Monday, November 18, 2013

november eighteenth

Five for November 18th:

The return of summer. Following a week of frigid temperatures with highs in the mid-30’s, this weekend was a full-on return to sunshine and warm weather- it was even humid at times. Unfortunately, weather like this in November always comes at a cost.

Old man night at Ramp Riders. Every third Monday of the month, over-30’s skate for free. We’ve been known to take advantage of this deal every now and then. Hitting it up tonight for some shreddage following a super fun Saturday sesh at JB.

Black and white. Pro tip: some simple cropping and gray-scaling is the cheap and easy way to make any regular (or even mundane) digital photo a work of art. Of course, it helps tremendously to have such a photogenic subject.

Cool stuff. Arts and crafts with Jane, Key and Peele Continental Breakfast skit, French dips, 2014 travel planning.

Press. We’re number one in a new RFT article Ten St. Louis Acts That Deserve To Be Famous Now- and in some damn fine company as well. Super awesome.

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