Monday, December 9, 2013

december ninth

Five for December 9th:

NYE. Really psyched on how things are coming along for NYE this year. We’re taking a whole different, much more mellow approach to practices and general setup, and it’s working great. Songs are tight and sounding amazing. RSVP now.

Working in the attic. Got a bunch of stuff organized upstairs over the weekend- boxes consolidated, junk thrown away, things listed on eBay, and some furniture rearranged. Good stuff.

Henry. Poor dude is not feeling well. Don’t know what’s up, but he’s been out of sorts for a few days. Changing up his diet to see if that makes his stomach better, but we may have to take him to the vet soon if it doesn’t work.

Cool stuff. Robot shelf 2013, fresh-baked cookies at work, Ishod gets Skater of the Year (my vote was Sandoval, but Ishod killed it too), playing with Jane, hitting Ranchito for lunch.

Weekend highlights. Killer practice at Lemp, our first time to Rise for coffee and Strange Donuts, super fun afternoon session at Ramp Riders with Andy, Chris, Jesse and crew, impromptu dinner with mom, Lisa and Jane at CPK.

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