Friday, November 22, 2013

november twenty-second

Five for November 22nd:

Shout-out. Got an unsolicited online shout-out from Powell-Peralta yesterday based on a little snapshot I took the other night and posted on Instagram. The digital age is strange and wonderful.

Cover tunes. Dialed in another song for NYE last night, made some good progress on the other two we started last go-round, and got a bunch of ideas for other material down on paper. Feeling much better about the whole thing now. Posters coming next week.

Maplewood. I got my first apartment in Maplewood in 1997, and this is pretty much exactly what it was like then. It's amazing to see how much it has changed (and how much Saratoga has not) since then. Also, World Wide Magazine forever.

Cool stuff. New Camco pedal in the mail, “gender neutral” Tony Hawk Target complete, great Jane daycare drop-off, (completed) professionally framed Jon Lumley artwork, Seoul Taco for lunch.

Weekend. Laying low tonight, hitting up Off Broadway tomorrow night for the KDHX Lou Reed tribute night followed by Heavy Anchor for the Safes, hanging out with some out-of-town friends followed by more NYE practice on Sunday, chilling with Lisa and Janey in between.

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