Tuesday, November 12, 2013

november twelfth

Five for November 12th:

Tom’s last day. Bummed to see my closest friend at work moving on. Today’s his final day here, which is still sort of sinking in. Hitting up Seoul Taco for a last lunch hurrah. The cool thing is, his new office is in Clayton, which will make for easy daytime hangouts going forward.

Ice world. The temperature absolutely plummeted last night. This morning was a balmy 25 degrees complete with frozen ice puddles in the parking lot. Nothing a tea kettle, some good waterproof gloves, and a space heater can’t fix.

11/12/13. Get it? Because today’s date features numbers that appear in their natural order. See you on December 13th next year for the next round of fun and amazement.

Cool stuff. Peanut Butter Puffins, Jamie Thomas’ Zero Cold War part, Pinon coffee, Welcome’s 2014 lineup, teaching Jane new things.

Tuesday tuneage. Superdrag, Fucked Up, The Gun Club, Detroit Cobras, Van Halen, Meat Puppets.

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