Monday, December 2, 2013

december second

Five for December 2nd:

Thanksgiving weekend. Amazing weather interspersed with tons of great food and lots of good times with various family and friends. Jane had a blast gorging herself on turkey and stuffing, but was (as expected) partial to the cranberry jello. Also, in keeping with our yearly tradition, the tree is officially up.

Skate and destroy. Took advantage of the spring-like temperatures with three sessions at JB. Get it while you can. Hopefully hitting Ramp Riders tonight, but that’s up in the air. Also, set up a new 8.5 Slave deck and re-gripped my 1031 Danforth.

Jane gave me a cold. It was worth every last snotty kiss.

Cool stuff. Leftover pizza, spring travel plans, new issue of Thrasher in the mail, Walking Dead mid-season finale, Schlafly Winter ESB, floor mats for the Rogue.

December. Already? Where did this year go? Seriously. It seems like it was just yesterday I was riding my bike to work in the sweltering summer heat.

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