Friday, May 31, 2013

may thirty-first

Five for May 31st:

Coffee and donuts. It’s happening now. Pretty decent way to kick off a Friday, if you ask me. Score one for the new guy at the office.

Springfield. Our first out of town show of the year is happening tonight in Springfield at the Outland Ballroom with our friends the ACBS and Plaid Dragon. Band trips are always fun, and the show should be a good one. Hopefully the weather isn’t too terrible.

Album art. We debuted the artwork for “World Record” yesterday. Another home run by Doug Garfield, who also shot the cover of “With A Bang”. Doug, you rule.

Cool stuff. Another great night from Jane, payday, dry basement, brownies, fold-up travel cot (a must have for any road trip where couches or carpeted floors are not a sure thing), new old hat.

Weekend action. Aforementioned rock show tonight. Road trip home tomorrow followed by some much-needed Jane time and Lisa’s College Bound gala in the evening. Sunday will be hanging out with Mom, potentially snapping some band photos, swimming, and checking out Torche at Firebird.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

may thirtieth

Five for May 30th:

Sweet, sweet sleep. Thank you, Jane, for letting us get some much-needed rest last night. It wasn’t perfect, but it was close. Let’s have a few more of those.

Press. Nice write-up of the band for the 2013 RFT awards. Even though we had to bail on playing the showcase this year (for the first time in ever), there’s still time to get out the vote! Do it. You know you want to. Speaking of the band, we’ll be doing a live set and interview on KDHX next Thursday eve. More info soon.

Powell-Peralta. Word on the street (and by the street, I mean Instagram) is they pretty much axed their entire team, with the exception of Steve Caballero and a couple of other dudes. Seems like a weird move, considering the talent of Steven Reeves, Jordan Hoffart, Chad Bartie, Josh Hawkins, and the like. Not to mention their already waning relevance.

Cool stuff. Jane at the playground, fence repair is underway, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Columbia Roast Vias, getting Youtube on Wii dialed in, Steak n’ Shake (complete with actual Shake).

Tonight. Mowing the backyard, eating some food, rocking some roll, and getting stuff together for the Springfield trip tomorrow. In that order.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

may twenty-ninth

Five for May 29th:

Riding. This week is pretty much going to be a bust- today was really the only rideable day, and of course it’s the one day I can’t ride no matter what. Tomorrow and Friday are looking stormy, and aside from that, too many pre and post-work obligations to make it happen. Planning on getting back on the saddle heavily next week.

Cool shows coming up. The next week or so is packed with good stuff- Torche, Dead Milkmen, the Woggles, and our show in Springfield Friday with ACBs and Plaid Dragon.

No sleep. Last night was one of Jane’s worst nights in recent memory. I think Lisa and I combined maybe got 4 hours in. She’s teething again, and apparently there’s something called “8 month sleep regression” she could be going through as well. Whatever it is, it’s bad news. Ah, parenthood.

Cool stuff. Peanut Butter Puffins, flourishing vegetable garden, Spotify radio, evening walks to CHP with Jane/Henry, new boxer shorts, caffeinated beverages.

Thirty thousand. This blog is on the verge of a milestone 30,000 pageviews. I realize that in the grand scheme of the internet, this isn't really a ton, but for a silly personal blog where I talk incessantly about skateboards and coffee, it's a pretty impressive number. I'm just glad anyone is reading it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

may twenty-eighth

Five for May 28th:

Jane. Sitting up without falling over, eating toast and strawberries (with the aid of her new upper front teeth), and jumping around like crazy in her swing are all things she is doing now. Also, I can literally do anything and it will make her laugh.

Tuesday tunes. Sebadoh, Descendents, Fugazi, Operation Ivy, Built to Spill, Sonic Youth.

Columbia. Great time hanging out with old friends and seeing their respective kids for the first time. It’s a weird feeling being a bunch of parents, hanging out in this place we used to hang out when none of use were parents. The drive there was a harrowing one- we had to stop twice due to the pummeling rain being too much for my wipers to keep up with.

Cool stuff. Impromptu Sunday trip to the zoo and turtle park, skate session with Andy at the Y, sandwiches and lattes at Ragtag, new season of Grosso’s Loveletters, four day workweek, March/April eBay watch.

Arrested Development. Well, I didn’t have high hopes for it and it’s pretty much living up to that- the non-linear storyline annoys the crap out of me, it’s trying to pack too much into each episode, and Portia de Rossi is now a plastic surgery disaster. The whole thing is weird. I will say, the Tobias episode was great, and I laughed out loud several times, so maybe there’s still hope.

Friday, May 24, 2013

may twenty-fourth

Five for May 24th:

Bike commute. 2/5 days for the week, which isn’t great, but isn’t a total bust either. Beat the rain home by about two minutes yesterday- I could feel it closing in. This morning’s ride was cool and quick, and the ride home should be sunny and 70 degrees. Great way to wrap up a workweek.

Rocking socks. We’ll be debuting a brand new song at the June 15th show, along with a couple of tracks from earlier albums we haven’t played in years and the entire EP. It will be a time. Come out.

Bum deal. Woke up this morning fully and completely thinking it was Saturday morning.

Cool stuff. Haro: The Rise of BMX Freestyle (comes out in a week), Lisa’s birthday gift showed up yesterday, Pedro Barros Brazil footage, real-life Simpsons Springfield carnival ride.

3-day weekend. Plans include a road trip to Columbia to hang out with Rob and Stef, Kevin’s band at CBGB, memorial day dinner at Lisa’s mom’s, snapping some new band photos, skateboarding, swimming at the Y, and general chilling out with the family.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

may twenty-third

Five for May 23rd:

Birthday celebrating. Beautiful weather, dinner on the patio at Rasoi, followed by drinks at Dressell’s with a bunch of friends for Lisa’s birthday. I’d say for a Wednesday night get-together, it couldn’t have gone any better. AND we got to sleep another night!

Riding in. Finally got a chance to ride to work this week, and am planning on tomorrow as well, providing the weather cooperates. This morning was windy, but perfect cool-ish temperatures. Got a chance to try out the new rear-view mirror, which I’m on the fence about keeping on. Normal 30 minutes despite the gusts. Feeling good.

Band stuff. We’ll be doing a live set on KDHX in June to promote the EP- more details coming soon. Posters for the show will be going up this weekend. Practice tonight.

Cool stuff. New issue of the Skateboard Mag, trail mix bars, $5.95 blowout “Skate Legends” Element cases, upcoming three-day weekend, garlic naan.

Columbia. Heading westward to hang out with Rob and Stefanie and introduce our new children. Crazy that it’s been a year since we've seen them last. Haven’t been to Como in awhile either.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. Today is my lovely, talented, and amazing wife’s birthday. Jane gave a great gift to start the day off by letting us sleep in until 7 am this morning. Looking forward to celebrating with friends tonight. Love you, Lisa!

EP Progress. Proofs have been signed off on, and the new Blind Eyes EP officially went to production yesterday. We should have them on or before June 1st, which gives us ample time to get some copies out for promo before the release show.

Garden haul. We made some homemade pizza and salad last night, both of which contained ingredients from our vegetable garden. And both were awesome.

Cool stuff. Cheap frames for family photos, sleeping in (worth a second mention), good riding weather tomorrow and Friday, roses on our rose bushes, Indian food followed by drinks at Dressell’s tonight.

Modern technology. I’ve had this post ready to go since 9 am, but our Internet at work was down all morning. Never have I more appreciated the wonders of 3G.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

may twenty-first

Five for May 21st:

Monday night skate. Swung by JB for a quick 45 minutes of skating last night before the storms rolled in. Felt good to roll around for a bit.

Man’s best friend. I’m a total sucker for stories like this, especially in the wake of such a horrific event. Seriously unfathomable.

Ant bait. That stuff is no joke. On Sunday, we had ants all over the laundry room floor. By the time I got home yesterday, they were done for. I always have a few packs at the ready.

Cool stuff. Filet Mignon on the grill, Devo in 1980, spring cleaning the closet and dresser, Starbucks on autobrew, EP release show Facebook invite.

Bad night. I don’t know if it was the lightning and thunder, the temperature, or what, but hat I do know is Jane didn’t have a productive night of sleep. And when Jane doesn’t have a productive night of sleep, neither do we. Luckily the caffeine is abundant today.

Monday, May 20, 2013

may twentieth

Five for May 20th:

Living in the city. Hit up Tower Grove Farmer’s market on Saturday, walked to Chris’ Pancakes for breakfast yesterday and followed it up with Lunch at Chavas. Jane is completely content people-watching, so getting out these days is easier than ever.

Around the house. Fresh (and swiftly dealt-with) spring ant infestation in the laundry room; part of the neighbor’s back fence got knocked down into our yard in last night’s storms; uncovered a drain at the bottom of our back stairs I didn’t know was there (covered in inches of dirt and debris) which should help exponentially with future basement flooding; finally weed-whacked.

Cursive is a lie. It just dawned on me that not once in all my adult life have I ever actually seen someone use a proper cursive capital Q. 2uite a phenomenon.

Cool stuff. Lisa’s birthday week, trail mix, Lo-Fi video release party (check out our video here!), Blonde Roast Vias from Starbucks, freshly washed car, busting out the sandals, Anna’s graduation party, pushing Jane in the swing for the first time ever.

Skateboarding. Super fun and exhausting session at the Y park with Andy on Saturday. The heat got to be a little much, actually, and it wiped me out. Still a great time. Hopefully hitting ramp riders tonight with my brother for some long-overdue mini ramp action.

Friday, May 17, 2013

may seventeenth

Five for May 17th:

Day 3. Managed my first 3/5 days riding week of the year today. I wish I would’ve rode yesterday as well- another psych-out by the weatherman. It was perfect all day. As I rode over the Tamm avenue bridge this morning overlooking a parking lot of traffic on highway 40, I was reminded why I do this. Not that I needed reminding.

Band practice. Dialed in a new song that we started on last week and got it sounding really good. Hoping to debut it at the show on June 15th. Also dusted off an old tune to work on, and practiced street plants in the driveway. All said: good one.

Video release. Lo-Fi Cherokee video release party is tonight at Blank Space. I think they’re running the videos from start to finish at 8 and again at 10, so come check them out. It’s free. See you there.

Cool stuff. Payday, Creature “Summer Rehabilitation” series, new shirt in the mail, successful grilling, having sunscreen on hand for bike rides.

Weekend action. Lo-Fi opening, Taste of Maplewood festival, Anna’s graduation party, Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, skating, and swimming are all in the plans. What else will go down? That remains to be seen.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

may sixteenth

Five for May 16th:

Las Palmas. Our go-to for a quick and easy dinner out with Jane in tow. Well, for Mexican, anyway. It’s got nothing on Ranchito, but it’s fast, close, rarely crowded, and has good margaritas.

Deadlines. It was a good feeling dropping the production master for the new EP off at the post office yesterday. Now begins the tedious process of making sure the ball is rolling with the printer, and getting the CDs in hand- hopefully well in advance of the release date.

Thiebaud reissues fail. Bum deal: found out the long-awaited SMA Jim Thiebaud “Joker” decks that were supposed to ship this month (which, I should mention, I’ve already paid for) got pushed back to mid-June. Oh well. Speaking of reissues, World Industries is bringing the nineties thunder!

Cool stuff. SNL fake UK punk documentary, Jane sleeping almost 11 hours, homemade brownies at work, Cheap Time on Spotify, proofreading, new toothpaste.

Enjoying the summery weather. This is what it’s all about.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

may fifteenth

Five for May 15th:

Wednesday. No ride in today, as it’s Janey drop-off/pick-up day. Truth be told, after yesterday’s battle of a ride home against an uphill headwind in 90-degree heat, not to mention general soreness from 3 straight days of riding and skating, I could use a day to recuperate.

Make a plan and stick to it. My self-imposed deadline to have artwork and the production master for the new Blind Eyes EP off to the printer is today- exactly one month from the release show at Off Broadway- and it’s going to happen.

Filmage. Stephen Egerton announced the existence of this upcoming documentary on the Descendents/ALL yesterday via Facebook, and needless to say, I cannot WAIT to see it. The lack of a definite release date doesn’t help things in that regard. Should be amazing.

Cool stuff. Coffee cup warmer, new Thrasher t-shirt en route, breakfast burritos for dinner, 12-pack of Tecate, good night’s sleep, fatherhood.

Blogs. If you have one, write in it. If you don’t write in it, take it down. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve followed over the years that start out good, and are eventually reduced to one post a month (if that), with each entry just basically stammering out an apology/excuse for the lack of content and promising to write more. Shit or get off the pot.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

may fourteenth

Five for May 14th:

Day 2. Pretty much the best morning-ride weather you could possibly ask for. Sunny, 60-something degrees, and no headwind. Perfect. This afternoon, after it gets up close to 90, may be a different story. That said- I’m ready for some summer temperatures.

Skate night. JB is becoming the new Monday night skate spot now that winter has passed and it’s no longer necessary to skate indoors. Met up with Josh, Kenny, and Bryan for an hour and a half session yesterday evening. Worked on back smith grinds, feebles, and dropping in on taller sections of the bowl. Getting there.

Lo-Fi Cherokee video release. It’s this Friday at Blank Space. It’ll be my second time there in a week, which is odd. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s contributions- by all accounts, all the bands knocked it out of the park. Hope to see you there.

Cool stuff. J Church on Spotify, morning coffee on the front porch, making Jane laugh, Bones 54mm Raybourn SPF wheels, trail mix bars, Minnesota doing good.

Selling stuff. I’ve been slacking lately, and there’s really no excuse for it- especially given the ease of use of the eBay app. My goal is to get a couple of things up for sale by the end of the week.

Monday, May 13, 2013

may thirteenth

Five for May 13th:

Sunday. Yesterday marked Lisa’s first mother’s day and Jane’s 7-month birthday, which despite getting no sleep the night before, we celebrated with a successful family brunch for about 13 people at our house. Good times were had, the food was awesome, and the weather was beautiful. Can't beat it.

Day 1. Crushed a slightly chilly but completely invigorating bike-commute to work early this morning. If there’s a better way to kick off a workweek, I don’t know what it is. Bonus: it’ll be about 70 for the ride home.

YMCA. Took full advantage this weekend: swimming with Lisa and Jane at Carondelet on Saturday, and finally checking out the skate park at the South City location with Josh and a nearly-healed Andy yesterday. Much shredding went down. Can’t wait to go back.

Cool stuff. New (much-needed) heat tent for the gas grill, ACBs and Yankee Racers at Blank Space, finished EP artwork, Joan of Arc flea market, French toast casserole, Vans Pool Party footage on YouTube.

Vegetable garden. Finally got it planted after a couple of weeks of waiting out the rainstorms. Kale, Swiss chard, yellow onions, peppers, tomatoes, and more on the way.

Friday, May 10, 2013

may tenth

Five for May 10th:

Biking. Rode in today, chances for rain be damned. Yesterday was supposed to be storming all day, so I didn’t ride, and I walked out of work at 5 pm to this and felt like a gigantic chump. I won’t get fooled again.

Band practice. Fun one last night. Came up with the skeleton for a new song that sounded pretty cool. It incorporates a beat I’ve never used in any of our other tunes, which after two albums, an EP, a single, and probably an entire album’s worth of songs that we started but never went anywhere is a rarity. Gotta keep it interesting.

Having a kid. It really does make you look at basically everything that happens in the world in a whole different light. Sometimes it scares the crap out of me, but I guess it’s something I need to get used to.

Cool stuff. Thrasher subscription renewal (complete with new t-shirt), Minutemen on Spotify, walks with Jane, PB&J, family photos to print, popcorn Friday, Iron Maiden Trooper beer.

Weekend. Busy one coming up- ACBs show at Blank Space, cleaning the house, swimming/hot-tubbing, having people over for brunch, skateboarding, going to the hardware store, Joan of Ark parking lot sale, and celebrating Jane’s 7-month birthday are all happening, although not in that particular order.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

may ninth

Five for May 9th:

Band action. Album art is all but finished, Seth and Doug hammered out some details last night and we should have something to approve on Monday. Practice tonight. Rocking shall occur.

The future is bright. This might be my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. Actually… it definitely is.

Celebration day. Coming up quickly on Jane’s seven-month birthday this weekend, which also happens to coincide with Lisa’s first mother’s day. Fun times will be had.

Cool stuff. Schmitt Stix Joe Lopes “crystal ball” reissue, oatmeal cookies from Panera, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, margaritas, front porch chilling in the evenings, Elizabeth Warren.

Thursday tunes. So far: Thin Lizzy, Exploding Hearts, Deep Purple, Generation X. Much more to come.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

may eighth

Five for May 8th:

Breakfast burritos. I’m usually not a big “make breakfast” type of guy, and when I am, it’s likely a bowl of cereal. However, I went all out today and made a full-on, gigantic breakfast burrito, and it was awesome. Should probably do that more often. Or not.

Cheap mowin'. Still using the manual push mower our next-door neighbor gave me when we first moved in. It’s actually perfect- cuts well, is super lightweight and portable, uses no gas, emits no emissions, and we can store it in the basement. The best part? It was free. I’ll be rolling that thing till the wheels fall off.

Thrasher Skate Rock 2013. Went down at Hermann’s Hole on Monday. One of those things I would’ve loved to be at. Alas. The footage looks insane.

Cool stuff. All Percolater, new Santa Cruz Claus Grabke model, lunchboarding, Columbia roast Vias, listening to Jane babble on our Wednesday drive, Bluth Banana Stand tour, Cherokee street article.

Riding plans. Looks like it’s going to be a one-ride week, if the predictions of rain for tomorrow and Friday are true. Next week, I’m aiming for 3/5 days. If the weather cooperates, I have no excuse not to hit it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

may seventh

Five for May 7th:

Riding in. Super nice ride to work today on the bike. Overcast but not chilly, pretty low traffic, and managed to make a bunch of key lights right on time. Got here in the usual 30 minutes, which included a stop at the ATM to drop off a check.

Lawn care. Tonight, I’ve got to dig in and take care of some mowing and weeding. It’s out of control after the latest bout of rainstorms.

Thrashin’. Met up with Kenny, Brian, and Josh at JB for last night for a quick, 45 minute or so session at dusk. It’s really the perfect time of day to go: the sun is low and the crowds are light. Good time. Nailed some back smith grinds and some cheap rock n’ rolls on the small quaterpipe.

Cool stuff. New AC unit for cheap, Charles Ramsey interview, quality leftovers, spring walks around the park with Jane, birthday cake at work, Walk Among Us.

Vimeo. Their app is cool, and contains some interesting videos that aren’t on Youtube. However, the player itself sucks (you literally can’t scrub at all, despite the functionality seemingly being there) and there’s no way to search and sort videos by user, only by title. Seems silly. Hopefully they’ll fix these things.

Monday, May 6, 2013

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Weekend. I usually don’t like being wrong, but in this case, I don’t mind. I thought this weekend was going to be a complete bust, but we managed to have an phenomenal one in spite of the chilly temperatures and sporadic rain. Details below.

Fun to play. We took Jane to the Carondelet YMCA yesterday to go swimming in their completely awesome, world-class indoor pool. It has everything- lazy river, water slides, whirlpool, lap pool, hot tub, sauna. The works. Jane had the time of her life splashing around in the water. The place is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

Crush all posers. The rain held off for most of Saturday, and my brother and I took advantage with a morning skate trip to JB and the Arnold Park. At both spots, we were the only ones there pretty much the entire time. Having the whole of JB to yourself is something that doesn’t happen very often. Potential sesh at Ramp Riders tonight.

Cool stuff. South City YMCA skate park, counterfeit Powell Mike McGill, buying in bulk, trail mix bars, getting the AC fixed, office cupcakes.

Cinco de Mayo. We headed to Cherokee street for the third year in a row for Cinco de Mayo, this time with Janey in tow. In sharp contrast to last year, which was sweltering, it was cool and just got colder. Still a fun time: had some tacos from the El Torito truck, smuggled in some drinks, took Jane to Apop, and saw some friends.

Friday, May 3, 2013

may third

Five for May 3rd:

Playing music. Great practice last night. Not nearly as rusty as I thought we’d be after a couple weeks off. New songs came back to us quickly, tunes from the EP are sounding good, and spirits are high. Some cool stuff in the works for the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

Family photos. At long last, they were posted on Facebook yesterday, and they came out great. Can’t wait to get some printed and framed.

Worst spring ever. Are we ever going to break free of this shitty weather? Wednesday it was sunny and 80 degrees out; today it’s 41 and pissing cold rain. “Over it” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, Ambig Modern Art DVD, St. Louis Blues 2-0 in the playoffs, Xbox 720 IllumiRoom, Slayer marathon on Spotify, good coffee at home.

Weekend. We’re going to make the best of this weekend, despite the fact that it’s supposed to rain pretty much the entire time. Planning on hanging out with some friends tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo, and maybe trying to squeeze in an indoor session at Ramp Riders or the Mills.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

may second

Five for May 2nd:

Band practice. Happening tonight, after two weeks of inactivity. It’ll be good to play some music. In addition to rocking, knocking out summer plans and album release details are on the agenda.

Jane. We got a sneak preview of our family photos from Rachel, and they’re looking good. Also, another wondrous night of uninterrupted sleep last night, which I really needed. We’re easing her out of her swaddle, and I think her newfound ability to roll over and sleep on her stomach is making her more comfortable.

Garden progress. Rick came by yesterday (thanks Rick!) and finished tilling and filling in the raised bed for our soon-to-be vegetable garden. Probably won’t get to plant anything in it until next week, after our next round of rain passes by, but it’ll be fun to start getting some food out of our own yard.

Cool stuff. Good leftovers, mild temperatures till the AC gets fixed, lunch skating in the Loop if it stays dry, blue dip Tommy Guerrero reissue, pop-tarts, Instareal, Allroy Saves.

Back to the Future. Got ten grand burning a hole in your pocket? Griff Tannen’s hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 is on eBay. I sure can’t think of anything better you could spend it on.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

may first

Five for May 1st:

May. Here we are, already. This year is chugging right along. It’s sort of scary. This month will be a busy one: birthdays, (Lisa’s first) mother’s day, events, shows, parties, album deadlines, and all manner of other stuff.

Last night. Had an awesome bike ride home, went for a walk around the neighborhood with Jane and Lisa, then met up with Josh and skated JB skatepark with Brian, Kenny and crew until the sun went down. Food and a much-needed shower followed. You can’t do much better than that for a Tuesday evening.

On the fritz. Our upstairs AC is out, and it’s looking like we’ll probably need to replace the whole unit as apparently, the cost to repair the existing one would be almost equal a brand new one. Certainly not an expense we needed at the moment, but we can deal.

Cool stuff. SMA Thiebaud reissue shipping this month, new swing for Jane, solid few days of nice weather, burritos, People Bitching About Loufest.

Wednesday tunes. Spoon, Veruca Salt, Egg Hunt, Tom Petty, Hellacopters, Anvil.