Wednesday, December 4, 2013

december fourth

Five for December 4th:

Hate to say I told you so. I used to get into heated debates with a particular high school English teacher over her assertions that every novel we read was dripping with symbolism in every sentence. This article validates every point I made to her- sometimes, there’s just no deeper meaning, and you're simply seeing things that aren't there.

Sriracha. It has officially replaced bacon in the "thing everyone talks about consuming on the internet to the point of annoyance" department. Yeah, we get it. Sriracha popsicles or whatever. Hoo-ha.

Janey update. She’s talking up a storm these days, and even though it’s still almost 100% babble, there are more and more actual words sneaking in there. She’s also graduated to fully sprinting around the house instead of cautiously walking.

Cool stuff. NYE show poster, key lime Greek yogurt, lunchtime Loop skate cruising, Ranchito plans with Tom on Monday, new episodes of It’s Always Sunny on Netflix, clearing more photos off my iPhone.

Last gasp. We’re heading straight toward a brutal cold front, which should be hitting sometime tomorrow. However, today will still be in the 60’s. Go out and enjoy it while you can.

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