Friday, December 20, 2013

december twentieth

Five for December 20th:

Another day at the office. When left to our own devices (with the assistance of a photographer from Modern Drummer), stuff like this happens.

Breakfast fail. Continuing the grand tradition of my one-year-old eating more awesome food than me, this morning Jane had French toast while I had some lame-ass cereal.

The Onion. This post detailing a fictional Twitter feud between Barack Obama and the Audubon Society had me rolling.

Cool stuff. Renewed TWSkate subscription, perfect Cru Jones’ RAD Mongoose repro, Black Hollies on Spotify, morning drumming, James Hetfield soundboard, 60-degree late December temperatures, NYE posters.

Friday. Despite this being somewhat of a short week as I was out sick Monday, it was still a complete dragger and I don’t expect today to be any different. No real plans for the weekend save for practice on Sunday evening and hopefully getting in a session at Ramp Riders on their freshly-relayered mini ramp. See you out there.

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