Tuesday, December 17, 2013

december seventeenth

Five for December 17th:

24 hour bug. No posting yesterday due to the sudden attack of some sort of sickness that overtook Lisa and I for a day and rendered us wholly and completely useless. Luckily whatever it was ran its course pretty quickly and I’m pretty much back to 100% today. Big thanks to Debbie for taking care of Jane and providing soup and 7-Up.

Relayering. The mini at Ramp Riders is getting much-needed re-ply job done this week. This being the primary thing we skate through the winter, it goes without saying that this is a welcomed development by all. Excited to check it out when it’s finished.

Selling crap. A box of miscellaneous Gundam action figures and models that I listed over a week ago had no bids. I assumed it was going to be a bust, until the last day when it exploded, and ended up going for almost $100 on 27 bids. I was thinking I’d get $30 out of it. Done deal.

Cool stuff. Feeling like a human being again, new issue of Ride BMX, GT Demo Tape on Youtube, Mark’s basement ramp, Filmage at Mad Art, holiday party action, tray of sugar cookies at work.

Tuesday tuneage. Devo, Them Crooked Vultures, Japanther, Bad Cop, Mushuganas, Led Zeppelin, Kirk & the Jerks, Fugazi, Descendents.

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