Wednesday, November 27, 2013

november twenty-seventh

Five for November 27th:

Circle of life. One of our closest and longest-standing family friends passed away yesterday, while one of our good friends gave birth to a new baby girl. Rest in peace, Merle, and welcome to the world, Iris. Enjoy the ride.

Hamming it up. No one does it like Jane. Thirteen months old and already a total pro. This kid blows my mind.

STL best breakfast spots. Two of our favorite places (Southwest Diner and Benton Park CafĂ©) are listed, proving beyond a doubt our tastes are impeccable. The other three are ones I haven’t been to, primarily due to their locations being well outside our normal strike zone.

Cool stuff. Dark roast coffee from Einstein’s, sleeping in, getting paid, Key and Peele Dueling Hats, avoiding the blizzard, weekend skating, Seoul Taco with Lisa, Winking Owl, August-October eBay Watch.

Thanksgiving. Should be a really fun one this year, as we no longer have to contend with a cranky newborn as was the case in 2012. See you all Monday. Don’t blame the tryptophan.

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