Friday, August 30, 2013

august thirtieth

Five for August 30th:

No ride. Bummed I couldn’t do it today, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Morning errands which required driving, coupled with the need to get home quickly so Lisa can get to her yoga class tonight made it too much of a hassle. You win some, you lose some.

New tunes. Good practice last night. Finally got CDRs burned of all the new song demos- some of which I’d already forgotten about. Having the ability to immediately record new song ideas on the iPhone and quickly distribute them is a lifesaver. A song-saver, anyway.

Iron Maiden. In just over a week, I’ll be trekking out to Riverport with Eve and Steve to see them for probably the 4th or 5th time. Super excited, as the set for this tour is pretty much the best stuff off their first seven albums. My favorite band ever. Being thanked in two Iron Maiden albums is still one of my life’s crowning achievements.

Cool stuff. Donuts at work, fresh pack of Vias, new lineup of Powell “fun shapes”, showing my daughter off to coworkers, impromptu dinner and drinks at SOHA.

Labor Day Weekend. Seems like it’s been forever since I had a 3-day weekend. Hanging out with Lisa and Janey, skating at JB with Andy and crew, housecleaning, and chilling with friends and neighbors are all in the plans.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

august twenty-ninth

Five for August 29th:

Day 3. Almost bailed on riding the bike this morning due to a last-minute 8 am meeting and general grogginess from cold-battling yesterday, but I stuck it out and am glad I did. Turned out to be a super nice one.

eBay app. Listing items on eBay via the smartphone app is probably one of the most satisfyingly simple and efficient things you can do on an iPhone. It’s infinitely more convenient than doing it on a desktop. I snapped a few pics of some junk in the attic and had it up on eBay in four minutes. You can’t beat it.

Jane first birthday ideas. Red wagon, Cozy Coupe, playhouse, Radio Flyer scoot-to-pedal. Yeah, I’m pretty much going to spoil this kid.

Cool stuff. Attic reorganization, new floor tom legs, upcoming 3-day weekend, leftover spaghetti, tangerine Emergen-C.

Band practice. Tonight. Next show is September 14 at Off Broadway, but the next couple of practices will be strictly working on new songs, with plans to start recording sometime this fall.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

august twenty-eighth

Five for August 28th:

Summer cold. I could feel the twinges of one coming on this morning. I immediately began the counter-offensive: generous dosages of Emergen-C and cold medicine. Hopefully I can head whatever it is off at the pass.

Day off. While I’d love to be riding today, I’m certainly not going to complain about a day off to rest up-, which just so happens to be falling on what local meteorologists are predicting to be the hottest day of the year so far. Should be back on the saddle tomorrow and Friday, humidity and soreness be damned.

On the road. According to his Instagram feed, Josh is slowly but surely making his way up to the Pacific Northwest, which is no short and sweet journey. Travel safe, dude. Remember; caffeine is your friend.

Cool stuff. Free and stylish desk for the upstairs office, getting the lawn mowed, the Big O reopened after two years, new tube of Chap Stick, back to #3 on KDHX CMJ charts, Sahara Hotnights on Spotify, Starbucks French Roast on autobrew, classic Mat Hoffman footage.

Abandonment issues. Awesomely creepy photos of a doctor's deserted mansion, complete with an exam room littered with instruments, microscope slides containing slices of human kidneys, and the obligatory decaying baby carriage with creepy doll in it. Welcome to your next nightmare.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

august twenty-seventh

Five for August 27th:

Day 2. The landscape of riding in to work changes considerably with the return of students to Wash U. Gone are the days of blasting down the Centennial Greenway at full speed and charging carefree through the Loop. Oh well. Speaking of changing landscapes, the leaves are already starting to fall on the Forest Park bike path. Autumn is on its way.

Jane. In about six weeks, she’ll be a year old. It has been a crazy year- without question the craziest of my life, but I wouldn’t change anything. Raising Janey and watching her grow up is without doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. That said, her gnome-themed party is going to be off the chain.

Drum maintenance. My drums have really taken a beating. My kick pedal is held together with duct tape (literally), I lost my floor tom legs somewhere, and they could really just use a general cleaning and tune-up before the next show- which, by the way, is September 14 at Off Broadway with Jon Hardy and the Public.

Cool stuff. Blind Eyes on Haikulou, Iced vanilla latte, new bike pump (that I need to figure out how to use), cocoa puffs, Everything Will Be Forgotten: the story of Kingshighway Skatepark, new Grosso’s Lovetters, next run of Bones Brigade colorways, abandoned Crestwood Mall photo gallery.

Tuesday tunes. Hot Snakes, Rilo Kiley, Hanoi Rocks, Egg Hunt, Dismemberment Plan, High On Fire, Interpol, the Sounds.

Monday, August 26, 2013

august twenty-sixth

Five for August 26th:

Weekend recap. The best weekends are the ones where you cram so much stuff in that it feels like a legitimate vacation just happened. This weekend was a perfect example. The breakdown:

Friday. Left work early for a 3pm load-in at the Pageant. Set up my drums, and realized my kick head had a giant crack in it. Called Tom, who was still at work, and he saved my ass by getting one over to me. Lisa swung by with Jane and we grabbed food at Mi Ranchito. Got back to the venue and people were already showing up- good sign. Backstage laughs ensued. I looked out and the place was filling up, and there was a line out the door. Any doubts I’d had about the show were out the window by the time we played. Definitely a landmark show for the band- I’d never seen that many people at the Pageant for an all-local show. Somehow we pulled it off. Sleepy Kitty and the Incurables were awesome, saw tons of people I hadn't seen in awhile. Just a great night. More photos here.

Saturday. Got up early and started getting things ready for a quick trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. 2.5 hours later Lisa, Jane, Henry and I got to the lake house, got situated, and hit the dock. Swam, had a drink, and relaxed. Beautiful summer weather and perfect water. Took the pontoon across the enormous lake for Jane’s first boat trip- a 20-minute ride to Jolly Roger’s for dinner, where she hammed it up as usual. Got back with plenty of time to chill out on the dock and watch the Cardinals beat the Braves (yes, Steve and Diane have a flat-screen on their dock). Passed out shortly thereafter.

Sunday. Woke up to coffee and homemade biscuits and gravy. Jane took another dip in the wading pool, I took another dip in the lake, and we checked out a 1.4 million-dollar boat. Said our goodbyes to the family and after a quick stop for gas and a Red Bull, hit the road for home. Got back, unpacked the car, and hung out for a bit before meeting up with Andy and the Bryans for an hour and a half skate session at JB till sundown. Stopped at the store to stock up on much-needed groceries before heading home to chill with Lisa.

Monday. Josh came by early to drop some stuff off and say goodbye before leaving for Portland. Glad he got to see Janey one last time before he left. Plus, we picked up a new oscillating fan out of the deal- score. Despite the summer heat making a comeback this week, had a great morning ride in. And here we are.

Friday, August 23, 2013

august twenty-third

Five for August 23rd:

Morning madness. It’s barely 10 am, and this morning has already been crazy. Rolling out of bed and immediately making four trips of hauling drums up a flight of stairs and out to the car is not the best way to start the day.

Breakfast. Have you ever stopped to ponder how annoying the pronunciation of the word "breakfast" is? Nowhere else in our dialect is "break" pronounced "breck" and "fast" pronounced "fist". No one says "that car was moving at breckneck speed!" or "that pitcher has a mean fistball!"

Rock show. Tonight at the Pageant, with Sleepy Kitty (releasing a new single!), Incurables and Shooting with Annie. Only ten bucks, doors at 7, show at 8. Hope to see you out there!

Cool stuff. Payday, Sims Screamer, Hanoi Rocks on Spotify, totally sweet Iron Maiden wallet, new brakes on my Giant, this kid for the win.

Lake of the Ozarks. Unplanned weekender trips are sometimes the best ones, but a little harder to navigate with a ten-month-old and a schnoodle in tow. Just have to make sure we remember to bring everything. Should be a fun one.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

august twenty-second

Five for August 22nd:

Day 3. Some nice cloud cover made what would have been a miserably humid bike ride tolerable this morning. Nice, even. Don’t know if that’ll be the case this afternoon, but what’re you gonna do.

Broke brakes. After four years of abuse, the brake pads on my bike are on their last leg. Getting them replaced tonight. Not that this is something I couldn’t do it myself, but losing my brother as a resource for cheap/free bike repair is going to be a real drag.

Magnatone. Channel 2 feature on two of my ex-coworkers, who are behind the revamped Magnatone amplifier line. Ted and I literally shared an office for a couple of years. It’s cool to see this taking off, generating some buzz, and staying local.

Cool stuff. Lime popsicles, meeting notes, the attic skateshop, updated Youtube app (still some bugs to work out, but the screen-within-a-screen thing is a win), liar’s dice in RDR, Jane starting day care in September.

Thursday night. The breakdown: ride home, shower, hang out with Jane and Lisa, meet Josh and work on bike, put Jane to bed, go to band practice, go to the Demo to hang out with Kepi, go home.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

august twenty-first

Five for August 21st:

Recuperation. I was wrecked after yesterday’s ride. Having Wednesday off as a rule is a good excuse for a day of resting up. My leg muscles were revolting against me on that gradual uphill climb up the Skinker bike trail yesterday afternoon.

Stand and deliver. In addition to crawling all over the house like a small rocket, Jane is pulling herself up on everything, and getting better at standing and balancing on her own. Case in point.

Life lesson. Always carry a toothpick in your wallet. You’re welcome.

Cool stuff. Couple of new decks in the mail (including the much-coveted Corey O’Brien reissue), Batch 19 pre-prohibition lager, new and unsplintered drumsticks, interview with Seth (plus cool band photo) in Alive Magazine, Seshday.

Urban Exploration. Excellent (as usual) article by Thomas Crone on Next STL on one of my favorite subjects: urban exploration. A great read complete with amazing photography. I honestly can’t get enough of this stuff.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

august twentieth

Five for August 20th:

Day 2. I could feel the temperature and the humidity creeping up all the way in, but it was still a beautiful ride complete with a stop at Starbucks in the Loop to pick up some vias, which I was tragically almost out of. Crisis averted. This week will be three days riding max, as I have Jane tomorrow and a show on Friday with an early load-in.

Sweat city. Needless to say, between dual 6-mile rides yesterday and 2 ½ sweltering hours of skating at Ramp Riders in the evening, I was ready for a serious hose-down by the time I got home. Had to settle for a shower. This morning was a good kind of sore.

Culinary genius. Lisa continues her reign as the ultimate concoctor of awesome food. Case in point: last night’s zucchini fritters with a side of fresh tomato slices, both from her dad’s garden.

Cool stuff. Janey in the morning, Alva Out of Focus, blueberry crunch cereal, Patton Oswalt is a comedic genius, Lake of the Ozarks weekender, Vans slip-ons, Girl Skateboards 20-year party video, Forest Park then and now photo set.

Tuesday tuneage. Detroit Cobras, Son House, the Seeds, Queens of the Stone Age, Middle Class Fashion, Iron Maiden.

Monday, August 19, 2013

august nineteenth

Five for August 19th:

Monday ride. Good one today. Left the house earlier than usual for an 8:00 meeting, and blasted in in no time due to the minimal morning traffic. Fun ride. Sunny and cool. There’s nothing better than bookending a Monday at the office with two bike rides.

Travelin’ Jane. She’s a little trooper: this weekend she went to Laura's graduation brunch, got on the road for an overnight trip to hit Jefferson City, Columbia, and Fulton, and then headed straight back to St. Louis and to a late lunch with my mom and brother. Aside from some pent-up energy (which she relentlessly unleashed upon getting home), she was none the worse for wear.

Skating. Set up a new board to replace my freshly stress-cracked Real, got in a fun session at JB, a (very) short one at Kingshighway, and even busted out the homemade slider bar for a few yesterday. Old man night at Ramp Riders tonight with my brother- our last one till at least December.

Cool stuff. Fully stocked on paper products, playing the Pageant this Friday, new books for Jane, Bottleworks’ patio, Infinity shop decks, CSFU.

Bummers. Missing the moonlight ramble on Saturday (next year, no excuses!), Josh moving to Portland next week, my bike needs new brake pads, and the camera for Jane’s monitor stopped working last night.

Friday, August 16, 2013

august sixteenth

Five for August 16th:

Happy birthday Mom. Seems like just yesterday, you were only 65. Get it!?! Hope your day is full of mirth, merriment, and Bruce Willis’ The Return of Bruno played loudly.

Bikes. Crushed the ride home yesterday in 20 minutes, which may be my best time ever. This morning was a good one at a leisurely pace. Stopped to snap some pictures here and there, and rode almost a whole block no-handed (which is something I’ve never been good at). It goes without saying that, yes, the weather was amazing. Stop and smell the concrete.

Life hacks. Disclaimer: I hate that term. However, this list has its moments. Using a can opener to open one of those sharp plastic blister cards is particularly great, and I will definitely be trying out that “cup of water in the microwave with pizza” trick.

Cool stuff. Box of donuts at work, Pretty Things on Spotify, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, AC off and the windows open, vintage Japanese monster playing cards, epic '79 shaggin' wagon.

Band practice. Interesting one last night. Ran the set twice. The first one sounded like we’d never played together as a band before in history, the second one could’ve blown Van Halen offstage in 1980. Go figure. Sometimes you’ve just got to work the bugs out.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

august fifteenth

Five for August 15th:

Morning commute. Felt like fall out there this morning, and it’ll barely be at 75 on the way home. I could’ve used a hoodie for the first half of the ride. If I hadn’t had my backpack on, I wouldn’t have broken a sweat at all. So awesome.

Juice Magazine. The new issue is finally out after a long wait. A little thinner than issues past, which hopefully means they’ll be coming out more frequently. As always, tons of killer interviews, including the continuation of the Bones Brigade chronicles. This issue marks their jump to higher-quality gloss paper too, which is a good move, even though I had a soft spot for the old newsprint.

Thursday. Gonna be a packed evening- ride home, clean up, go hang a few posters for the Pageant show next weekend, try to potentially squeeze in some skating (maybe Kingshighway for a few?), and head to band practice. Come home, shower, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully get to hang out with my girls somewhere in there.

Cool stuff. Labor Day weekend coming up, homemade pizza, lawn mowed, taking Jane to the playground, Garada K7, Winking Owl, decks in the mail, BMX Bandits on Netflix.

Bob Burnquist. Overall, this is verging a little too far away from "skateboarding" and into “daredevil” territory for my taste in general, but you can’t deny the awesomeness of it . New levels of gnar. If you don’t believe me, skip to the end and watch the helicopter segments.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

august fourteenth

Five for August 14th:

Cooling out. It’s summer? Could’ve fooled me. I could almost see my breath this morning, and I’m fairly certain it got down to the 50’s last night. I want every summer to be like this. Bummed I couldn't ride today, but alas, it's Wednesday. At least the windows are down.

NYC. Amazing photo gallery of New York City, circa 1970-1989- or, as I like to call it, the Crocodile Dundee years. It’s hard to think of the NYC of today as being a burnt-out warzone, but it was, and not that long ago. This is more or less how I saw it through my entire childhood (albeit, from my Midwest vantage point). Pretty fascinating.

Best Mexican Restaurants. Got to hand it to the RFT, they pretty much nailed it with this list. All of my personal faves are on there, plus a few I’ve yet to try. I’d replace Milagro (which is decent) with La Tropicana if it were me, but to each their own.

Cool stuff. Seshday deals, St. Louis bike-sharing program, using up leftovers, tomato and mozzarella, Pageant show is less than 10 days away, Starbucks on autobrew, serious Jane.

Wednesday morning tuneage. Teen Idols, Neko Case, Melvins, the Cramps, Teengenerate, J Church, DEVO.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

august thirteenth

Five for August 13th:

Janey. Her ten-month “sticker” picture, as promised. These are getting increasingly difficult to take, as she is on the move 100% of the time. The scariest thing? There are only two stickers left in the pack. She’s growing up too fast.

Riding bikes. Got a ride in today following a rainy (and overly busy) Monday. The continuing unseasonably cool temperatures made for another quick and comfortable commute, and the seven-day forecast is looking great. Saw a house (or something) on fire on the way in- you could smell it from blocks away. Never a dull moment.

Ballpark village. Scott Ogilvie, who I’m proud to say is the alderman of my particular city ward, completely slams the ongoing joke that is “Ballpark Village” (I used that term loosely) in this RFT article. Unfortunately for all of us, the joke isn’t funny.

Cool stuff. SC Corey O’Brien reissue shipped (3 days early!), new (free) Hohner Blues Band harmonica at work, Schlafly Summer Lager, Chipotle Tabasco.

Late bloggin’. I usually try to get these up in the morning before hectic-ness sets in, but it set in early today. What’re you gonna do.

Monday, August 12, 2013

august twelfth

Five for August 12th:

Ten months young. Happy ten-month birthday to my little Jane. You’ve come a long way, baby. Obligatory chest-sticker photo coming soon.

Southwest Diner. Consistently one of the best breakfast places in the city, made all the better by the close proximity to our neighborhood. Maybe one of these days I’ll get something other than the fiery scramble… but probably not.

Skating. Super fun and sweat-soaked session at JB Saturday with Andy, Chris, the Bryans, and the rest of the crew. Good times were had and many bottles of water were pounded. Bummed I had to miss hitting the Y on Sunday, but duty called.

Cool stuff. Banana pudding, Dive Poets CD release show, meeting (more) new neighbors, consistently functional iPhone, BBQ weather, save the Bro Bowl, new mechanical pencils, Columbia Roast Vias.

Backyard plans. Now that our neighbors have erected the mother of all garages at the top of their beautifully-poured, smooth cement parking pad, I feel more urgency than ever to get our cracked, miserable excuse of a driveway replaced and the backyard spruced up. One thing at a time.

Friday, August 9, 2013

august ninth

Five for August 9th:

Day 3. Nice 3/5-day ride week this week, which is better than the last couple. It should’ve been 4/5- I’m still kicking myself about Tuesday. Ahwell. Perfect riding weather this morning. Blasting down the bike path past a huge swell of traffic backing up on Skinker due to road construction was particularly satisfying.

Band practice. Short and sweet one last night- ran the set for the 23rd and worked on a new tune, and Kevin had to take off for a Fine Lines gig at CB’s. Not without its hiccups here and there, but sounded good overall.

Accuweather. I don’t know why I even bother with this shit-show of an app anymore. If I actually based my days around Accuweather forecasts, I would never be riding my bike or doing anything outdoors, because apparently it’s ALWAYS going to be raining at 9am, noon, and 5pm.

Cool stuff. Jane climbing up the stairs, credit card paid off as of today, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding in the mail, reissue Corey O’Brien “Reaper” preordered, Nirvana on Spotify, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil.

South St. Louis Breakdown. A very insightful post by Toby Weiss about living in south city on her website. It’s beyond flattering to know that anything my band has done has actually affected someone on any sort of emotional level. Go check it out.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

august eighth

Five for August 8th:

Day 2. An overcast, slightly humid, and much-needed bike ride today. I really pushed it this morning, partly to make up for my overall slothiness the last couple of days, and partly to account for the couple of construction detours I had to deal with. Feeling good.

iPhone: part deux. New one is in hand. No issues (so far) with randomly losing my 3G, the camera on this one is a million times better (the one on my old iPhone always sucked since I got it), and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to replace. The iCloud backup is amazing- it’s like I never switched phones. Everything from my settings to my wallpaper is automatically set. All said; could’ve been worse.

Mi hermano. Looks like my little brother will be moving to Portland at the end of the month. While I’m bummed to see him go, it’ll be cool to have someone to visit up in the Pacific Northwest. Congrats dude, and good luck.

Cool stuff. New issues of Juice and Ride BMX magazines, nice Instagram app updates, crock-pot chicken tacos, early morning walk to the park with Jane and Lisa, amazing Pageant concert poster.

Best web videos. Skate World, Mondays with Mike V (old and new), Grosso’s Loveletters, Epicly Later’d, 7 Seconds at Svitak's.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

august seventh

Five for August 7th:

Chumped. I should’ve rode yesterday. I had a feeling we wouldn’t get touched (despite the onslaught of flash flooding south) and sure enough, we didn’t, and it was sunny and beautiful all day. I need to just stop listening to the weather forecast altogether. The times I’ve gone with my gut, I’ve always been right.

iPhone woes. My iPhone is back to it’s old trickery- i.e., constantly losing signal in the places where it should not do so. Appointment tonight at the Apple store to get it replaced. Not excited to spend more money on crap like this, but it’ll be good to have a reliable phone again.

Janey day. It’s Wednesday, which means a morning car trip to North County to drop Jane off. As usual, today’s ride was full of non-stop insights in the form of random coos, babbles, ear-splitting shrieks, and spit-soaked raspberry blasts. Interesting stuff.

Cool stuff. Lee Ralph reissue delivery today, meeting new neighbors, Minor Threat first demo tape on Spotify, smoothie ingredients, Clifton Heights, Caballero Dragon mini-ramp art.

The need to read. I haven’t read a decent book in ages, and I need to get back into reading something other than skate/bmx magazines and online news articles. Someone recommend me something good.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

august sixth

Five for August 6th:

Potluck. My office knows how to do it right. Pulled pork sandwiches, yellow curry couscous, fresh strawberries, all manner of sides, and even a 12-pack of throwback Mountain Dew are all on the menu for today.

Bikes. Great ride home last night. Showed a co-worker that just started riding in some life-changing shortcuts. No ride today due to threatening rain all day today plus the need to transport potluck-related stuff to work. Back at it Thursday.

Jolly Roger. Their new shop in Belleville looks killer, and features an indoor mini-ramp with a spine- no beating that. The place is run by two of the nicest people on the planet, too. Can’t wait to get over there and check it out.

Cool stuff. Grande iced latte, early morning Loop skate cruise, June eBay watch, taking Jane to the playground, cinnamon toast crunch, Variflex bootlegs.

Tuesday tuneage. Rolling Stones, Dillinger Four, The Cramps, The Replacements, Deep Purple, D.I., Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Monday, August 5, 2013

august fifth

Five for August 5th:

Day 1. Awesome ride in to work this morning. Rain looks like it’ll hold off to the southwest, but tomorrow may be a washout.

Weekend action. Full weekend of good times. Bottleworks on Friday night, skate session at Ramp Riders on Saturday followed by an evening hang-out with Mary and Keith on the back patio, Botanical Gardens and a stop at Macklind Avenue Deli for the first time with Lisa and Janey on Sunday.

Arch grounds. In my humble opinion, what downtown does not need more of is green park space. The idea of integrating the city to the riverfront and Arch grounds via newly-constructed retail spaces and walkable boulevards (a counterpoint mentioned in this article) is what will make downtown work, not more (or bigger) parks. We have enough of those.

Cool stuff. Vision Lee Ralph “contortionist” reissue, Monday morning meeting notes, dancing with Jane, going fakie, Empire diet cream soda.

R.I.P. Bob Reuter. Absolutely tragic news. It’s hard to imagine St. Louis without Bob Reuter- he’s been a fixture on the scene for as long as I can remember. I'll leave more wordy tributes to those who knew him better than I did, but for sure, there's a big piece of this town now missing.

Friday, August 2, 2013

august second

Five for August 2nd:

Music lessons. Tired of sounding like the Wyld Stallyns? You're in luck: you can learn to play one of the songs from our EP in the new issue of Eleven Magazine. Pretty sure this marks the first time in history any music from any band I’ve been in has been transcribed. Hope you brought your Mel Bay chord chart.

Rocking out. Good practice last night. Short and sweet. Worked on a set for the next show, which was cool. We haven’t played anything but the brand-newest of songs in over a month.

No ride. Bummed to have to skip it, but looming morning clouds and threats of heavy rain around the time I’d be riding home killed it. Hoping to get some sort of riding in this weekend to offset it, if weather and timing permits.

Cool stuff. The birth of Elisabeth Rose (congrats, Herm!), Seoul Taco, AC/DC Powerage, drawing weird monsters for Jane to crack her up, Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" - A Backyard Progression video, Bottleworks for dinner and drinks to kick off the weekend, Lisa’s new food blog coming soon.

YMCA. We’ve barely used our membership in weeks and it’s time to either start making it happen or quit throwing away the money. The issue is time- or the lack thereof- and not motivation. Access to two pools, steam room, sauna, a skatepark, exercise equipment and daycare is something we should be taking advantage of regularly.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

august first

Five for August 1st:

Bicyclism. Day two of bike commuting for the week. Phenomenal morning for a ride. I know I sound like a broken record, but I seriously cannot believe this weather. Barely broke a sweat coming in. Best summer ever.

August. Should be a good one. Lots of riding and skating to do, stuff to sell on eBay, a rock show at the Pageant, not to mention Jane’s 10-month birthday AND Mom’s 792-month birthday. Whew!

Star Wars. I’m not excited about the next salvo of sequels they’re rolling out, but at least it looks like they won't be relying 100% on CGI as they did with the three prequels (and the bastardized 90’s “enhanced” originals). Maybe a step in the right direction, but I'm not holding my breath for greatness.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, lunch with Josh at Seoul Taco, Mike McGill still killing it, Minutemen on Spotify, free sleeve of Thin Mints, Hoffart's bowl sesh footage.

Band practice. Happening tonight. Pretty excited about the new songs we're writing, but it's probably time to shelve those for a bit and focus on working out a set for the 23rd.