Thursday, November 14, 2013

november fourteenth

Five for November 14th:

For the win. Came in today wishing I had brought in some yogurt, only to find a key lime Oikos stashed in the fridge that I had forgotten about. Score.

Jane at 13 months. Big steps over the last month or so- both literally and figuratively. For one, she doesn’t crawl at all anymore, ever: it’s walking/running at all times. She’s also learning words and mimicking sounds- “baby” and E-I-E-I-O” are two of her favorites.

Ted Drewes. Braved the cold to get us our first Great Pumpkins of the year last night. I can’t believe we dragged our feet this long. The first bite is always the best.

Cool stuff. Great urban exploration pics, lunch skating, much-needed haircut, X-files on Netflix, last days of BSSS photos, Dane Burman Cold War part.

NYE. Finally starting to get some dates nailed down to start on group rehearsals for New Year’s Eve. We need to get that show on the road. I don’t even know what songs we’re playing yet.

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