Tuesday, November 19, 2013

november nineteenth

Five for November 19th:

Skate straight. Fun and mellow session at Ramp Riders last night with Andy, Brian, and Mark, despite the fact that I skated like crap. Any more than 3 or 4 guys skating the mini and it becomes somewhat of a bummer, so crowd-wise, it was right on. Should’ve brought the Danforth with me. Ahwell.

Drum gear. The kick pedal I picked up to replace my old Camco sucked, but luckily I found a similar Camco on eBay for $25 BIN. Done and done. Even comes with a wood beater, which should be interesting.

Caffeine fix. Scored some cheap Starbucks holiday Vias for the workplace yesterday (30% off and super good, go get some), and had some awesome dark Vietnamese coffee on autobrew this morning.

Cool stuff. New issues of the Skateboard Mag and Ride BMX, fresh set of 54MM Bones wheels, pot luck tomorrow, Trader Joe’s granola bars, Wrench Pilot complete collection, interview with the creator of Radical Rick.

Tuesday tuneage. John Coltrane, Mooney Suzuki, The Go-Go’s, Mercyful Fate, Neko Case, Jacuzzi Boys, The Nerves.

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