of it to the community bins once a week. It’s the little things.

Skate decks from the 80’s. Complex put out this (totally subjective) list of the best skate decks of the 80’s. I don’t really agree with a lot of it (The Hosoi Monty Nolder and not the Schmitt Stix? The "kitten" Natas and not the Panther? The "chains" Groholski and not the "robot doing a handplant"? Also, I'm pretty sure- almost positive- that Caballero (#14) is a prototype that never actually went into production- and THAT over the Ban This Dragon, or the Dragon and Bats, etc? Gimme a break.), but like I said, it's all subjective. Still a fun read.

Press. Should be a couple of little blurbs coming out tomorrow around our new single (which will be available for free streaming, at least) and our show on Saturday. I’ll post ‘em up when they’re available.