Wednesday, December 11, 2013

december eleventh

Five for December 11th:

SoHa. May have to become a regular Tuesday night go-to spot. $2 burgers, $2 drinks, a roaring fire, and one minute from our house equals a total win.

Rocking and rolling. Another good practice last night with MCF at their haunted practice room in the converted Lemp brewery. Sounding really tight and we nailed down another couple of tunes- and even got home at a reasonable hour.

The Onion. This article literally had me in tears last night.

Cool stuff. #8 of 250 Jim Thiebaud REAL reissue, Hold Steady at Off Broadway in January, peppermint tea, bad puns, Richie Jackson Promotional Film, amazing Monty Nolder knockoff.

Get the Led out. A friend who works at Spotify has informed me that Led Zeppelin goes live today, finally. They’re putting up two albums a day until everything is up there. About effing time.

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