Monday, May 6, 2013

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Weekend. I usually don’t like being wrong, but in this case, I don’t mind. I thought this weekend was going to be a complete bust, but we managed to have an phenomenal one in spite of the chilly temperatures and sporadic rain. Details below.

Fun to play. We took Jane to the Carondelet YMCA yesterday to go swimming in their completely awesome, world-class indoor pool. It has everything- lazy river, water slides, whirlpool, lap pool, hot tub, sauna. The works. Jane had the time of her life splashing around in the water. The place is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

Crush all posers. The rain held off for most of Saturday, and my brother and I took advantage with a morning skate trip to JB and the Arnold Park. At both spots, we were the only ones there pretty much the entire time. Having the whole of JB to yourself is something that doesn’t happen very often. Potential sesh at Ramp Riders tonight.

Cool stuff. South City YMCA skate park, counterfeit Powell Mike McGill, buying in bulk, trail mix bars, getting the AC fixed, office cupcakes.

Cinco de Mayo. We headed to Cherokee street for the third year in a row for Cinco de Mayo, this time with Janey in tow. In sharp contrast to last year, which was sweltering, it was cool and just got colder. Still a fun time: had some tacos from the El Torito truck, smuggled in some drinks, took Jane to Apop, and saw some friends.

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