Friday, November 15, 2013

november fifteenth

Five for November 15th:

Merchandise. It keeps us alive. The new Blind Eyes shirts came in last night, and they’re my favorite yet, but then again, I’m a black t-shirt guy. Will be available on our Bandcamp page and at shows soon.

How-to. Remember the good old days? When you could just have a helpful tip about something that wasn't considered a "life hack", or offered under the guise of surviving a zombie apocalypse? Ahhh. I do. Either way, this is pretty cool.

Sleeping in. It doesn’t happen often, especially during the week, but Jane was still snoring away till well after 7 this morning. I actually had to go in there and wake her up. Hitting snooze a few times and getting to sit quietly and drink some coffee in the morning is alright by me.

Cool stuff. Black Label Emergency Riky Barnes deck from Andy, box of peppermint and box of Earl Grey tea for the office, Go-Gos on Spotify, getting paid, good practice.

Weekend plans. KDHX Marvin Gaye tribute show, skating, taking advantage of the mild/warm temperatures, eating good food, general chillaxery with Jane and Lisa.

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