Friday, December 6, 2013

december sixth

Five for December 6th:

First snow. Really just a dusting in the metro area and the roads are totally clear, but of course the news stations are in full insanity mode and nearly every school is closed. Ahh, yes. Good to see you again, winter in STL.

Band practice. Making really good headway on NYE tunes. Nailed down two more last night, and have two practices with MCF coming up that should shore things up even tighter. Advance tix here. It’ll be a fun night.

Nelson Mandela. There will never be another one like him in our lifetimes.

Cool stuff. Goofin’ with Jane, skaters of the year picking skater of the year, Miss Rock Fantasy 1983, discovering new bands, Trader Joe's mac n' cheese.

Friday. Should be a pretty mellow weekend coming up, which is fine by me: besides practicing on Sunday night, no real concrete plans to speak of. Probably get a session at Ramp Riders in somewhere, and chill Janey and Lisa as much as possible. Potential for breakfast at Southwest Diner is high.

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