Friday, June 28, 2013

june twenty-eighth

Five for June 28th:

Productive practice. Came up with the framework for two new songs last night, which I would consider a success any day of the week. We’re swimming in tunes for the next batch of recording.

Henry. He’s hanging out at Spotlight for a much-needed day of grooming and socializing. Last time he was there, his nonstop antics with the other dogs made their Youtube page.

Coffee crisis. We completely ran out of coffee at home for the first time in memory, and had none for this morning. I can’t believe that actually happened, being the morning-coffee junkie that I am. Had to make an emergency trip to Hardee’s for some Joe to go.

Cool stuff. Gettin’ paid, breakfast biscuits, smooth evening bike ride, skate session at JB tonight, list-making, new (used) set of Indy 149s, iced tea, vacation prep, Exploding Actresses.

The Homer. Sometimes it's hard to remember the days when The Simpsons was still a funny, relevant, landmark show. But not everyone has forgotten: like these dudes, who went ahead and built a working, fully-functional “Homer”. Needless to say, I want one.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Day 3. Decent ride in this morning. Muggier than I was thinking it was going to be, which doesn’t bode well for the ride home. I think today’s ride may be it for the week, as I forgot that Henry has a grooming appointment tomorrow. 3/5 isn’t terrible.

Vacation. So close, I can almost taste it. Only a couple more days of work to get through before it’s a solid week of sunshine, sand, pools, good food, and hanging out. Can’t wait.

Moonlight Ramble. Happening on August 17th. Hoping we can do it this year, as we had to skip it in 2012 due to there being a small human rapidly growing in Lisa's belly. So much fun.

Cool stuff. Carnitas at Ranchito, Ocean City Dew Tour vert/bowl footage, new Black Sabbath (better than I was expecting), giant suitcase acquired for the trip, decks from the nineties are going crazy.

Tonight. Ride home, mow the front lawn, eat some food, hopefully shower, hang out with Jane, and go to practice. In that order- although showering may have to wait till I get home, depending on my ability to cram all of those things into a two-hour window.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

june twenty-sixth

Five for June 26th:

Headwinds from Hell. Fought a brutal headwind the entire ride home yesterday that at times felt like it was about to tip me over. High winds in 100-degree heat are both a blessing and a curse, I guess, but I’d rather have calm air and a smooth ride any time.

Same-sex marriage. I was initially bummed about leaving my lunch in the fridge at home today, but then I found out that lots of people I consider good friends are one crucial step closer to being able to live in this country without being treated like they're subhumans, and that changed my overall outlook.

Instagram. OK, maybe I jumped the gun on the video hate: unlike Vine, they don’t stream over and over again on repeat, which is nice. I still don’t like that the whole app is bogged down, but hopefully that gets fixed with future updates. And, it's still nowhere near as terrible as the Facebook app.

Cool stuff. Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster to kill the Texas abortion bill, ’87 AFA footage, Sweet & Salty nut bars, Picturebooks’ List of People to Kill on Spotify, firing up the grill, working out trades.

Awesome mom quote. "Alice Cooper was in our store today and checked out at my register. He bought a stack of music magazines and a bible. Who says bookselling is boring?"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

june twenty-fifth

Five for June 25th:

Day 2. Good ride in this morning following another great night of sleep (thanks, Janey). Warm sun, nice breeze, and a pit stop at Starbucks for some workplace essentials on the way in. Definitely a winning morning thus far.

The truth about humidity. What I’ve learned about humidity living in St. Louis is this: it’s way harder to just walk around the block in it than it is to go for a six mile bike ride in it. It’s when you’re barely moving that it truly crushes you. Get some wind blowing in your face and the blood flowing, and you’ll be fine.

Jane on the move. I’m convinced she’s mere days from crawling at this point. Every day she gets closer. Yesterday, she was legitimately doing the army crawl across the room for the first time ever. She can completely get herself into the crawling position from being seated, but can’t quite get anywhere from there. Scary, but awesome.

Cool stuff. Free pack of iced coffee Vias, having groceries, Hard Art Bad Brains photo book, vintage 2-Hip contest footage.

Homemade pizza. A thousand times tastier, faster, healthier, and cheaper than ordering one from some shitty chain. I don’t know why anyone orders pizza when it’s so easy to make awesome ones at home. Get with it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

june twenty-fourth

Five for June 24th:

Riding. Great Monday morning ride in. Absolutely crushed it, and made it in to work in under 25 minutes. The ride is so much easier a half hour earlier- literally half the traffic when I leave at 7:30 than when I leave at 8. This week is looking hot, but rideable. Going for 4/5. We’ll see.

Sunday skate session. Hit up YAP in O’Fallon for the first time in months. Had to wait out a rain shower when we got there, but once it ended, the sun (and some squeegees) made quick work of the standing water and we managed two hours or so of skating before the next batch of storms moved in. Good times, good people.

Instagram. I absolutely hate their new video streaming update. It’d be one thing if it was functionally the same and I could just skip over the stupid, annoying repeating videos, but the whole app is now markedly slower and everything takes longer to load. I wish they’d made the video portion optional, instead of part of the feed. HATE.

Cool stuff. Fifty bucks in spiff money, fresh set of bearings, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, grilled panini sandwiches, original G.I. Joe series on Netflix, swimming at the Y with Jane, May eBay Watch.

Bike commuting must-haves. Bandana (especially with contact lenses), towel, sunscreen, spare t-shirt, deodorant, bottle of water, bottle of iced coffee, sunglasses, riding gloves.

Friday, June 21, 2013

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

Summer. It’s here, officially, as of today. It feels like it, too. Fine by me- I’ve been waiting patiently for this season to get here since we were neck-deep in the bowels of a neverending winter that had me chilled to the bone for three solid months.

Day 3. Managed three days of commuting by bike to work this week, which is awesome considering on Monday I didn’t know if I’d get any in at all. This morning was probably the muggiest ride in yet, and certainly a portent of things to come. Still better than driving.

Go Skateboarding Day. Also today. Don’t think I’ll actually be able to do any skating today, but we’ll be celebrating a belated GSD tomorrow at YAP. Haven’t been out there since the fall. That place rules, and is totally worth the occasional long haul to get out there.

Cool stuff. Back porch drinks with Mary and Keith tonight, free BBQ for lunch at work today, classic color Cab Chinese Dragon reissue, $2 margaritas at El Paisano, spiff money, supermoon Sunday.

Checklists. With vacation coming up, and the added equation that is Jane factoring in for the first time, it's more imperative than ever that we know exactly what we need to bring along to make the trip as headache-free as possible. Brainstorming has begun.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

Jury duty. I’ve been to four of them now, but yesterday was the first time ever that absolutely no one got called. Literally, not a single number, all day. Read some magazines, had lunch with Lisa at Rooster, walked around downtown for a bit, and got sent home. Guess it wasn’t a total waste of time.

Day 2. Rode in today, and it’s looking good for tomorrow-, which will give me a 3-day ride week. Better than I was expecting. Hopefully the weather report remains cooperative. Bike-riding side note: I am currently sporting the most absurdly obvious farmer tan of all time.

Z’s. Jane has given us two wonderful nights of almost completely interrupted sleep. My guess is she’s between teeth coming in and becoming better at getting herself comfortable. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

Cool stuff. Evening walks, ’88 Ken Park reissue, deleting apps I never use, Schlafly Hefeweizen, Shackle Me Not, indoor fetch with Henry, smokehouse almonds.

Thiebaud Avenger. After months of thumb-twiddling, it finally showed up in the mail. Absolutely one of my all-time favorite graphics. I remember being so jealous of my friend Chad for having this board. This deck is #417 out of only 500 made, and they sold out before they hit the shelves. Who’s jealous now?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

june eighteenth

Five for June 18th:

Back on the saddle. Good ride in today following three days off the bike, which I needed. My legs were spaghetti this past Friday. There’s a small chance for some rain this afternoon, but not enough to justify not taking full advantage of what could (possibly) be my only ride day this week.

Janey. While still sweet and hilarious, our daughter has officially graduated to “handful” status. She’s a bundle of endless energy. She wants to grab everything, roll everywhere, look at everything, lunge at everything, shriek, bite, and squeeze. She’s so close to crawling, it’s terrifying.

Vacation. Starts two weeks from today. Let the countdown to beaches, sunshine, and not even thinking about work commence.

Cool stuff. Two nights of homemade pizza, old school flatland videos, de-cluttering, seasons 3 and 4 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, living at the top of a hill.

Civil service. Jury duty tomorrow. Hopefully it’s quick and painless. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 17, 2013

june seventeenth

Five for June 17th:

Father’s Day. My first Father’s Day as a dad occurred yesterday- the first time I’ve really had occasion to celebrate the day at all in 26 years. Thanks to Lisa and Janey for making it a great one.

Bikes. No ride today, as some showers are in the forecast, plus Jane kept us up pretty much all night last night and exhaustion levels are high. This week might be a one or two day ride week at best (see final entry in today’s blog for details). In other bike-related news, hung out with Greg Friday night and got my '87 Haro FST set up, and to say it’s drool-worthy would be an understatement.

Rock show. Good time Saturday night, despite the monsoon. Thanks sincerely to all the local media for all the support, and to everyone who came out. Hope you dig the EP. It’ll be available online soon.

Cool stuff. SMA Jim Thiebaud reissue coming this week, breakfast at Southwest Diner, Sunday ramp riders session with Josh and Andy, hamper forts, Go Skateboarding Day, Aggroman, cheese and crackers.

Jury duty. There will be no blog at least on Wednesday of this week, as I’ll be fulfilling my civic duty for what seems like the five millionth time. Hopefully back at it Thursday, but you never know.

Friday, June 14, 2013

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Day 4. Out of the last ten workdays, I’ve ridden my bike in for eight of them. The weather being not just cooperative, but almost perfect certainly helped. Hoping to keep the streak going as long as I can.

Press blitz. Holy cow. An interview with Seth on Speakers in Code, an interview with little old me for the Riverfront Times, and another interview with Seth (which is apparently a full-page article in Go!) for the Post-Dispatch, all online this morning. Oh, and our EP is currently sitting at #1 on the KDHX CMJ Top 30 charts. Whew.

Henry. His stink/shag factor is reaching critical mass. A groomin’ is loomin’, old buddy.

Cool stuff. New Powell-Peralta summer reissues, Jeff Grosso knockoffs, good wine, getting paid, banana walnut bread, sunscreen, smart coffee rationing, Mi Ranchito.

Weekend. Chilling with Greg tonight and building up my Haro FST, Janey swim lessons followed by practice and our EP release show tomorrow night, first Father’s Day on Sunday. Should be a good one.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

Day 3. Overcast and wind-battered ride in this morning. However, I’ve been riding so much that pushing against the wind is nowhere near as punishing a task as it was a month or so ago. Whatever gets the blood flowing. Ride home should be excellent.

Practice. Rescheduled band practice last night was a good one. Nailed down a set for the release show and hammered out some other business. The downside is that since we always practice on Thursday, today feels like Friday. And it isn’t.

X-Files on Netflix. Despite the overwhelming nineties-ness of it, it’s cool to have something new to get into now that we downgraded our cable package to the most basic channels available. I never really saw too much of it when it was on the air.

Cool stuff. Big League Chew, grilling out in the summer heat, Freestyle BMX Tales, messing with Jane, two four-day riding weeks in a row, new issue of Eleven, pink grapefruit Perrier, 1,138 behind the scenes photos from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Press. Should be some stuff popping up over the next day or so online, including an interview I did with the RFT. Will link as soon as it’s up, along with whatever else gets posted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

june twelfth

Five for June 12th:

Eight months. Janey turns 8 months old today, and true to form, we busted out the sticker sheet and took about a hundred photos. Insane to think how quickly she’s closing in on being a year old. I say it every month and I’ll say it again: time flies.

Freestylin' Fanatics. One of my personal holy grails- a 1987 Haro FST frame, which I won on eBay for practically nothing- showed up yesterday in the mail, along with a bunch of other parts including a couple of the original ACS brakes and levers. So awesome. Potentially building it up this Saturday with Greg. Can’t wait to ride it.

KDHX tribute night footage. Stumbled upon some video of us playing “2 Sisters” by the Kinks at the KDHX tribute night back in March. Actually sounds and looks great- hopefully they put the rest of the songs and sets up soon. Check it out.

Cool stuff. New BBQ place opening in Clifton Heights, fallout shelter time capsule, Modelo, Creature “On The Spot” video, veggie burritos.

Vacation. We’ll be well-deservedly on it in less than a month. After the insanity of these past few months- not to mention this past year or so- a legitimate vacation is just what the doctor ordered. It can’t get here fast enough.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june eleventh

Five for June 11th:

Tunespeak promotion. If you’re like me-, which is to say a cheap bastard-, you could do worse than to throw your hat in the ring for the Tunespeak promo we’re running. Win free tickets to the EP release show Saturday, copies of both EPs, reserved seats, and more. Do it!

Day 2. Great ride in this morning- sunny and warm, and low traffic due to getting in early for a meeting. This afternoon is going to be the first real taste of back-to-summer temperatures up in the high 90’s, which doesn’t bother me at all. I’m ready for some normality.

Date night. “Impromptu” isn’t a word that gets thrown around too much when you have a 7.5-month-old, but last night Lisa and I were able to get in an unplanned date to the Royale for cocktails thanks to Lisa’s stepmom. Their Moscow Mules are still the best.

Cool stuff. Haro FST frame coming this week (setting it up with Greg this weekend), Rainbow “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” on Spotify, RFT’s “best shows” article, burritos, hipsters who dress like Jackie from Roseanne, fruit salad with Stevia.

Like a bolt out of the blue. I had a brilliant idea on the way in this morning that will enhance morning bike rides in the summer tenfold- iced coffee in one of my water bottles. How did I never think of this before? My mind is reeling.

Monday, June 10, 2013

june tenth

Five for June 10th:

Riding in. Day one complete. A little damp out from last night’s rain, but a great ride nonetheless. Looking clear and sunny for the commute home, and looking equally clear for another four-day ride week.

Skating. Sunday afternoon pre-storm skate jam at JB with Andy, Kenny, Bryan and others was great. Possibly hitting up ramp riders tonight for some mini-ramp action if people feel up to it- including myself.

Contact lenses. They’re expensive- more so than normal contacts due to my astigmatism and abnormally crappy vision- and as a result, I always try to stretch them to the very limit. A 6-month supply of contacts generally lasts me a year. I'm getting down to the wire on my current pair, which is a bummer, but hey. Money talks.

Cool stuff. Weekend edition: Jane’s first swim lesson, Tower Grove farmer’s market, awesome and free umbrella for our back patio, dinner with Anna and Allison, drinks with Eric and Nicole, Henry and Coalie, Ted Drewes.

EP release show. Only five days away! Following a minor manufacturing snafu, the corrected discs are in hand, and all is right with the world. Come on out this Saturday and get one- they’re only five bucks. You can’t go wrong.

Friday, June 7, 2013

june seventh

Five for June 7th:

Radio Radio. Live set went well last night at KDHX- or, at least, it sounded like it from where I was sitting. You can stream the whole show online, so if you missed it, it’s not too late. Thanks to Nick for having us on and Bryan for shooting photos (coming soon).

Day 4. The first 4/5 day riding week of the year is now complete. It’s a pretty cool thing to know that my car started out the week on a full tank and has barely budged since. I’ll end the week with almost fifty miles in on just commuting. I can dig it.

Friday playlist. The Cramps, Wire, Band of Horses, the Fall, Stooges, T. Rex, Violent Femmes, Faith No More, Tom Petty.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Skateboarding, signing Jane up for swim lessons, brownies at work, good leftovers, this kid, iced lattes.

Weekend. Finally here. This week has been a long one. Swimming with Jane (see above), skating, farmer’s-marketing, getting the lawn up to speed, and trying not to spend money are all on the agenda.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

KDHX. We’ll be playing live tonight on the Space Parlour. Not exactly sure of the time, probably around 9 or 9:30. Doing a few songs from the EP and an interview, so tune in. Should be bitchin'.

Day 3. Rode in after the normal no-ride Wednesday. Three out of five days down, and going for four tomorrow. The weather this week has been amazing- it’s not going to get any nicer than this.

Haro FST. One of my goals for 2013 was to start piecing together the parts needed to rebuild my favorite freestyle bike ever- a Haro FST that was stolen from me when I was a kid. The first piece of the puzzle has been acquired. Granted, this is an 87 frame and the one I had was a lime green 86, but hey. What’re you gonna do.

Cool stuff. STL Magazine interview with Seth, hanging out with Jane, X-Files on Netflix, free food, Santa Cruz summer catalog, officially surpassed 30,000 page views, Future Primitive.

Unswaddled. Last night marked a milestone for Jane: sleeping the whole night with both arms out. I know to you non-baby-havers this doesn’t seem that awesome, but it is. Knock on wood, but it looks like this transition may be much easier than we thought.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

june fifth

Five for June 5th:

Best Pop Band 2013. Went with Seth to Atomic Cowboy to check out the 2013 RFT Music awards last night, where we unexpectedly won the “Best Pop Band” award! Flattering to know people still like what we’re doing after six years. Thanks dudes.

Milo’s. Our first time there with Jane for pizza with the bocce crew. She had a blast soaking it all in. Will this again become a regular Tuesday night happening? I hope so- but they need to invest in some high chairs.

Riding bikes. With each ride, I can feel myself improving. Certain areas of the commute that I was struggling with a couple of weeks ago, I’m now blasting through with no issue. Amazing how quickly it all comes back.

Cool stuff. Early morning walk around the neighborhood, remembering to set the autobrew, killing weeds, Transworld re-up, tomatoes coming up in the garden, much-needed good night’s sleep, French Roast Vias.

Cilantro aversion. Interesting study on the most vile and offensive thing that I’ve ever accidentally consumed.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

june fourth

Five for June 4th:

Monday evening. The good: rode home, ate some food, dropped the jogging stroller off with Josh at the bike shop for a new tube, grabbed some groceries, and went on a date with Lisa to Ted Drewes for the first time since probably September. The bad: Jane didn’t have a good night, to say the least.

Day 2. Despite the lack of sleep, I powered through the ride to work and I’m glad I did. Absolutely beautiful, crisp morning- and actually, getting the blood flowing with a six-mile ride probably did more to help power up my brain than anything else could have. Coffee will take care of the rest.

Trimming the fat. We reduced our cable package to the most basic one available, which cut our bill in half. We barely ever watched anything except American Pickers anyway. The little things go a long way, and that just wasn’t an expense we could justify anymore.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher (with stickers) in the mail, CD issues resolved, Hot Snakes on Spotify, Jordan Hoffart Day in the Life video, chocolate covered pretzels.

Future Sk8. Planning an afternoon trip there tomorrow. Haven’t been in there in awhile, and could use a few odds and ends, and apparently they’re carrying a bunch of new reissues and things now, which I’d like to check out.

Monday, June 3, 2013

june third

Five for June 3rd:

Springfield. Great show at the Outland. Definitely the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to in that town, and it probably would’ve been much bigger if it hadn’t been monsooning outside. Saw some bands, ate some killer pizza, and had a good time.

Day 1. Rode in this morning after a solid week of not getting on my bike once. Felt good. Shooting for 4/5 days this week (Wednesday is always out due to Jane duties), and the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate. Side note: I can’t believe I’m still sporting a hoodie on my morning rides in June. Insane.

Cap & Gown Ball. Congrats to Lisa for successfully pulling off an awesome, inspirational, and hugely successful gala for her second year in a row.

Cool stuff. Sunday evening skating at JB with Josh, a stranger “paying it forward” and covering our grocery bill, Jane loves toast, sharing gear at shows, tying my own tie, cake, hot tubs and stream rooms.

Bummers. Friends and family with tornado damage, left my earbuds in Springfield, Ferguson avenue bridge is closing for four months (which will mess up my ride), some issues with the glue on our EPs (which is getting taken care of, and why I insisted on having plenty of time to deal with this kinda thing before the release show).